Dark Frontiers

The Enemies

Starfleet and the Federation

Admiral Cartwright

Cartwright took over Starfleet after the apparent death of Admiral Merrick. His ambitions led him to belive that everything Merrick had a hand upon, was tainted. Thus began his conquest to replace and/or destroy anything that was close to Merrick. This included but was not limited to the Raven, it's crew and especially his ex-wife, Captain Xendra Merrick. Admiral Cartwright was killed by Ensign Ek after the crash landing of the original Raven.


Cartwright's main hench-woman. A shady figure who loved torture as a punishment. Once involved in a conspiracy to frame Lt Duffy of crimes against the Federation.

Lt Lyra

A former Borg who couldn't resist the temptations of Locutus' offers. She once shot Cmdr Sloane, then was reassimilated into Locutus' collective. After being rescued and brought back to her human senses, she rejoined the Raven crew. Later, she once again left the Raven crew to do Locutus' bidding. She would later be part of the Alternate Borg invasion.

Alternate Putnam

Upon the arrival of the Alternate Borg, 2 Alternate Universe crew members aboard a shuttlecraft ventured into our universe. One was the Alternate Putnam. He was injected with the knife-born nanites that almost claimed CWO Cole. He died in an apparent suicide with a hand grenade which in turn saved Lt Xanatos.

Alternate Wildstar

Alternate Wildstar and his alternate co-hort were involved in a conspiracy to deliver the Raven crew to Merrikus. In turn, Merrikus promised them safe return to the Alternate Universe. In their misguided efforts, they told the Raven crew they knew how to disable the Central Plexus of the Alternate Borg Pyramids. Their plotting eventually got them both killed. Alternate Wildstar fell through a floor and was captured and presumed to be assimilated by Merrikus' drones, which numbered in the hundreds, in the floor below.

Alternate Duffy

A shifty character who bought his title of DaiMon from the Ferengi Alliance in the Alternate Universe. He invaded the Raven with his Ferengi lackeys, which at this time was trapped in the Alternate Universe. He was subsequently captured and, in true Ferengi fashion, tried to buy his way out of certain imprisonment. He "helped" the Raven crew elude the attacks of the Alternate Xanatos. He was aboard the Raven when she made it back to our universe, and since has disappeared.