-------START SIM---------START SIM---------

ACTION As the Fleet prepares for its biggest battle yet, a new member joins its anks


Adm_Merrick: " Enter "

Dr_Torjan_Zeta: "You wanted to see me sir?"

Adm_Merrick: " Yes Doctor, your transfer is complete... though i must say i have a problem with it"

Dr_Torjan_Zeta: "Problem?"

Adm_Merrick: " Why did you want this transfer Zeta, to a ship thats always in the line of fire?"

Dr_Torjan_Zeta: "Because sir, its my duty. Isn't that the reason we where these uniforms?"

Dr_Torjan_Zeta: "I'm here to help in a part of the preservation of the Federation"

Adm_Merrick: " Good call crewmen...... I like that attitude in my officers"

Dr_Torjan_Zeta: "Thank you sir"

Adm_Merrick: " You'll be assigned to the Raven as its acting CMO until further notice. Any Questions?"

Dr_Torjan_Zeta: "No sir. I'll perform my duties to the best of my ability"

Adm_Merrick: " Very well, your dismissed. Get to the Raven and report to Capatin Merrick"

Dr_Torjan_Zeta ACTION:Walks out of the room

Transcriber's note... part of script missing...

NPC HELM: " Sir, we are in stantard orbit"

_kyte_: all systems running well Cmdr

Cmdr_Sloane: "Ships log..supplimental...we are in orbit around Pluto awaiting the arrival of the remainder of our task force...the crew is on edge.. we await the coming battle with anticipation..."

Cmdr_Sloane: Ty ensign...Lt..

Cmdr_Sloane: "I want our sensors set to full...keep an eye out for any transwarp coduits..."

_kyte_: aye cmdr

Cmdr_Sloane: Kyte...what's the status of the rest of the attack group?"

_kyte_: Cmdr we are receicing a secured trans mission

Cmdr_Sloane: "I'll take it in my ready room... Kyte... join me please..."

_kyte_: aye Cmdr

_kyte_ ACTION walks to ready room

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; gets up from command chair and heads into his ready room

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; sits behind desk

_kyte_ ACTION plays transmission

Cmdr_Sloane: "Computer...acivate comm signal..."

Adm_Merrick: !! Good Evening Commander>

Cmdr_Sloane: "Godd evening Admiral..all is well I hope?"

_kyte_ ACTION stands to one side

Adm_Merrick: !! Look, i hate to do this to you Slaone, but i need Kyte for a mission>

_kyte_ ACTION looks at screen

_kyte_: merrick...?

Cmdr_Sloane: "But sir..we are about to head into what will probably be our toughet fight yet..."

Cmdr_Sloane: "I need my first officer..."

Adm_Merrick: !! I know I k>now.....

Cmdr_Sloane: "May I ask why sir...."

Adm_Merrick: !! But what i need her for is far more important Commander, im sorry>

_kyte_ ACTION eyes narrow head slightly to the right

Cmdr_Sloane: "Understood sir...should we rendevous with the Utopia?"

Adm_Merrick: !! Kyte, i saw your file... and from what i saw you have experience in special ops, right>

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; looks at Kyte nervously

_kyte_: which file ,merrick?

Adm_Merrick: !! You know the one im talking about Lt.!>

_kyte_ ACTION brings head up

_kyte_: i believe you are asking me to do something merrick. what?

Adm_Merrick: !! Look, theres no time for this fun in games, so I'll come right down to it... Your going in by yourself to retrive Lyrus>

_kyte_: dead or alive admiral?

Cmdr_Sloane: "ADMIRAL...that's suicide!!!"

Adm_Merrick: !! Alive Kyte..i need her alive.>

_kyte_ ACTION looks at Sloane

Adm_Merrick: !! Damnit it i know its suicide Commander, but i have no choice, for the sake of the mission>

_kyte_: it is what i do Cmdr.... alive.. that makes it harder

Cmdr_Sloane: "Wait a second Admiral...can't she have any back up...anyone?"

_kyte_: i take it i am going alone?

Adm_Merrick: !! This is top secert, this doesnt leave your ready room... is that clear commander?>

Cmdr_Sloane: "Aye sir..."

Adm_Merrick: !! No backup...... alone>

_kyte_ ACTION nods head

Adm_Merrick: !! Im sorry Kyte... im sure you understand though>

Cmdr_Sloane: "Damnit Admiral...at least give her a fighting chance...."

_kyte_: do not be sorry merrick... it is what i do best

Adm_Merrick: !! Sloane! for once do what i say damn it!>

_kyte_: Cmdr... i am very good at this

Cmdr_Sloane: "I hope so kyte...I made a promise you know...and I ALWAYS keep my promises.."

_kyte_: do not worry

Adm_Merrick: !! Commander, you and the Spiderawk are to stay at Pluto and await the rest of the fleet>

Cmdr_Sloane: "Admiral..I will follow your orders...but I wouldn't be a good commanding officer if I didn't qestion them every now and again...would I?"

Adm_Merrick: !! You eep that up son, and youll have my job>

Adm_Merrick: !! laughs>

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION ;chuckles

Adm_Merrick: !! Good hunting Kyte...... Merrick out>

Cmdr_Sloane: "Very good sir...how will we get her in..."

_kyte_: i will take of that

_kyte_: do not worry cmdr

Cmdr_Sloane: "And ow do youplan on doing that?"

_kyte_: i will be bacck

_kyte_ ACTION smiles at Sloane

Cmdr_Sloane: "You better...or Brian will have my ass..."

_kyte_: some things are better left unsaid

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; extends his hand to kyte

Cmdr_Sloane: "Good luck Lt."

_kyte_ ACTION looks at sloane "thank you Cmdr"


ACTION Sitting on the Captains command chair lays a dozen red roses.

Capt_Xendra ACTION: enters bridge

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR sits at the helm

Capt_Xendra: Whats our status?

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: capatain on the bridge

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: were ready to go maam

Capt_Xendra: at ease

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: enters bridge

NPC TAC " All Systems on stand by, Captain"

Capt_Xendra ACTION: walks to command chair sees roses stops in place

Capt_Xendra: What are these? (holds up roses)

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: they were there when i got here maam

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: looks over at Capt

Dr_Torjan_Zeta ACTION stands in the aft section of the bridge looking over the bridge crew

Capt_Xendra: Anyone see who put these here?


Ens_Xanatos: "Not I..."

Capt_Xendra ACTION: looks for card

NPC TAC " no sir"

Capt_Xendra ACTION: turns to see the new CMO

Capt_Xendra: Doctor, welcome aboard

NPC TAC ' Enginnering, tis is bridge... report please"

Dr_Torjan_Zeta ACTION: Looks at the Captain

LtCmdr_Weller: weller here .. all systems online and operational ..... at your discretion

Dr_Torjan_Zeta: "Thank you sir. Sickbay is ready....all but one thing"

Capt_Xendra ACTION: Finds card and reads it to herself...

NPC TAC " tahnk you chief"

Capt_Xendra: Glad to here it Doctor (still reading card)

Dr_Torjan_Zeta ACTION: Shakes head as the Captain's attention is focused on the roses and card

Capt_Xendra: Oh my.... he doesnt plan on making it back...

Capt_Xendra ACTION:sits down in chair, gazed look on her face


Capt_Xendra: The Admiral, I feel he doesnt lan on making it back from tis misson...

NPC TAC " Captain. Utopia has given us the all clear to undock"

Capt_Xendra: Relasedocking clamps, set a course t rendevous with the Hawk

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR releases clamps

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: kneels by Science station and says a silent prayer

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: docking clamps released...thrudters at station keeping

Capt_Xendra: Bring the cloak on line...

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: course for the hawk laid in

NPC TAC " Aye Captian..engaging claok"

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: finishes prayer and resumes post

Capt_Xendra: Engage



_kyte_ ACTION slipping through the shadows on the borg shpere she searches for lyurs

ACTION A Borg Drone walks by her, coputing she is not a threat

_kyte_ ACTION scans section after section

Lyrus_of_Borg ACTION: stands talking with Locutus, unaware of anyone onboard

_kyte_ ACTION closes scanner puts it away slips into shadows and waits

Locutus: Queen, there fleet approaches its fial resting place"

Lyrus_of_Borg: good!........

Locutus: Sadly though you will NOT be around to watch its destruction..."

_kyte_ ACTION studies locutus

Lyrus_of_Borg: what do you mean by that?

Locutus: You have failed me Lyrus... and for that your connection to the Hive has been severed!"

_kyte_ ACTION sets up phaser rifle adjusting the settings

Lyrus_of_Borg: failed you?? how have I failed?

Locutus: You are inferior.... your life is irrelavant to me!"

_kyte_ ACTION brings up rifle to aim

Lyrus_of_Borg: typical borg!.....I will continue myself!

Locutus: As we speak....... you are eing watched!"

Lyrus_of_Borg: what??

Locutus: Goodbye.......lyra!....."

Lyrus_of_Borg ACTION: looks around

Lyrus_of_Borg: I am

Lyrus_of_Borg!.......not Lyra!

_kyte_ ACTION fires at lyrus of borg hitting her dead on with a stun setting

_kyte_: not any more !

Lyrus_of_Borg ACTION: falls to the floor

_kyte_ ACTION looks around climbs down and walks to the fallen lyra

Locutus: You and i shall meet again Kyte..... you will make a perfect Drone..."



Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; sits in command chair nervously

_kyte_ ACTION steps on bridge

Cmdr_Sloane: "Welcome back Lt....any hunting trophies?"

_kyte_: Cmdr?

_kyte_ ACTION smiles" yes Cmdr"

_kyte_: in sick bay under a security field

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; gets up and grabs Kyte by the shoulders

Cmdr_Sloane: "It's damn good to have you back Kyte.."

_kyte_ ACTION looks at sloane

_kyte_: shall we infrom the admiral?

_kyte_: thank you Cmdr

Cmdr_Sloane: "Yes...in my ready room..."

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; walks into his ready room

_kyte_ ACTION nod head walks to ready room

Cmdr_Sloane: "Computer...activate secure coom signal to the USS Utopia..."

Adm_Merrick: !! Merrick, here....>

Cmdr_Sloane: "Good news Admiral..."

_kyte_: i have a present for you admiral

Adm_Merrick: !! Thank you!>

Cmdr_Sloane: "Hang on a second sir..."

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; taps comm badge

Cmdr_Sloane: "Sloane to sickbay...Dr....how's our patient?"

Lt_Dar-Teala: !! Dar'Teala here sir, she is Alive >

Cmdr_Sloane: "Very good Dr...keep me informed....Sloane out."

Cmdr_Sloane: "She's ok so far Admiral..."

Adm_Merrick: !! Good job Kyte.....>

Lt_Dar-Teala: !! barely heard> "for Now"

_kyte_: you doubted my ability to bring her in alive Cmdr?

Cmdr_Sloane: "Do you think she can ever be Lyra again sir?"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Never kyte..."

_kyte_: it is what i do merrick no need to thank me

Adm_Merrick: !! Keep me posted, Merrick out>

_kyte_: well cmdr shall we dance?

ACTION out through Sloanes ready room window, the fleet jumps out of warp...... they approach the Spiderhawk

Cmdr_Sloane: "Isn't there someone you should call?"

_kyte_: me?

Cmdr_Sloane: "I think he'll be really hppy to hear from you"

Cmdr_Sloane: "In fact...you can use my ready room if you'd like..."

_kyte_: i dont know Cmdr... do you think so?

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION steps up rom behind his desk and goes toward the door..

Cmdr_Sloane: "Call him...consider it an order..."

NPC HELM !! Sir, the Utopia has orderd us to formation into the fleet>

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; steps out onto the bridge

_kyte_ aACTION looks at sloane

Cmdr_Sloane: "Very good ensign...execute..."

NPC HELM: "Aye sir"

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; sits in the command chair...with an uneasy feeling

NPC HELM: Sir, Utopia on wideband Com to the fleet, shall i bring it on speakers?"

_kyte_ ACTION returns station

Cmdr_Sloane: "Put it on ensign..."

Adm_Merrick: !! All Ships, attention all ships...... go to atack speed..... and god bless...>

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; looks at kyte

Cmdr_Sloane: "Well ...it's all or nothing....."


ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: maam...aproaching spider hawk

Adm_Merrick: !! Al Ships, attention all shps... go to attack speed,.... and god bless>

Lt_Duffy enters the bridge...assumes post

Lt_Duffy: " Sorry Captain, it won't happen again"

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION goes to attack speed

Capt_Xendra: Well this is it people, no turning back.... helm fall into position

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR guides raven into position


ACTION soon the fleet approaches Jupiter and divides into its attack groups.... The Borg Cubes immeditally open fire at them

Capt_Xendra: Glad you could join us Duffy

Lt_Duffy: smiles at the captain

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR guides raven between cubes

Lt_Duffy: ACTION: Readies all weapons and shields on rotating frequencies

ACTION the Raven is struck by a cutting beam acroos its port side

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: readies sensors for weaknesses

Capt_Xendra: Bring us about Helm attack pattern theta

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR veers starboard

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Is shaken from station...resumes chair

Capt_Xendra: Report!

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR assumes attack pattern theta'

Ens_Xanatos: Damage to port side, minimal...

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: hit on the port side maam...miminual damage

ACTION out through the veiw screen a klingon Bird of Prey eplodes

Lt_Duffy-guest: " Good Lord!"

Capt_Xendra: Ready a spread of photon torpedos fire on the sphers shields

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR brings raven underneath a cube

NPC BORG " We are the Borg.. Lower your shields"

Capt_Xendra: Not today borg....

Transcriber's note... part of script lost...

Ens_Xanatos: Thank you, Capt...


Capt_Xendra: Helm set course for the station... engage

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR guides raven to port side of cube

NPC COM SYSTEM !! This is the Lexington, we have suffered massive damage......>'

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Targets various spheres with a torpedo spread and fires

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: setting course...engage

Capt_Xendra: once we arrive target their weapons on the station

ACTION Borg Cubes come out from no where.... the area looking like a shooting gallery

Capt_Xendra: full spread..... fire

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Targets the weapons station and FIRES

Lt_Duffy-guest: Captain...what about the Lexington's crew?

Ens_Xanatos: Captain, conduits are opening everywhere!

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: veers away from station

Capt_Xendra: Bring us about for another shot Helm...

Lt_Duffy: The Lexington just exploded Cap[tain

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR comes about at an upward angle

ACTION Suddenly the Station erupts with massive fire power aimed at the Fleet

Capt_Xendra: We must destroy this station, no time for lexington

Lt_Duffy: All those people ...lost..

Capt_Xendra: I know Lt, and Dr. Warrick was on that ship, but we must punch through

Capt_Xendra: Shields?

ACTION the Raven contiunes to be rocked by weapons fire

Ens_Xanatos: 74% and holding...

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR brings raven about for another pass on the station

Lt_Duffy: Port shields at 74% ma'am...aft shields are down to 63%

ACTION The Utopia looms over the Raven, her underbelly on fire.... the ships skin peeling off

Capt_Xendra: I want those weapons taken out!!

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Targets another torpedo spread and fires........locks on pulse phasers and fires

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR flies towards weapons array

Capt_Xendra: Fire at will...

ACTION The Utopia speeds ahead of the Raven, taking an enourmos hit by the Station..... the Utopia struggles

Lt_Duffy ACTION: fires at random targets ...trying to punch a hole through the station

Capt_Xendra: Report on the Utopia

Ens_Xanatos: There's an opening just to the left of the dead Borg Cube...

Capt_Xendra: Do it Ensign....

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR flies towardsopening

ACTION Suddenly the Utopia opens up on itself...explodes outward in a fire of molten mass..... the wreckage of the ship thrown outward

Lt_Duffy ACTION: launches a spread of torpedoes and pulse phasers as the Raven passes

Capt_Xendra: Scan or Survivors... NOW!!!!

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: scans

Lt_Duffy-guest: Good Lord!!!......

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: maam...we made it through

ACTION Another Cube erupts in a fireball

Lt_Duffy ACTION:t looks down sorrowfully

Ens_Xanatos: I detect very few escape pods, Capt...

Capt_Xendra: lock a tractor beam on them Duffy

Lt_Duffy-guest ACTION: Whispers to self: I guess he is gone.........

ACTION A Cube sweeps over the escape pods and fires upon them, destroying the last survivors of the Utopia

Capt_Xendra: Destroy this station....

Lt_Duffy ACTION: sets Tractor beam to get escape pods

Lt_Duffy ACTION: fires at station repoeatedly

Capt_Xendra: My God..... Hamilton

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR flies toward power generators

ACTION The Raven is rocked hard

Capt_Xendra: REPORT!!!

ACTION the Raven shaes violently

Lt_Duffy: Captain...I managed to get 6 of the 9 escape pods ..the others already entered the atmosphere

Ens_Xanatos: No pods are being detected by our sensors, Capt...

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR dives raven underneath station

Ens_Xanatos: The rest are gone...

Lt_Duffy ACTION: fires torpedo spread as Raven passes

ACTION Again the Raven shuddrs by the firepower thrown at it

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR comes about and makes pass over top of station

Capt_Xendra ACTION: falls down.. hits head.. is unconscious...

Lt_Duffy ACTION: is thrown from stattion...suffering a head injury....he gets up...wiping blood from his brow

Lt_Duffy: !! Duffy to Teala.....the captains hurt...get up here!"

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR is thrown for chair...gets up slowly

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: falls to a knee and looks at rest of the crew

Lt_Duffy: Ensign Wildstar,,,,REPORT!!

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR winces in pain from left arm


RYAN " Mom......get up.... you have to get up..."

Capt_Xendra ACTION: awakens in a dark room with a single light...

ACTION Xendras Mind is flooded by an image of her Son

Capt_Xendra: Ryan...what.. where are you?

Capt_Xendra ACTION: staggers to feet holding head RYAN " Mom, thats not important now... you have to get up..... they depend on you"

Capt_Xendra: Ryan, where are you? RYAN " I cant explain it to you mom..... just know that i love you.... and Dad does too"

Capt_Xendra: Where is your father... what is going on.. tell me! RYAN " Mom..... get up..... there coming to kill you..."

Capt_Xendra: I love you too son...where are you I NEED to know


ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: shields at 40%...

Lt_Duffy: " Doctor Zeta to the bridge!!"

ACTION A Console behind Duffy explodes

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR regains helm and veers away fromstation

Lt_Duffy ACTION: kneels down next to captain

Capt_Xendra ACTION: opens eyes reaches for head..

Ens_Xanatos: Transfering auxilary power to shields....

Lt_Duffy: " Captain....are you alright?"

Capt_Xendra: Report Duffy

Lt_Duffy: Xan take tactical for now!!

Capt_Xendra: (barely mumbled

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: assumes tactical

Lt_Duffy: " Captain...the bridge crew has sustained various injuries,....you were unconscious for a few minutes yourself

Capt_Xendra: what is the base status (said while geting up)

NPC COM SYSTEM !! This is Admiral Cartwright on the Uss Nimitz. im taking contro of the Fleet.... all ships atttack vectors now!>

Lt_Duffy: She is still operational ma'am

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: FIRES torpedo spread

Capt_Xendra: Do as the Admiral says...

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR swings back towards station

Capt_Xendra ACTION still dazed moves to her chair

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR makes port side run a station

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: locks in on co-ordinates and FIRES

Lt_Duffy ACTION: assists the Captain

ACTION Suudenly an explosion erupts from the Station

Lt_Duffy: "Yes!!"

Capt_Xendra: Thank you Duffy...

ACTION Then another explosion

Lt_Duffy: " Good shooting Xan!!"

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR veers away and loops around for a underneath pass

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: grins and FIRES again

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR veers away from station

Lt_Duffy: " You almost are enjoying this too much Xan..."

Capt_Xendra: Its done Ensign, you can stop firing...


_kyte_: Cmdr sheilda at 60%

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; picks himself up from the floor

Cmdr_Sloane: Report!!

_kyte_ ACTION continues to fire at station

_kyte_: putnum engines?

Cmdr_Sloane: Kyte...what's the status of the Nimitz?

_kyte_: trying to get through to her Cmdr

Cmdr_Sloane: Keep trying...How's the Raven holding up?

_kyte_: we are low on all weapons sir

NPC NIMITZ !! Spiderhawk, we are deploying marines now..lay cover fire..out>

_kyte_: torpedos at 10 remaining....phasers at 42 %

Cmdr_Sloane: ACknowledged...

Transcriber's note... part of the script is missing...

ACTION again another heavy blow to the ship

Cmdr_Sloane: What's the status of the groud base?

_kyte_ ACTUON stummbles steadies herself

_kyte_: well sir it is still there

Cmdr_Sloane: ty Lt...any other good news?

_kyte_: Cmdr... shield are gone

NPC COM SYSTEM !! Intruder Alert Intruder Alert>

Cmdr_Sloane: what??

_kyte_ ACTIN looks at slaone

Cmdr_Sloane: Report!!

_kyte_: oh damn!!

_kyte_: we have drones cmdr

Cmdr_Sloane: We're not done yet

ACTION Kyte is transported off the Spiderhawk

Cmdr_Sloane: Where are they?

Cmdr_Sloane: Computer...locate Lt. Kyte...

NPC COMPUTER !! Lt. Kyte is not aboard the Spiderhawk>

Cmdr_Sloane: Damn....

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; moves to Tac station


ACTION Engineering officers run to and from consoles

Chief_Putnam ACTION adjusting power systems

ACTION A conduit blows out of the wall. gas starts to vent form it

ACTION Fires erupt

Chief_Putnam: "damn...bridge,warp core breach!!"

ACTION two officers fall from the upper deck after another sudden explosion

Cmdr_Sloane: "How long Chief?"

Lt_Dar-Teala ACTION: enters engineeering to retrive the wounded

Chief_Putnam: 30 seconds! and i cant stop it!

Cmdr_Sloane: "Dump the Core...NOW..."

Chief_Putnam: "ayesir..computer eect core atorization putnam delta beta!"

Lt_Dar-Teala ACTION: is carrying out the wounded


Capt_Xendra: Report on the HAwk!

Lt_Duffy: The Hawks core is breaching ma'am

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: warpcore breach in progress

Lt_Duffy: Looks like she is done for

Lt_Duffy: I hope they got off ok

Capt_Xendra: Get with in transport rangge and transport the survivors... NOW!


NPC COM SYSTEM !! Jesus... this is the Arizonia..... the Spiderhawk just dumped her core...get out of there!!!>

Lt_Duffy ACTION: moves to Engineering station.....locks transporters

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR prepares to veer away

Capt_Xendra: I will as soon as I can Arizona... Merrick out

Lt_Duffy: Luke....get us out of here !!

Capt_Xendra: Helm, be ready to jump to warp...

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR veers away engages engines

Lt_Duffy: I have a lock captain....

Capt_Xendra: do it!


Ens_Xanatos: Detonation in 5 seconds Capt!!!

Lt_Duffy: everyone aboard the Hawk....except Kyte.. I cant locate her

Capt_Xendra: engage Ensign

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR jumps to warp

ACTION the Fleet starts to jump into Warp


Lt_Duffy ACTION: initiates transport

Capt_Xendra: go we cant wait

Lt_Duffy ACTION: looks down......Kyte....

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; enters the Raven bridge

Lt_Duffy ACTION: looks at Mike ....

Lt_Duffy: "Wheres Kyte ..??"

Capt_Xendra: I am sorry Lt...

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: looks at Sloane and nods

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; looks at Brian...then looks down

ACTION The Spiderhawks demise turns into a bleesing in disguise, as it explodes it leaves a trail of Borg parts and remains...... the battle is won

Lt_Duffy ACTION: grabs Sloane...Where is she dammit?!!"

Cmdr_Sloane: "I'm sorry Brian..we lost shields and she was transported away.."

Lt_Duffy: " What?"

Lt_Duffy looks confused....You mean the Borg have her?

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; turns towards the Captain..

Cmdr_Sloane: "Captain...I'm sorry about the Admiral..."

Capt_Xendra: We will find her.... this is a great win for us all

Lt_Dar-Teala ACTION: stumbles to sickbay and colapses from a severe plasma burn in the doorway

Lt_Duffy whispers...so many lost

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; walks over to Xendra

Cmdr_Sloane: "Sorry I didn't keep my promise..."

Capt_Xendra: Its OK Sloane.... I knew it would happen... I wil be in my ready room, have them start repairs

Cmdr_Sloane: "Aye Captain..."


ACTION Kyte, sei awake lays on a table, as her head is connected to various terminals....Locutus watches her nearby

_kyte_ ACTION groans

LOCUTUS " You couldnt hide from me for ever Kyte....."

_kyte_: no no no....NOOO

LOCUTUS " No we will see jsut what you have n that mind of yours......shall we?"

_kyte_ ACTION struggles with her bonds

ACTION: The machines come to life as a surge of power egnites Kytes memory.... Her mind for all purposes is being raped LOCTUS " Show me everything my dear... show me it all"

_kyte_: NO.... NO ......no....... LOCTUS " hahhahahaha"

ACTION: the Machine sends another surge to her mind

_kyte_ ACTION struggles harder with her bonds

_kyte_ ACTION screams

LOCUTUS " Your Destiny is now..... You are mine!"

_kyte_ WHISPSERS .... brian......

-------END SIM-------END SIM-------