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Scene: The Captain's Ready Room as the Doctor and the Commander are awaiting her ire

Dr__Warrick ACTION: looks at Sloane

Capt_Xendra: "Doctor, Commander, sit down."

Dr__Warrick: "So what is this all about?"

Capt_Xendra: "Please..."

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION: sits

Dr__Warrick ACTION: takes seat next to Sloane

Capt_Xendra: "Well, it has been brought to my attention that you two missed the briefing, mind explaining?"

Cmdr_Sloane: "I was never notified of a briefing, Captain."

Dr__Warrick: "I was not notified of the briefing, Captain."

Capt_Xendra: "Uh huh... And why do you think that is?"

Dr__Warrick ACTION: looks at the Captain

Dr__Warrick: "I am sure I have no idea, Captain."

Cmdr_Sloane: "I assume that the Admiral is still upset with me..."

Capt_Xendra: "That is true, Commander, and we will speak on that later."

Dr__Warrick ACTION: raises eyebrow

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION: looks at the Captain

Dr__Warrick ACTION: shifts in her seat

Capt_Xendra: "Well, I am assuming it was a mistake, but I need to talk with you about it anyways. Do you mind telling me what you were doing?"

Dr__Warrick ACTION: looks sidelong at Sloane

Cmdr_Sloane: "Yes, Captain..."

Dr__Warrick: "I was in my quarters, Captain."

Capt_Xendra: "Do you mind....?"

Dr__Warrick: "...reading."

Cmdr_Sloane: "I was alone in my quarters, in the dark, thinking about the battle..."

Capt_Xendra: "Off duty I assume?"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Yes, Captain."

Dr__Warrick: "Yes, Captain."

Capt_Xendra: "Reading what, Doctor?"

Dr__Warrick: "Hamlet, Captain..."

Capt_Xendra: "Shakespeare... I love Hamlet. Tell me Doctor, what is your favorite scene?"

Dr__Warrick ACTION: clears throat

Dr__Warrick: "Ah well, right off hand Captain..."

Capt_Xendra: "Yes?"

Dr__Warrick ACTION: clears throat again, and shifts uncomfortably in seat

Dr__Warrick: "I'm, afraid I cannot answer that right now."

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION: glances at Tija

Scene: Xanatos is in the Mess Hall eating with Ensign Dreamshaper when Kyte and Duffy enter, talking about the past occurences, the "Fight" and her away mission.

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: eats

Lt_Duffy ACTION: enters Mess Hall with Kyte

Kyte: "Why did you feel it was necessary to hit him, Lt."

Lt_Duffy: "I tell ya Kyte, I am totally puzzled by the Admiral. He deserved it, he hit me!"

Kyte: "Humm, yes, he has been acting strangely of late."

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: looks up at Duffy and Kyte

Kyte ACTION: looks at Duffy

Lt_Duffy: "He bashed the entire crew for the Raven being disabled when Mike saved his ass, and I didn't appreciate that either. Hello Xanatos, how are ya doing?"

Kyte: "He is an old man, Lt, you could have restrained yourself."

Ens_Xanatos: "Doing fine. Had a good meditation this morning."

Lt_Duffy ACTION: looks down at Kyte with a hint of remorse in his eyes

Kyte: "I am wondering if you always hit your Commanders?"

Lt_Duffy: "Old indeed, that man is a horse, and would have floored a normal man, but that's besides the point.. He also insulted me! Said I was wet behind the ears, just 'cause he's twice my age."

Kyte: "Mr. Xanatos, how are you today?"

Ens_Xanatos: "Fine, Kyte, it is a good day."

Kyte: "Yes, I think so."

Lt_Duffy: "No Kyte, not ALL my Commanders, ha ha..."

Kyte ACTION: shakes head

Ens_Xanatos: "The spirits are calm today, they are at peace, for now..."

Kyte: "The mission went strangely."

Lt_Duffy: "Yeah, what happened there, Kyte?"

Ens_Xanatos: "Yes, very strange. I wish we could have traced the energy signatures though."

Kyte: "There was a feeling of, I am unsure Lt. I also wish we could have found the power sources. It was not threatening, the strangeness, just, odd..."

Ens_Xanatos: "Yes, I sensed it as well."

Kyte: "I have been doing some research on it."

Ens_Xanatos: "What have you found?"

Lt_Dar-Teala ACTION: walks into the Mess Hall chanting "Raktaj raktaj raktaj" in a cheerful voice, for a Klingon

Kyte ACTION: looks for note pad

Lt_Dar-Teala ACTION: approaches the replicator to order

Lt_Duffy: "Well Kyte, you and your team retrieved some vital data, and we will soon find out what it bears, ill or well..."

Lt_Dar-Teala: "Hello Lt Duffy!"

Lt_Duffy: "Greetings Teala! How are you?"

Kyte ACTION: finds pad and reads from it

Scene: Ready Room. The Captain dismisses the Doctor so she can talk to Sloane.

Dr__Warrick ACTION: looks at the Captain

Capt_Xendra: "At any rate Doctor, I will try tokeep you better informed, and if you actually read Hamlet, let me know what you think."

Dr__Warrick: "Ahem... Aye, sir."

Capt_Xendra ACTION: gives the Doctor a sly look

Dr__Warrick ACTION: holds the Captain's glance, barely

Capt_Xendra: "Dismissed Doctor. The Commander and I have to discuss other business."

Dr__Warrick: "Aye sir."

Dr__Warrick ACTION: rises and leaves the room

Capt_Xendra: "So Cmdr, can you think of any reason why she would lie to me?"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Captain?"

Capt_Xendra: "It's not important. I will find out. What I want to discuss with you is about the Raven incident. Why don't you tell me what happened from your point of view."

Cmdr_Sloane: "Permission to speak freely, Captain?"

Capt_Xendra: "Granted."

Cmdr_Sloane: "Thank you, Captain. Do you remember the Kobayashi Maru scenario at the academy?"

Capt_Xendra: "Yes, very well."

Capt_Xendra ACTION: gets up to go to replicator and gets coffee

Cmdr_Sloane: "Well, I felt it was the same thing here, a no-win scenario. But I was sure of one thing, Captain."

Capt_Xendra ACTION: turns from the replicator to look at the Cmdr

Capt_Xendra: "What was that Cmdr?"

Cmdr_Sloane: "That I would be damned before I let the Borg get the best of us, I was not going to leave the Utopia behind."

Capt_Xendra ACTION: sits back down with the coffee

Capt_Xendra: "So, Cmdr, do you think you won?"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Honestly, no, I think we got lucky."

Capt_Xendra: "Yes you did. Now,why don't you tell me what you should have done."


Capt_Xendra: "What do I think? What I really think is rrelevant, because I wasn't there. But I will say this Cmdr. I expect you to defend your crew, and be the best damn First Officer that I will ever have."

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION: looks at the Captain

Capt_Xendra: "And so far, you have been."

Cmdr_Sloane: "Thank you, captain."

Capt_Xendra: "Dismissed, Cmdr."

Scene: Mess Hal. Warrick enters looking for Teala. Duffy, Xanatos and Kyte discuss the away mission enigmas.

Lt_Dar-Teala ACTION: is sitting and drnking Rakaj

Dr__Warrick ACTION: enters Mess Hall looking upset

Kyte: "I have found a few references to some beings Borg-like, but not Borg."

Dr__Warrick ACTION: spies Teala and quickly walks over to her table

Lt_Duffy ACTION: leans over table talking with Kyte and Xanatos

Lt_Duffy: "Borg-like?"

Ens_Xanatos: "Really, how so?"

Lt_Dar-Teala ACTION: has a small smile on face, in memory of something

Lt_Duffy: "What do you mean, Kyte?"

Dr__Warrick: "Teala, I need to talk."

Kyte: "An older generation maybe, or somehow related, but I don't know how."

Lt_Dar-Teala: "OK, sit Tija."

Lt_Dar-Teala ACTION: waves toward chair

Dr__Warrick ACTION: sits tensely

Kyte: "Remember Lt, when I told you about the V'ger being?"

Lt_Dar-Teala: "What's wrong?"

Ens_Xanatos: "Borg ancestors? Hmmm..."

Lt_Duffy: "I don't understand, Kyte. Aren't all Borg linked? All same?"

Dr__Warrick: "The Captain, Teala, oh my..."

Lt_Duffy: "Yeah, I remember."

Dr__Warrick; "I think she knows."

Lt_Dar-Teala: "The Captain, what about her?"

Kyte: "I don't know Lt. They would seem to be, or at least the ones we have been fighting."

Lt_Dar-Teala: "Knows?"

Dr__Warrick: "Yes."

Lt_Dar-Teala ACTION: as memory dawns the smile is wiped from face

Kyte: "But there are stories about a much more, relaxed? Is that the word? Type of Borg..."

Lt_Dar-Teala: "How can she? She is just fishing."

Lt_Duffy: "So what if they are ancient Borg? How does that help? We can't use Veridian 3, obviously. Why on Earth is Merrick bringing us there?"

Dr__Warrick: "I'm not sure, but she has already been watching me. She really dislikes me. Ever since the Admiral..."

Kyte: "If they are who I think they are, they can help."

Lt_Dar-Teala: "What does it matter if what you think is true?"

Lt_Duffy: "Bah, the Borg help us? That's rich."

Lt_Dar-Teala: "She needs you."

Ens_Xanatos: "The Borg, help US?"

Kyte: "Ensign, what do you think?"

Dr__Warrick ACTION: clears throat

Ens_Xanatos: "The only good Borg, is a non-functioning Borg."

Dr__Warrick: "Yes, but to have the Captain of your ship as your enemy..."

Kyte ACTION: looks perplexed

Lt_Duffy: "Xan, put aside your hatred of the Borg, and listen to the scientist inside you. Can these Borg assist us?"

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: readjusts in his seat

Lt_Dar-Teala ACTION: sighs

Ens_Xanatos: "Yes, it could be possible..."

Lt_Duffy: "I know how you feel Xan. I wish the Borg were wiped from existence as well..."

Kyte: "If there were, say, two types of Borg... OK, the ones we know, and another kind that are..."

Dr__Warrick: "Oh. Teala, what can I do? You know me with my medicine, but in other areas..."

Lt_Dar-Teala: "Truely Tija, what CAN she do? Don't upset yourself."

Kyte: "Maybe they are the, what is the Earth word, it means protectors..."

Lt_Duffy: "That are what, Kyte?"

Ens_Xanatos: "Always two sides of a coin, one towards the light and one towards the dark..."

Dr__Warrick: "Perhaps you are right, but if and when this is all over..."

Lt_Dar-Teala: "I'm happy that you are over your crush on the Admiral. I'm sure she is too."

Kyte: "Perhaps they hunt our enemies."

Dr__Warrick ACTION: blushes bright red

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION: enters the Mess Hall

Lt_Dar-Teala: "That should relieve her, your attentions are elsewhere."

Dr__Warrick ACTION: sees Sloane enter and tenses back up in her seat

Lt_Dar-Teala ACTION: spies Cmdr Sloane and motions him over

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION: glances at the Doctor, then walks over to the replicator

Kyte: "And the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so said my brother to me once."

Lt_Dar-Teala: "Relax Tija."

Lt_Duffy: "I dunno Kyte. Sounds a little far-fetched. But anything is possible. Hell, I hit an Admiral and I'm still a Lt... ha ha..."

Dr__Warrick: "Teala! no, don't..."

Lt_Dar-Teala: "Yes it is best to be open."

Kyte ACTION: gets a little smile

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: grins at the prospect of a new ally

Kyte: "Lt?"

Lt_Duffy: "Yes?"

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION: takes an orange juice and turns around

Dr__Warrick: "But he..."

Transcriber's Note... Ending of Practice missing...

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