-------START SIM---------START SIM---------


_kyte_: "All stations manned and ready, sir."

_kyte_: "Sir?"

LtCmdr_Weller: "Very good. Mr. Duffy, report on ships status."

Lt_Duffy ACTION: adjusts shield harmonics and randomises weapon frequencies

_kyte_: "Ok Lt, Mr. Weller has stepped out. She's yours till he returns."

Lt_Duffy: "Ships shields and weapons operating at peak efficiency sir"

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: "Course heading and speed sir?"

Lt_Duffy ACTION: moves to Captain's chair

Lt_Duffy: "Ahhhh, now this is more like it!! Hahaha..."

_kyte_: "Welcome to the bridge, Cmdr."

Lt_Duffy ACTION: gets up and lets Mike sit down

Lt_Duffy: "Dammit!!!!"

Ens_Xanatos: "Cmdr on deck!"


Cmdr_Sloane: "I could always come back later, Lt."

Lt_Duffy ACTION: resumes Tactical

_kyte_ ACTION: giggles quietly at Lt. Duffy

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: grins at Duffy

Lt_Duffy: " No prob Mike, jump in."

_kyte_: "We are running a battle sim on the new systems, Cmdr."

Cmdr_Sloane: "Thanks Kyte."

_kyte_: "Would you care for the chair?"

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION: surveys the bridge

Ens_Xanatos: "Sensors pick up no strange anomalies, Cmdr."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: "Course heading and speed, Cmdr?"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Thank you, Ensign"

_kyte_: "And no viruses, Ensign?"

Lt_Duffy: "Weapons and shields at peak efficiency Commander."

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: frowns at Kyte

Lt_Duffy ACTION: casts a glance at Xan

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION: sits in Captain's chair

Ens_Xanatos: "No, no viruses..."

Cmdr_Sloane: "Helm, what's our current position?"

_kyte_: "Very well then, Cmdr, shall I start the program?"

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: "On a heading of 212 mark 4 at warp 2, sir."

_kyte_: "Not the battle program, Cmdr. As of now, we are testing currant settings."

Cmdr_Sloane: "Ready when you are Lt."

_kyte_ ACTION: glances at the rest of the crew

Lt_Duffy: "Lt Duffy is ready...as always."

Ens_Xanatos: "Science ready..."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION: has his eyes on the road

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: "Helm ready."

_kyte_: "Very well then. Computer active battle sim Kyte omega."

Ens_EK: "Security is ready."

Lt_Duffy ACTION: casts a glance at

Kyte ACTION: computer holo images start to appear

ACTION: in the distance a disturbance on the big screen

Lt_Duffy: "Commander, Borg cube! It's heading straight for us."

Cmdr_Sloane: "Red Alert! All hands to battle stations!"

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: "Borg cube off the port bow, comin' in hot."

Lt_Duffy ACTION: raises shields

Cmdr_Sloane: "Get our shields up, Mr. Duffy."

Ens_Xanatos: "Picking up 3 Cubes, sir..."

Lt_Duffy: "Already there, Commander. Dammit! Friggin' three!!"

_kyte_ ACTION: glances at Lt Duffy

Cmdr_Sloane: "3 cubes....."

Lt_Duffy AcTION : looks to kyte


Lt_Duffy: "Some program, Kyte."

Ens_Xanatos: "Two are scout ships, sir..."

_kyte_ ACTION: shakes head returns to engineering console

Lt_Duffy: "Commander, I suggest we cloak and try and sneak up ion them"

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: "Shall we engage the scouts, sir?"

Cmdr_Sloane: "I would say the cloak is too late. Weapons status?"

_kyte_: "Engines read in the pink, Cmdr."

Ens_EK: "Weapons are ready, sir."

Lt_Duffy: "Weapons online....fully operational...and on a modulating frequency sir"

_kyte_ WHISPERS to EK: "Should have had us in cloak ensign, remember that."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION: steers for closest scout ship

Ens_Xanatos: "Main cube holding position, scout ships closing in..."

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Readies phasers

Cmdr_Sloane: "Divert all auxiliary power to the shields"

_kyte_: "Aye sir. Power to shields."

Cmdr_Sloane: "Duffy...target at your discretion."

Lt_Duffy ACTION: targets borg vessels shield generators

_kyte_: "Hummm... "

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION: steers to make a low pass at the first scout ship


Cmdr_Sloane: "Kyte?"

Ens_Xanatos: "Sensors show minimal damage to left scout ship..."

Lt_Duffy ACTION: readies Torpedo spread

ACTION: no effect on borg vessels


ENSIGN_WILDSTAR steers back around on top of left ship

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Fires another torpedo spread

_kyte_: "Nothing Cmdr, was thinking to test a new power coupling generator with the cloak

Cmdr_Sloane: "Maybe later...if there is a later that is..."

_kyte_: "Yes Cmdr, I agree."

Cmdr_Sloane: "Status of the borg ships?"

Ens_Xanatos: "Same result, minimal damage, sir..."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION: steers back around for another low pass

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Fires phasers repeatedly

ACTION: one scout ship takes damage

Lt_Duffy ACTION: targets weapons array of Borg vessel

Cmdr_Sloane: "What's our status?"

Lt_Duffy ACTION: fires a torpedo spread and phasers

ACTION: borg vessels return fire

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; grips command chair ACTION: Raven takes three hits

Ens_Xanatos: "Damage to shields, down to 87% and holding..."

_kyte_: "Engines are running at 80 percent, sir."

Cmdr_Sloane: "Keep firing Mr. Duffy..."

Lt_Duffy ACTION: fires randomly

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION: steers back around scout ship for left side pass

Cmdr_Sloane: "Ensign Xanatos...try to find any weak spots in their shielding..."

ACTION: borg vessels begin to surround ship

Ens_Xanatos: "Left Scout ship has heavy damage to weapons, port side..."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION: steers away to the right

ACTION: borg scout vessel slows the other two fire two volleys at the Raven

Lt_Duffy ACTION: randomises shield harmonics, hoping to get a boost in power

Cmdr_Sloane: "There's your target Mr. Duffy.."


ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION: steers back towards damaged ship

ACTION: borg scout ship stops but is not destroyed


TRANSCRIBERS NOTE: a few lines were lost in the editing room.

Lt_Duffy ACTION: modulates shields, evading tractor beam


ACTION: Borg two fires at raven

Cmdr_Sloane: "Status report!"

Lt_Duffy ACTION: targets second Borg vessels weapons array and FIRES

ACTION: Raven takes three hits heavy damage

Ens_Xanatos: "Aft shields down to 76%, sir..."

ACTION: Borg vessel slow but does not stop

Lt_Duffy: "Shields down to 62%.....weapons still online..."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION: steers back around damaged vessel

_kyte_: "Engines are at 60 percent, Cmdr."

Cmdr_Sloane: "Acknowledged!"

_kyte_: "Suggestions, Lt?"

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION: comes in low on 2nd scout ship

ACTION: Borg vessels fire again at the Raven

Ens_Xanatos: "Second Scout ships engines are off line..."

Lt_Duffy: "I suggest we lure the second vessel into chasing us....right into the cube...we are more maneuverable than they are...and faster."

_kyte_: "Can you put cutting beams on those torpedos?"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Hmmmm....."

Lt_Duffy: "Not from here I can't....have to go to torpedo room..."

Lt_Duffy ACTION: looks at Mike

ACTION: borg vessels fire at Raven hitting power nacelles

_kyte_: "We could cut those weapons arrays."

Lt_Duffy: "Mike, our engines are hit....."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION: veers away from cube

Cmdr_Sloane: "Wildstar...think you can get one of those ships to chase us?"

Ens_Xanatos: "Main power down to 55 %, sir!"

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: "I'll try, sir."

_kyte_: "Power is down to 41 percent Lt, but we are still maneuverable."

Lt_Duffy ACTION: runs to turbolift

Cmdr_Sloane: "Tell engineering to lock down whatever they can't fix..."

Lt_Duffy: "Computer ..deck three."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION: steers close to scout ship and slows, giving appearance of damage and starts to limp along

Lt_Duffy ACTION: enters engineering, heads to torpedo room

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION: starts towards cube

Ens_Xanatos: "Switching all non-essential power to main systems..."

Cmdr_Sloane: "Well done ensign..."

ACTION: Borg vessel follows the Raven firing

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION: slowly increases speed

Cmdr_Sloane: "Divert all power to Aft Shields..."

Lt_Duffy ACTION: adjusts torpedoes with a fine laser beam

Ens_Xanatos: "Aye, sir... done!"

Lt_Duffy: !! Duffy to Bridge>

Cmdr_Sloane: !! Go ahead>

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: "Cube approaching, 30 seconds to impact."

Ens_Xanatos: "Aft shields at 75 % and holding."

Lt_Duffy: " Sir....fire those torpedoes now"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Stand by to pull up ensign..."


ACTION: Borg vessel two following raven closely

Cmdr_Sloane: "Call off distance ensign..."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: "15 seconds..."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: "10 seconds..."





Cmdr_Sloane: "Pull up now!"

Lt_Duffy ACTION: returns to Bridge


Lt_Duffy ACTION: checks Tactical

Lt_Duffy ACTION: fires torpedoes, since they haven't been fired

ACTION: Borg vessel veers off but not in time the two impact the smaller one explodes the other takes heavy damage

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION: swings back for high attack run

Cmdr_Sloane: "Duffy...fire on that other scout ship..."

Lt_Duffy ACTION: targets the cube and launches torpedo spread

Lt_Duffy ACTION: targets scout ship....fires

ACTION: Borg cube initiates transwarp conduit and leaves

Cmdr_Sloane: "Damn cowards...."

Ens_Xanatos: "Heavy damage to scout ships engines and weapons..."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION: swings back to remaining scout ship

ACTION: scout borg vessel is destroyed

Lt_Duffy: " Well that went well. We are in the clear, Mike"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Nice job everyone..."

_kyte_ ACTION: looks at crew

Lt_Duffy: "Seems we can only win 'em in holo sims... hahaha..."


Cmdr_Sloane ACTION: walks over to Wildstar and pats him on the shoulder

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: "Thanks, sir."

Cmdr_Sloane: "Nice flying ensign.....very nice."

Ens_Xanatos: "Very nice battle sim, Kyte..."

_kyte_: "The cloak should have been engaged before we even left and turned the key on."

Lt_Duffy: "Hahaha..."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: "Yes, good sim Kyte."

_kyte_: "Hummm, that one was the easy one..."

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: grins at Kyte

-------END SIM-------END SIM-------