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Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel

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Q AKA Cory Smith

I am an original character. Most people would agree that I have quite a unique outlook on daily events in general. I enjoy spending time with my friends, off-line and on-line. I try to fit all of my hobbies into one 24 hour day with some rate of success.

Currently, I work for Qwest Communications. I am also working for my friends band, "Nate and Todd," as a manager, roadie, back-up vocalist and soundboard engineer.

What the Commander looks for in his troops...

Honesty, Humor, Compassion, and the ability to stand my antics...lol

What the Commander likes...

Sara, sunrises, music, drawing, writing, acting, directing, producing, singing, making movies, summertime and hanging out with his friends...

What the Commander doesn't like...

Disappointing a friend, "snake-oil" sellers, ignorant people, lamers, losing, getting booted, people without a clue, "Jared" commercials.

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