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Transcriber's Note... Due to lightning storms, some of the script is missing.
The first 15 minutes of the sim, and then again later on.
My deepest apologies to all involved.

_kyte_ ACTION sits back in chair looks at Duffy again

Lt_Duffy ooks around somemore......eyes settle between Kyte and Sloane...knowing he needs help....but wanting to talk wo Kyte

Capt_Xendra: and maybe you will get the captains title soeday, I will eep a eye on your progress

Lt_Duffy looks at Slaone and the Captain.....

_kyte_: excuse me gentleman

Lt_Duffy goes over to Kyte and the boys

_kyte_ ACTION rises and walks to bar

Cmdr_Sloane: "Can I ask you a personal question Captain?"

Lt_Duffy looks around..." Was it me?"

Capt_Xendra: Sure Sloane, I might not anwser though (laughs)

_kyte_ ACTION gets drink

Cmdr_Sloane: "When you and the Admiral got married....how did you know it was the right time?"

Lt_Duffy walks to Kyte

Capt_Xendra ACTION: smiles

_kyte_ ACTION turns and stumbles into Duffy

Lt_Duffy: " Kyte.....about the other night....."

_kyte_: yes Lt?

Capt_Xendra: Well Cmdr, you just do but I was a different person then, now when I look back I wonder if I made the right decision

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: sets chair back down and takes another drink

Lt_Duffy: " Well Kyte....I dunno.....how did it make you....feel?"

Ens_Xanatos: "So, Wildstar, what do you think of our situation?"

_kyte_ ACTION looks into Duffy's eyes

Lt_Duffy Looks into Kyte's

Cmdr_Sloane: "Well....I've decided I'm going to ask Tija to marry me....I know it's a crazy time...but I feel I can't put it off any longer..."

_kyte_: feel? Lt

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: well the admirial is splitting up a good crew but we need as may ships as we can get

Capt_Xendra ACTION: shakes head

Cmdr_Sloane: " I just don't knw when I'm going to do it..."

Lt_Duffy: " Yes Kyte....feel....what did you feel when I kissed you?"

Ens_Xanatos: "Yes, but desperate times call for desperate measures..."


Capt_Xendra: Are you sure you want this? You havent known each other long

_kyte_ ACTION starts to speak opens mouth.. then closes it again

Lt_Duffy: " Tel me Kyte...I need to know"

Cmdr_Sloane: "I know Captain...but every time I'm near her...I get this feeling like we've known each other forever..."

Lt_Duffy: " Did I make a mistake?.....Or do yu share my feelings"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Whenever I look into her eyes...she makes me feel all warm inside..."

_kyte_ ACTION reaches up pulls Duffy down by his neck and kisses him

Lt_Duffy kisses back

Lt_Duffy: " Guess that answers that question"

Capt_Xendra: warand love are two WAY different thing Sloane

_kyte_ ACTION lets go turns back to bar

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; looks at kyte and Duffy

Capt_Xendra: warm

Cmdr_Sloane: "I guess I'm not the only one in love..."

Ens_Xanatos: "We need as man ships as we can get, to beat the cursed Lyrus..."

Lt_Duffy looks at Kyte

Capt_Xendra: It appears that way cmdr

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: growls under breath

Lt_Duffy looks to Xan

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: yea she's got some payback commin

Lt_Duffy: " Whats the matter Ensign?"

Cmdr_Sloane: "So...do you think I'm rushing things Captain?"

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: clenches fists and teeth

Ens_Xanatos: "Thinking aout revenge, Duffy..."

_kyte_ ACTION turns to look at xanatos

Capt_Xendra: I think maybe you need to talk it over with the Doctor, but being seperatd will prove if it is love or not

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR gets up and walks over to window...stares at the stars

Cmdr_Sloane: "I was thinking the same thing ma'am..."

Lt_Duffy: " I hear ya Xan....that banshee deserves whats comin to her!!"

Capt_Xendra ACTION: takes notice of her angry ensign

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR looks at padd kyte gave him

Ens_Xanatos: "Yes, and with Gaarthol's guidance, we will prevail..."

Lt_Duffy: " Kyte.....what do you think is going to happen with Lyrus?"

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR looks back at the stars

Capt_Xendra: Just let it ply out for awhile before you make any hasty decisions Sloane

_kyte_ ACTION looks at wilstar

_kyte_: i am not sure Lt

Cmdr_Sloane: "Thanks Captain......"

_kyte_: but it will be a battle at either end

Capt_Xendra: excuse me cmdr....

Cmdr_Sloane: "certainly.."

Lt_Duffy: "Thats a battle look foward too"

Capt_Xendra ACTION: gets up and walks to front of room....

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: scans the room, scrutinizing

Capt_Xendra: I will tell you what is going to happen ppl.... We are going to kick some borg ASS!!!!! (made as a rousing speech)

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR takes a seat by the window...continues staring at the stars

Lt_Duffy: " Kyte ...I will be back....we are not done talking yet"

Lt_Duffy Goes to Slaone

_kyte_: captain can we beat them?

Lt_Duffy: " Mike.....you want to talk ?"

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; looks up at Duffy

Cmdr_Sloane: "Sure...have a seat..."

Lt_Duffy sits down

Capt_Xendra: We are definatly in a much better position than when this all started kyte

_kyte_: are we captain?

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: twirls his blaster in his fingers

Lt_Duffy: " I know you are having some doubts man.....but you handled command with ease when we fought to save the Utopia.....you will do great !!"

Cmdr_Sloane: "I see Kyte was evening up the kiss score..."

_kyte_: it would seem that we have less ships ,less personell, less resourses

Capt_Xendra ACTION: sits on the bar with her feet one on each barstool

Lt_Duffy: " Yeah....that really through me....first sign of any affection she has shown....."

Capt_Xendra: Ahh but we have more determination

_kyte_: but less to work with Captain

Cmdr_Sloane: "Well...good luck..."

Lt_Duffy looks at the very ladylike captain......

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR orders 2 bloodwines

Lt_Duffy: " You too bud...I know that things will work out for you and Tija....she is just in need of a strong man"

_kyte_: we need allies captain... how was the meeting with the klingons?

Capt_Xendra: Listen up ppl.... I dont want t hear any talk of losing this war because it is not a war to wi, it is one to survive!

Cmdr_Sloane: "Thank you my friend...for everything"

Lt_Duffy perks at the mention of Klingons....this should prove interesting

Capt_Xendra: better than I hoped kyte, they were recetive to the offer

Lt_Duffy: " No problem Mike...thats what buds are for."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR places one in front of himself and one in front of an empty chair

Lt_Duffy: " Mike I think the lamest thing is now we have our own rooms...and no one to share them with...HAHAHA"

Cmdr_Sloane: "I just wish she was here now...I really need to talk to her..."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: here's to ya bro...keep kickin ass

_kyte_: well it will be an honor to fight beside klingons again captain when can we expect them?

Lt_Duffy: " Maybe she will show"

Capt_Xendra: that hasnt been hammered out yet kyte, but som hopefully

Capt_Xendra: soon

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR hammers down bloodwine

_kyte_ ACTION looks to wildstar's toast

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: looks quizically at Kyte

Cmdr_Sloane: "The last I checked...she was on one of the convoy ships with a medical problem..."

NPC !! Bridge to Lt Duffy- You have a message from Starfleet command sir">

Lt_Duffy: " On my way"

Lt_Duffy: Excuse me people

_kyte_ ACTION walks to wildstar

Lt_Duffy leaves Ten Fowrad ...looks Kye'

_kyte_ aCTION watches Duffy leave

_kyte_: ensign....

Transcriber's note... From now on, until the end of the sim,

Lt_Duffy received an operation, and is now


Lt_Duffy !! as Warrick> enters Ten Forward

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR startled...looks up...yes

_kyte_ ACTION holds up her glass

_kyte_: here is to all of our brothers....

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: please sit...since u found him wll you drink his drink

Lt_Duffy !! as Warrick> looks around room...sees Sloane

_kyte_: those gone[sighs] and those who fight on

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; watches as Tija eners the room

Capt_Xendra continues to deliver rousing speech and anwser questions to the other NPC crew

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: reaches down to cyber-leg and pulls out his personal padd

Lt_Duffy !! as Warrick> walks over to Sloane

_kyte_ ACTION notices Xanatos's actions

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: looks up, then begins typing

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; stands up

Lt_Duffy: "Commander"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Hi Tija"

_kyte_: thank yoiu Ensign but that drink is his

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: we told each other that when we found info one the other to have a drink...or way of sayin hi

Lt_Duffy: !! Warrick> "How have things been going on board the 'Hawk Sir?"

Capt_Xendra ACTION: listens to Kytes speech and a tear falls down her face as she thinks of Ryan and another lost friend

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: but i would like to share it with you

_kyte_: that is a good rememberacne Ensign

Cmdr_Sloane: "Sir??...aren't we being a little formal?"

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: were spposed tpo share it with someone

Lt_Duffy !! as Warrick> blushes and looks away

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: and since you found him....

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: stops, scans the room, and resumes his typing

_kyte_: then i would be happy to drink it.... but um...[looks at bloodwine]

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: it is...we had a klingon friend who got us hooed on it

_kyte_: prehaps .... Romulan ale?



ENSIGN_WILDSTAR takes wine and orders ale for kyte

Cmdr_Sloane: "Care to sit down?"

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: closes padd, and returns it to his cybe-leg

Lt_Duffy: !! Warrick> "yes thank you Commander:

_kyte_ ACTION takes ale toys with glass

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: a toast...to brothers,sisters and all loved one who are gone and still here...fighting for earth

Cmdr_Sloane: "Tija...we're off duty...you can call me Mike."

Transcriber's note... Missing dialogue.

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: lifts his glass slightly

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR clinks glasses with kyte

Lt_Duffy !! Warrick> looks into Mike's eyes

Cmdr_Sloane: "Is something wrong Tija?"

Capt_Xendra ACTION: lifts up glass and looks at Wildstar, nods her head and whispers "here here"

_kyte_ ACTION downs ale with one lift to her lips closes eyes breaths deep

Lt_Duffy: !! Warrick> "I need to talk to you Mike....but...."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR down bloodwine

Cmdr_Sloane: "Well...as a Vulcan would say....I'm all ears..."

Lt_Duffy: !! Warrick> "I am......unsure of what to do...."

Ens_Xanatos WHISPERS to himself: "Our day has come, our song is sung, let's fight the battle, let's set the sun..."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: alright to the business at hand...the borg

Lt_Duffy !! Warrick> smiles at Sloane

_kyte_: the borg.... hum

Lt_Duffy: "You always can make me laugh..."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: hows your ship comin kyte

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; reaches across table and takes Tijas hand...

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; smiles

_kyte_: the 'hawk isw on schedual

Lt_Duffy !! Warrick> takes a deep breath....hand trembles in his

_kyte_: should be fight ready by tomarrow

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: were u able to make any upgrades or just a plain jane

Cmdr_Sloane: "So what is it you want to tell me?"

_kyte_: i amde a few Ensign.. thought it maynot help

Lt_Duffy: !! Warrick> "I.....about the way I feel for you...."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: well with commander sloane in charge...i think you guys will do fine...good officer

_kyte_: by the way i hear you did quite a manuver with the raven last week

Lt_Duffy !! Warrick> blushes again and looks down

_kyte_ ACTION looks at Captain

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: yea can't wait to try it again

_kyte_: i would not sugest it Ensign....

Lt_Duffy: !! Warrick> "Okay...here it is...I feel very strongly for you....."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: actually flying through an explosion is easy

_kyte_: did you know that the nose of the raven is a war head?

_kyte_: good thing that it was not armed

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: no the admiral failed to mention it

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: walks over to the Captain

Lt_Duffy !! Warrick> looks at Sloane and wonders if he heard what she just said.....

Capt_Xendra: Yes Ensign?

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; holds her hand tighter

Lt_Duffy: "But....I'm afraid....."

Cmdr_Sloane: "I feel the same way Tija...."

Ens_Xanatos: "May I get you a drink, it's the least I can do, for what I put you through..."

Cmdr_Sloane: "Afraid of......?"

_kyte_: good night Ensign Wildstar

Capt_Xendra: Dont worry about it Ensign, it happens all the time to me (chuckles)

Lt_Duffy: !! Warrick> "Well....perhaps it sounds melodramatic....but I am afraid of being hurt again....and there are some things about me you don't know....."

Ens_Xanatos: "I'm glad you can find the humor in those events, it has troubled me...."

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; looks intently into Tijas eyes

Capt_Xendra: how so Ensign?

Cmdr_Sloane: "Then tell me...tell me everything."

Lt_Duffy: !! Warrick> heart begins to pound

Lt_Duffy: "When I was at the Academy....I..I....."

Ens_Xanatos: "I have always placed he life of a higher rank ahead of my own, and I failed to do so..."

Capt_Xendra: but it wasnt your fault....

Ens_Xanatos: "True, but it troubles me nonetheless..."

_kyte_ ACTION paces

Capt_Xendra: Look Ensign, dont let it bother you so much. You till have my trust

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: glances quickly over to Kyte then back to the Captain

Lt_Duffy: "I was a medic....there was another cadet...I loved him....."

Ens_Xanatos: "Thank you for your faith, it settles me some..."

Lt_Duffy: !! Warrick> "he was badly injured ....and I was unable to save him..."

Cmdr_Sloane: "I'm sorry Tija....I really am..."

Capt_Xendra: Look Ensign, all I can ask from my crew is that they do there best and give me 110% And you do

Lt_Duffy: "Since that time...I have been unable to love anyone...."

_kyte_ ACTION returns to bar

Lt_Duffy: !! Warrick> rises from table with tears in her eyes

Lt_Duffy: !! Warrick> starts to walk away from the table

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; jumps up from the table and grabs Warrick by the shoulders

Lt_Duffy !! Warrick> looks up at Sloane.....startled

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; looks into her eyes for a moment and then kisses her passionatly

Lt_Duffy !! Warrick> sighs, wraps her arms around Sloane's neck.and returns his kiss

Ens_Xanatos: "Thank you, Captain, I am forever in your debt..."

_kyte_ ACTION watches warwick and sloane

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: scans the room again

Capt_Xendra: Hey.... What are Captains for? (chuckles again) Glad you feel better


Lt_Duffy !! Warrick> trembles with passion in Sloane's embrace

Ens_Xanatos: "My spirits are at ease once again..."

-------END SIM-------END SIM-------