-------START SIM---------START SIM---------


Capt_Xendra: WElcome aboard Ensign Cole, glad you are OK...

Ensign_Cole ACTION: disembarks from damaged shuttlecraft

Ensign_Cole: Thank you Captain, I'm glad you were in the area

Ensign_Cole: I've been on board this thing for just under two weeks

Capt_Xendra: I have looked over your Starfleet files, you know engineering right?

Ensign_Cole ACTION looks around bay

Ensign_Cole: yes ma'am primary training is in engineering

Capt_Xendra: Well after you have rested and gotten a good meal, you can meet with Chief Putnam n engineering and he can show you aroud

Ensign_Cole: "I was an engineer aboard the USS Bostonian... before...."

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; enters the shuttlebay ...

Ensign_Cole: "OK Captain. Thank you"

Capt_Xendra: WE are under staffed in engineering, and I can arrnge later for you to take a tour of the whole ship

Cmdr_Sloane: "I see our Mr. Cole is none the worse for wear ..."

Ensign_Cole ACTION looks over at sloane

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; extends his hand to Cole

Capt_Xendra: Umm, but I bet he could be better, laughs)

Ensign_Cole: "hello commander. I am fine thank you"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Welcome aboard the Raven Ensign."

Ensign_Cole ACTION shakes sloanes hand

Ensign_Cole: "thank you commander"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Captain .... Chief Putnam is in a jeffries tube right now trying to get a relay back on line .... he asked me to stand in for him...."

Capt_Xendra: Well now that we are aquaited, I suggest we let Mr. Cole get some much needed rest

Cmdr_Sloane: "Shall I take him to sickbay first Captain ..... to be checked over?"

Capt_Xendra: very good Commander, Thank you

Cmdr_Sloane: "this way Ensign ...."

Ensign_Cole: "Sounds good captain. If someone will show to my quarters. I am not familiar with this Class of ship"

Transcriber's note... Part of script missing...

Capt_Xendra: Very well, let me know when you are ready.

Cmdr_Sloane: "Aye Captain ..."

Cmdr_Sloane: "ready Ensign ?"

Ensign_Cole: "one mre thing captain... there are some records from the Bstonian on in the shuttlecrafts memory banks"

Capt_Xendra ACTION: smiles and leaves shuttlebay, looks preocupied

Ensign_Cole: yes commander, lead the way"

Capt_Xendra: I wil have them downloaded, thank you

Cmdr_Sloane: "We'll salvage them ensign .... don't worry ..."

Ensign_Cole: "your welcome captain"

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; walks down corridor with Cole beside him

Ensign_Cole ACTION looks around as I follows sloane

Cmdr_Sloane: "So ensign .... where were you when the Borg invaded Earth?"

Ensign_Cole: "on board the Bostonian.... actually my fiance and I were going over wedding plans when we heard."

Cmdr_Sloane: "What happened to the Bostonian?"

Ensign_Cole: "We were attacked by a borg cube. The Captain set self destrect so the ship wouldnt be assimilated. We didnt really stand much chance against the cube"

Cmdr_Sloane: "i know how you feel ..... we've had some close calls withthe Borg .... we've lost some good people in the process ..." nsign_Cole: "our sensors malfunctioned. before we knew it the cube opened fire on us"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Including ......"

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; stops walking ..

Ensign_Cole: "you something funny commander. If the borg never attacked me and Kara would be married by now'

Cmdr_Sloane: "Ensign ..... theres something I need to tell you.... "

Ensign_Cole ACTION stops

Ensign_Cole: "yes commander..."

Cmdr_Sloane: "We recently "bucked" heads with the head of Command .... an Admiral Cartwright ....do you know of him?"

Ensign_Cole: "I know of him...... why commander?"

Ensign_Cole: "what was the problembetween you and Adm. Cartwright?"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Well ... the Captain and I believe that he has sold out the Federation and want to hand us over to the Borg ..... we are currently on the run from Starfleet and are considered traitors because of him ..."

Cmdr_Sloane: "He has accused us of coldly killing Starfleet officers and we have't done that at all ..... in fact ... Cartwright himself tried to execute the Captain and mself on Veridian III ..."

Ensign_Cole: "sell out the federation to the borg???? why would he do that?"

Cmdr_Sloane: "i just felt that you should know the whole story before you get too comfortable here .... all of the information is in the ships computer ..."

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; starts walking again ...

Ensign_Cole: "ok.. thank you commander"

Cmdr_Sloane: "I have no idea why e would sell us out ..."

Ensign_Cole ACTION starts walking again

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; stops outside of Chief Putnams quarters ...

Ensign_Cole ACTION stops... seems to be having troubling thoughts

Cmdr_Sloane: "WE hve assigned you to bunk with the Chief ......if ou have any questions ... please let me know ... and welcome aboard again..."

Cmdr_Sloane: "Are you ok ensign?"

Ensign_Cole: "thank you commander. I'll get cleaned up, then head to the lounge"

Ensign_Cole: "i'm fie comander... see you later"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Very well ..."

Ensign_Cole ACTION enters quarters

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; taps commbadge

Cmdr_Sloane: !! Sloane to Lt. Lyra>

Lt_Lyra: >Lyra here>

Cmdr_Sloane: !! Have Ensigns Xanatos and Wildstar meet us in shuttlebay one .... we're going back to that planet>

Lt_Lyra: yes Cmdr...


Lt_Lyra begins to scan the area

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: ok..that cave is this way

Lt_Lyra: you sure ensign?


Ens_Xanatos: yes, it was north... along with the other strange readings...

Cmdr_Sloane: "Lieutenant Lyra ...."

Lt_Lyra: yes, Cmdr?

Cmdr_Sloane: "You're the science officer .... take command of the away team ......"

Lt_Lyra: yes sir.....

Lt_Lyra: ensigns, what do you know about that cave?

Lt_Lyra: and what other strange readings are you referring to?

Ens_Xanatos: "It was giving out multiple signatures of an unknown nature... there was much intereference..."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: but there's dilithium there

Lt_Lyra: is that the only known location of dilithium?


Ens_Xanatos: "Well, we didn't stay too long, but that's where we found traces..."

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; reads his tricorder ...

Lt_Lyra: Cmdr, I think we should look for another source as well, not depend on just one.......

Lt_Lyra: traces wont run our ship, ensign......

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: that could take time lt...with all thisinterfearance

Lt_Lyra: we need more than traces........

Lt_Lyra: all the more reason to split up.........

Cmdr_Sloane: "Let's check this one out first .... and I'm not too keen on splitting up ... I have a bad feeling about this place ...."

Ens_Xanatos: "Aye, we do need more..."

Lt_Lyra: ensigns, show us the cave........

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: xan..lead the way

Ens_Xanatos: "But we must find a way to get through the interference, we do not know what lies in the caves..."

Lt_Lyra: Cmdr, I will scan for other readings..........

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: heads north to the caves

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: scans

Lt_Lyra: adjust your tricorders to filter as much as possible........

Ens_Xanatos: "Aye, Lt..."


Cmdr_Sloane: "You have those blasters of yours Xan?"

Ens_Xanatos: "Aye, Cmdr, care to borrow one?"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Good .... we may need them .... call it a gut feeling ..."

Lt_Lyra chooses another setting for her tricorder to get other readings.....

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; pats his phaser in its holster

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: grins a bit uneasily

Cmdr_Sloane: "No thanks ... give me a charged phaser anyday ..."

Cmdr_Sloane: "Ok people .. let's do it ...."

Lt_Lyra: how much further ensigns?

Ens_Xanatos: "About 20 meters ahead, just over this way..."

Lt_Lyra: are any of you reading anything unusual yet?

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: points to a rock formation

Ens_Xanatos: "Not yet, but it will happen soon, if at all..."

Lt_Lyra: 20 meters which way? straight north?

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: it didn't start till we got to the entrance

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: adjusts tricorder settings again

Lt_Lyra: I'm detecting some atmospheric disturbances...........

Lt_Lyra: unknown origin........

Ens_Xanatos: "There it is, the entrance..."

Lt_Lyra: what happened last time ensign?

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: points

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION looks at tricorder as it goes wild

Ens_Xanatos: "Readings went off the scale, incomprehesible..."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: there it goes

Cmdr_Sloane WHISPERS to himself ..... "damn I wish Duffy was here........."

Lt_Lyra: Cmdr?........your readings?

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: trying to compensate

Cmdr_Sloane: "Ok people .... stay sharp ..... let's go....."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION starts trying to rconfigure

Lt_Lyra: are you getting anything clear enough to detect?

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: readies blaster

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; checks his tricorder ...


Ens_Xanatos: "We may all want to get our search lights ready, it's pretty dark inside..."

Cmdr_Sloane: "I'm getting nothing but gibberish on mine ...."

Lt_Lyra: temperature changes?.......force fields?......what is present?

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: looks at tricorder

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; activates his wrist light

Cmdr_Sloane: "Are we still detecting any dilithium at all?"

Lt_Lyra: ok, lets go and make it quick!......stay together!

Ens_Xanatos: "I'm picking up an energy signature, unsure of what it is, just like before..."

Lt_Lyra: but not much....

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION activates search light

Lt_Lyra: how far ahead ensign?

Cmdr_Sloane: "Then lets get them and get the hell out of here ..."

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: turns on light

Ens_Xanatos: "About 50 meters inside..."


Lt_Lyra: is the dilithium that far?

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; follows Wildstar in ...

Ens_Xanatos: "I don't know, with the interference, it's hard to tell..."

Lt_Lyra is still checking different readings........

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: stays against the cave walls for cover

Lt_Lyra: ok, Cmdr........this is it......ensigns, get what we can and go!


Ens_Xanatos: "Yes, Lt..."

CUT SCENE: to the klingon ship fek'lhr as xendra meets with the klingon leader

Capt_Xendra: Thank you for meeting with me

CMDR KIER: " thank you for wanting to help us captain

Capt_Xendra: We have had a bumpy ride this past week or two, its good to see a friendly face

Kier: i will take you to meet Kurn

Capt_Xendra: Thank you

Kier ACTION kier leads captain and ensign ek to the generals ready room

Capt_Xendra ACTION:follows Kier

Kier " General, the captain of the raven..."

General_Kurn: " Greetings Captain....have a seat"

Capt_Xendra: Thank you, General this is Ensign Ek, of my security team

General_Kurn: " Thank You Kier....will you be joining us?....or do you have other duties?"

General_Kurn: " Captain...you don't need sceurity aboard my vessel..."

Kier:" i will ready the ships general."

General_Kurn: " Thank You Kier...Kah'Plah"

Capt_Xendra: I ow, just standard starfleet protocal, well whats left of it.

ACTION keir leaves room for the klingon bridge

Capt_Xendra: Thank You Kier...

Capt_Xendra: I have had the pleasure of meeting your brother Worf many years ago, he was a good officer

General_Kurn: " Well Captain....it seems you are interested in forging some sort of alliance.......care to explain....I mean the Empire allied with Starfleet and then is betrayed to Borg by Fleet vessels"

General_Kurn: " Ahhh Worf....."

General_Kurn ACTION: Looks out window

General_Kurn: " So much has changed since then....."

Capt_Xendra: Well in all honesty General, the Raven and her crew are no longer part of the Federation

Capt_Xendra: yes.... yes it has.

General_Kurn: " Outlaws then?...What happened?"

Transcriber's note... a few lines missing...

Capt_Xendra: I know you know of him.

General_Kurn: " I have heard he plans to sign a treaty with the Borg,,.....humans are such fools!!...The Borg are not the Romulans!!"

General_Kurn ACTION: Punches desk in frustration....breaking it

Capt_Xendra: Well you and I know this but we have reason to believe that Cartwright is planning to just hand us over to them

General_Kurn: " Great!!...another one"

Capt_Xendra ACTION: smiles at Kurn " I feel the same way"

General_Kurn: " What is wrong with this man....can he not see there is no honor in the Borg....they will betray him outright"

General_Kurn: " Well Captain....I will be glad to offer some assistance.....Cartwright has reneged on his alliance with the Klingons....s"

Capt_Xendra: Ahh and there in lies our problem. Cartwrights prblem with me is personal, but I cant just let him hand everyone else over to them as well.

General_Kurn: " What do you need from us?"

Capt_Xendra: I would like to discuss somethig with you in that case General.

General_Kurn: ACTION: Sits in chair behind broken desk and leans back

General_Kurn: " Elaborate"

Capt_Xendra: Well aside from reinforcements in our battle with the Federation, we are also in need f supplies. Replicators, engineering equipment and various other things.

Capt_Xendra: We just cant run home and get them obviously

General_Kurn: " I believe I can manage that.......however Captain...my intel informs me you have also allied with Romulans!!...One of your Lietenants I believve"

General_Kurn: " Is this true??!!"

Capt_Xendra: yes, this is true. THey offered us assistance when our ship was attacked by the federation

General_Kurn: " Ahhh ...I see...."

Capt_Xendra: and we in return helped them fix their shiip

General_Kurn: " Do not trust them Captain....I will ally myself with you.....but believe me..Romulans always have another agenda"

Capt_Xendra: well, I can use all the help I can get (laughs)

General_Kurn: " Agrred then Captain.....Allies!'

General_Kurn ACTION: Extends forearm

Capt_Xendra offers hand to shake "agreed"

General_Kurn: " We of course may need your help one day......and any Captain is a valued friend..."

Capt_Xendra: Now, a ersonal favor General...

Capt_Xendra: Do you know of Admiral Merrick

General_Kurn: " Yes.....He allied with me in first place....your former husband I believe"


_kyte_ ACTION sits on her biobed

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Sits next to Kyte...talking softly

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: enters sickbay, stops in doorway as he hears Duffy

Lt_Duffy: " So Kyte....feeling any better?"

_kyte_: a bit Lt... my head still aches

Lt_Duffy: " Anything I can do to help....let me know"

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: quietly enters the room

_kyte_ ACTION gets up begins to pace

Lt_Duffy: " Are you still having memory lapses?"

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: stares at kyte

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Notices Ryan creeping.....looks infuriated

_kyte_: unfortunately ... yes Lt.. there are things i need to tell cmdr sloane but cant remeber them

Lt_Duffy: " What the HELL are you doing here??!!...Didnt I tell you toi stay away from here!!"

Ensign_Merrick: " umm excuse me lLt, sir i just thought that i could help Kyte.."

_kyte_ ACTION truns around sees merrick

_kyte_: and you are?

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: gets nearer to Kyte

Ensign_Merrick: Im Ensign Merrick Lt"

Lt_Duffy: " Help her!!...you??!!...You have to be kidding right...."

Lt_Duffy: " This is the Admiral's son......"

Ensign_Merrick: " No im not Lt Duffy, im pretty sure i can help her"

_kyte_: "Merrick? i know that name...dont i?"

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Mutters to self....Even worse than his father....if thats imaginable

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: stands next to Kyte and looks at her

Lt_Duffy: " Yes Kyte.....you know Merrick...he saved you from Borg"

_kyte_: "help me? i dont understand. what are you both talking about?"

Lt_Duffy: " Kyte.....he claims he can help you....But I dont entirely trust him...."

_kyte_ ACTION walks toward the ensign" was that who that was Lt?"

Ensign_Merrick: " i can help your mind Kyte, or at least i hope i can, in any manner i would be more helpful to you then Mister Duffy here"

Lt_Duffy: " Listen kid....thats Lieutenant!!!......not mister...you are an inferior officer...get used to it!!"

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: clenches fist

_kyte_: [angerily] " i dont remember ASKING for help!"

Ensign_Merrick: " IM NOT A KID!!"

_kyte_: "Lt... dont shout.. it hurts my head..."

Lt_Duffy: " Please kid...I beat your old man...........I guess ass beatings run in the family"

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: looks at Kyte, hurt look n his face

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: turns to Duffy, fist clenched hard

Transcriber's note... A chunk of script is missing...
BTW, you should have seen the play-by-play Sloane and I were doing...lol
What a slobber-knocker...lol


Ensign_Merrick ACTION: doenst hear Duffy's comments as he focues his attention o Kyte

Lt_Duffy CATION: Jumps for Kyte...grabbing her

Ensign_Merrick: " I can help, if only she wuld let me"

Lt_Duffy: " She doesnt want any help....dont you get that!!...she wants to do it by herself..."

Lt_Duffy WHISPERS to self" She always was stubborn

Ensign_Merrick ACTIion: takes Kytes hand into his, his eyes lose

Ensign_Merrick: " Rest, and let me see your thoughts"

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: breahes lightly


ACTION: The cavern begins to shake....and debris falls around team

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: covers his head

Cmdr_Sloane: "What the .... what's happening!!??"

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION presses gainst wall

Lt_Lyra braces herself against the cave wall

Ens_Xanatos: "Don't know Cmdr... "


ACTION: Dirt filters down from ceiling and a rumbling can be heard echoing throughout the caves

Lt_Lyra: get out!!!

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: leans against wall, blaster readied

Cmdr_Sloane: "Wait .... how far to the dilithium source??"

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR cecks readings...10 meters sir

Lt_Duffy ACTION: A scraping sound of stone on stone can be heard in the echoes

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: scans

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION scans cve with light

Cmdr_Sloane: "Let's get it and get the hell outta here ..."

Lt_Lyra: Cmdr, cover me...........I'll get some of the dilithium............you keep back whatever that is.......

Ens_Xanatos: "my scans indicate an unknown lifeform..."


Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; takes phaser from it's holster ..

Lt_Duffy ACTION-- The sounds of the stone on stone get closer

Lt_Lyra runs ahead toward the dilithium.........

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: points blaster in direction of reading

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR readies phaser

Cmdr_Sloane: "Wrong ... we both go Lt. ...... Wildstar and Xanatos . ..... cover us ...."

Lt_Lyra: ensigns .........help with this.........


Ens_Xanatos: "Aye..."

Lt_Lyra: ok, Cmdr........

Cmdr_Sloane: "If we don't get back ... return to the shuttle ... that's an order ..."

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; runs after the Lieutenant ...

Lt_Lyra: lets go quickly!!!............

Lt_Duffy ACTION: A lumbering form lurks into your shadows .......it appears to be made of solid rock.....a gravelly noise can be heard coming from its mouth

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: continues to scan

Ens_Xanatos: "Great..."


Ens_Xanatos ACTION: steps back and scans the creature

Lt_Lyra: Cmdr, dont tell me THAT thing eats dilithium!

ACTION The form is as large as the cave entrance (around 4 meters) and he approaches your crew slowly

Lt_Lyra: where is it...........past that thing???.

Cmdr_Sloane: "Let's not stay long enough to find out ...."

Ens_Xanatos: "I just hope there aren't MORE of them..."

Lt_Lyra: can we get past it.?

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION points phaser at ground in front of creature and ires warning shot

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; walks slowl to the right of the creature

Lt_Duffy ACTION The creature reaches a large arm out towrads Lyra....seems to be pointing...and a scraping noise can be heard echoing throughout cavern again

Lt_Lyra: its coming toward us, but not actually following our movements..........

Ens_Xanatos: "wildstar, best not to aggrivate it..."


ACTION: Moves arm to blaock sloane

Lt_Lyra dodges the creature

Lt_Lyra ACTION: ducks under and runs past it........

Lt_Duffy ACTION: More gravel like sounds emanate from creature

Cmdr_Sloane: "Lyra ..... try the Universal translator .... is it trying to communicate with us?"

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Swiftly swings arm and clubs Lyra....thoj glancingly...as if not trying to actuially hurt her

Lt_Lyra: oh, good possibility Cmdr.


Lt_Lyra: trying to adjust.........

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: scans the creature

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION sands ready...phaserin hand

Lt_Lyra talks quietly............."what are you reading ensign?"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Anything yet Lyra?"

Lt_Lyra: Cmdr, I cant get the translator to pick up anything.........

Ens_Xanatos: "It is made of all carbonite rock elements, including dilithium..."

Lt_Lyra: oh, great! our dilithium is ALIVE!!

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; slowly tries to walk behind the creature ...

Ens_Xanatos: "It is what we've been picking up..."

Lt_Lyra scans further into cave................

ACTION: The creature begins a howl....its seems as if its a song or a call of some sort

ACTION: The whole cave begins to shake as if in an earthquake

Ens_Xanatos: "I hope it's not summoning back-up."

Lt_Lyra: Cmdr, what kind of creature is this?

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; gets behind the creature and sees a huge dilithium deposit ....

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: drops to one knee, jostled...

Lt_Duffy ACTION: The creature helps Xanatos to his feet

Lt_Lyra: I got it too Cmdr...........lets load it up and go!

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR ACTION lowers his phaser

Lt_Lyra: Cmdr!.....the creature is helping!!

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: looks oddly at the creature

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; looks further down the cave and sees a second creature approaching ....

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; holsters his phaser

Ens_Xanatos: "Thank you for helping me..."

Lt_Lyra ACTION:stands back in disbelief

Lt_Duffy ACTION: The creature nods at Xanatos

Cmdr_Sloane ACTION; slowly fills container with crystals ...

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: returns nod

Lt_Lyra: it understands us!?

ACTION: Second creature moves to block dilithium deposit

Ens_Xanatos: "Gaarthol has smiled upon us this day, thank you..."

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: maybe we should ask for some dilithium

ACTION: Creature looks angrily at Sloane and Lyra

Cmdr_Sloane: "Xanatos .... you ask it ...."

Lt_Lyra: that would seem the thing to do, Wildstar..........but I've never talked to a rock.....

Lt_Lyra: Cmdr, I'm trying the communicator again..............

Ens_Xanatos: "Would it be alright if we took some of these rocks, to help our ship?"

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: appearently xan cantalk to rocks...lol

Ens_Xanatos: "I have talked to stranger things..."

Ens_Xanatos ACTION: glances at Wildstar

Lt_Lyra: I'm getting something on the communicator.........but Xan seems more effective

Lt_Duffy the creatures speaks with Xanatos...."......am Grrrlor....my mate guards our soon to be offspring...she will be quite deadly"

Cmdr_Sloane: "Wildstar ....can we contact the shuttle?"

ACTION: Female creature watches whole away team

Ens_Xanatos: "Tell me, would it be too much to ask if we could take some f these rocks, and leave in peace?"

Lt_Lyra ACTION: whispers to Sloane. "lets get it and go while Xan talks to it!"

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: i'll try sir....!! widstar to shuttle>

ENSIGN_WILDSTAR: no responce sir...to much interfearance

Lt_Lyra: Cmdr, help me get this dilithium..........

Lt_Duffy: Creature: I will take some ore deposit for you...our offspring look just like the ore...so you may accidentally take one of them."

Transcriber's note... a chunk of script is missing...

Ensign_Merrick: please,. let me try!"

Lt_Duffy: " She doesnt want your help...she said so herself"

Ensign_Merrick ACTION; reaches for Kytes head

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Punches Ryan in side of face........" I warned you"

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: stumbles into bio bed

Lt_Duffy: " Keep away from her ya lil punk...I will not tell you AGAIN"

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: clenchs fist and loks don, energy waves sparking on his arms

Ensign_Merrick: " BACK OFF!!!!!"

Lt_Duffy: " Yeah your powers....what a man you are"

Lt_Duffy: " I bet dady would be proud of his lil man"

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: the enrgy leaps from Ryan and attacks Dufy at full force

Ensign_Merrick: " YOUR DEAD TO ME, DO YOU HEAR ME..... DEAD!!!!"

Ensign_Cole ACTION enters sickbay for medica workup

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Is blasted across sickbay....hittiong a biobed..he flips backward over it with a large crash...medical sllies flying

_kyte_ ACTION kyte's body convulses at ryans power surge

Lt_Duffy: supplies

Ensign_Cole ACTION looks at shock at Ensign blastig Lt

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: lets out another energy blast in Duffys direction

_kyte_: " nooooOOOOO!"


Ensign_Cole ACTION runs at ran and shouldertackles him in theback at full force

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Groans and starts to rise just as another blast hits him....he is blown to another portion of sickbay

_kyte_ ACTION tries to get up.. fals

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: falls face first

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Stubbornly tries to get up...coughing blood

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: rolls over and sees Cole

Ensign_Cole ACTION grabs ryans had and slams in int floor twice

Ensign_Merrick: " THATS YOUR LAST MISTAKE!!"

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: a sudden discharge envlopes Cole

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Gets up...groggily....reaches out with his mind...inflicting pain on Ryan......

Ensign_Cole: !! Cole to Securiy> emergancy in sickbay... Ensig Merrick's gone nuts

Ensign_Cole ACTION stiffens in pain...

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: energy leaps out in all directions, hurting those who hurt him

Ensign_Cole ACTION flls off Ryan, hits into kyte's biobed

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: slowly gets up from floor, spitting up blood

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Gets hit with a wild lash,....stands his ground.....griiting his teeth through blood he uses his full strength to try an incappacitate ryan

_kyte_ ACTION lays on floor not moving

Ensign_Merrick: " Why do you still intend on hurting me!!"

Ensign_Cole ACTION uses biobed to stand up stiffly

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Spits blood on Ryan

Ensign_Cole ACTION notices kyte

Ensign_Merrick ACTION: grabs a hypo, and injects Duffy with it

Lt_Duffy: " You are the child who cant finght like a man......."

Lt_Duffy ACTION: Falls to ground unconscious

Ensign_Merrick ACTIOn: crawls over to Kyte

Ensign_Merrick: " oh god Kyte, no"

Ensign_Merrick ACTIOn: takes her head in his arms and cradles her

-------END SIM-------END SIM-------