-------START SIM---------START SIM---------


ellion sits quietly

CWO_Cole ACTION enters crew lounge, gets a drink and sits at a table near a viewport, stares out at the stars

Lt__Xanatos ACTION: enters the lounge and looks around

HovVaj ACTION: sits at the bar, alone, with a martini, staring out at the stars

kyte ACTION enters the lounge looks around

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: is arguing with the replicators in sickbay

Capt_Xendra1 ACTION: enters tries to decide what to order form replicator

kyte ACTION walks over to cole

kyte: " hello Marcus"

CWO_Cole ACTION looks down at table with somewhat glum expression, absently rubbing his right shoulder (now in a sling)

CWO_Cole: /e ACTIOn blinks and looksup at kyte....

kyte: " are you well?"

CWO_Cole: "Oh, hello Ellion. How are you feeling?"

CWO_Cole: "I..... i will be fine."

ellion ACTION looks up at her name being mentioned


Capt_Xendra1 ACTION: makes a decision on time honered coffee... thinks she will be up late tonight anyways

Lt__Xanatos ACTION: walks over a vacant table and sits down

kyte: " i am well i suppose..."

CWO_Cole: "Would you care to join me for a bit?"

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: swears at the replicators in sickbay

kyte ACTION nods to Wildstar

LT_WILDSTAR ACTION waves to kyte

kyte: " yes... so how are you recovering"

CWO_Cole ACTION sips drink, indicates the sling "O'Shay finally caught up with me... *chuckles."

HovVaj ACTION: slurrs and answer to the call on her combadge from engineering....!! aye...will do>

LT_WILDSTAR ACTION strides up to bar and orders drink

HovVaj: !! Hov'Vaj to Sickbay...>

Capt_Xendra1 ACTION: turns and scans room for someone to sit with

CWO_Cole: "I'll heal my wounds fine. I'm more cocerned about you though. Merrickus did a number on you."


PFC_O`Shay ACTION: takes a phaser to the replicators in sickbay


HovVaj ACTION: gulps contents of martini glass, and smack comm badge again: !! Hov'Vaj to O' Shay>

kyte: " captain care to join us?"

PFC_O`Shay: !! grrrrrrrr....O'Shay here>

Capt_Xendra1 ACTION spies a empty table... but her attention is then caught by Kytes words

CWO_Cole: "I swear I'll kill him should I ever meet him....."

HovVaj: !! Engineering say there is nothing amiss with your replicators...Please state the nature of your malady...>

Capt_Xendra1: Sure Kyte... how are you two?

kyte: " i hope that he will be eliminated soon Marcus"

ellion ACTION listens intently art the mention of Merricus

kyte: " i am well Capatin... how are you recovering?"

PFC_O`Shay: !! Engineering apparently has been putting too much anti-matter on their breakfast cereal.They won'tt get the cell sensitivity on these dermapatches right>

Capt_Xendra1: Oh fine I suppose... I see that the Doc even ran into Mr Cole here

HovVaj: !! that is a simple fix, O'Shay....for the right price...."

Lt__Xanatos ACTION: sits and watches the room

kyte: " i see we all have scars"

CWO_Cole: "Nothing good seems to have come from that whole ruptured conduit debacle..... the Raven vanished.. the other Putnam and Wildstar showed up an caused trouble... and stronger Borg led by Merrickus arrived..." shakes head a

PFC_O`Shay: !! a price?> chuckles !! what kind or price?>

CWO_Cole: "Yes she did Captain.... she threatened to have Omega drag me to sickbay if i didn't go quietl."

kyte: " yes but... we are not defeated yet"

Capt_Xendra1: Well things like that seem to follow our little group Cole

HovVaj: !! don't know if you can afford me...I like Earth gin....British gin....>

PFC_O`Shay: !! damn you're pricey?

PFC_O`Shay: >

HovVaj: !! well, I'm not the one in need....>

kyte: " i see we have alot of repairs to make to get us up and running again"

HovVaj ACTION: takes her special-made tiny little tricorder out and places it on the bar...punches coding in....

CWO_Cole ACTION looks around the room, sees Hov, Xan... the his gaze settles on alt Ellion

PFC_O`Shay: !! extortion...gin for dermapatches. I'm wondering how you knew to ask me for that specific tender>

Capt_Xendra1: Yes but fortunatly we caught a breif break... hopefullwe will be finished befor the next attack

HovVaj: !! I'm Vulcan, O'Shay...I know these things....>

ellion ACTION looks back at cole

CWO_Cole ACTION winces at kyts words...." Yes, we do. If the Major hadn't left I'm sure we would be in better shape."

Lt__Xanatos ACTION: walks over to Cole and hands him a PADD

CWO_Cole ACtION nods to Xan and looks over PADD

Capt_Xendra1: Cole you did wonderfully in my opinion

kyte: " yes... i hope we can defeat the borg the next time we meet

PFC_O`Shay: !! I believe I may have a small quantity of that item, Hov, I'll trade you one genuine martini with real onions for a repaired medical replicator>

kyte: " marcus... you did well"

CWO_Cole: "At least Merrick is back." hint of sarcasm can be heard

ellion ACTION eyes narrow

HovVaj: !! very real onions??? grown...NOT replicated???>

Lt__Xanatos: "A list of repairs and a duty roster, make sure these get delegated Cole..."

CWO_Cole: "No offense Captain, but I think you need to visit O'Shay again...."

Capt_Xendra1 ACTION: looks qizically at Cole after the last comment

kyte: "marcus... you did well"

PFC_O`Shay: !! real, pearly-white, multilayered, can see the texture on the skin, grown onions>

CWO_Cole: "Yes sir Lt.".... action downloads info into his own PADD

Capt_Xendra1: Cole you could have blown the whole ship up (laughs) but you didnt, things could have been worse

kyte: " care to join us Lt"

CWO_Cole: "Well, thank you Ellion. But i don't think I'm read for command yet."

HovVaj ACTion: GRUMBLES TO SELF; damn, I'm toooo easy....!! OK O'Shay...you bring the onions...consider your replicator reparied....>

CWO_Cole: "That would have pleased the Major to no end Captain."

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: cheers in sickbay!

Lt__Xanatos ACTION: sits down and looks around

HovVaj ACTION: orders another double martini...stirred not shaken...

kyte: " do not let your ego take from you what you have earned Marcus"

Lt__Xanatos: "How are you doing Kyte?"

CWO_Cole: "I've earned nthin. Anythanks should go to Delta Squadron and the other crew I got killed."

kyte: " the major could have done no better"

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: enters sickbay holding a small jar

Capt_Xendra1: The Major is hard onyou cause he wants you to be the best.... we did the same to him Dont worry

PFC_O`Shay: correction: enters lounge

kyte: " they gave their lives Marcus, you did not take them"

HovVaj ACTION: accepts jar from O'Shay...opens it...sniffs at contents...seems to be almost a religious experience....

Capt_Xendra1 ACTION: nods at Xanatos. "and how are you?"

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: grins...."I told you."

CWO_Cole: in a whisper "More names to my tally...."

HovVaj: "you win, O'Shay"....and touches one button on the odd tricorder..."your replicators are repaired"

ellion ACTION smiles to her self watching Hov'Vaj

Lt__Xanatos: "Doing fine Capt... was the meeting a success?"

Capt_Xendra1: Not yet.... but it will be. Those Cardassians are out though

CWO_Cole ACTION looks over atalt Kyte.... " Would you liketo join us, uh, Ellion i suppose."

kyte: " marcus... should i review all the names on my "tally" then yours would not seem so big"

HovVaj ACTION: digs out one tiny onion out of jar with two fingers....dips it in martini...and pops it in her mouth...a broad smile appears on the Vulcan face...

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: eyes tricorder suspiciously....."Did you sabotage my replicator because you knew I had martini ingredients hidden away?"

CWO_Cole: snorts "Cardassians..... You can trust Romulans more than Cardys....which isn't saying much."

Capt_Xendra1: Mr Cole.... would you like to see my tally sheet? I am sure I can easily overshadow you. I keep the list to remind me why we must keep fighting.... till the end

ellion: " join you? i do not know any of you, except the Ensign over there"

Lt__Xanatos: "Trust... a VERY big word... " (trails off)

HovVaj ACTION: pauses to chew the onion carefully..."not at all...I just knew how to ask the replicator what it's problem was...."

CWO_Cole: low voice "Friendly sort isn't she?"

kyte ACTION looks at her other self

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: laughs..."so you speak replicator, too?"

kyte: " humm yes

CWO_Cole: "Tell me Captain, do you have a fiance and an adoptive father on your tally????"

HovVaj ACTION: garners another onion from jar: "such a binary language, O'Shay...doens't everyone?"

Capt_Xendra1: I wasnt sure I could work with them at all... and they proved me right. They have taken this opptunity to attack the Klingon borders

ellion ACTION walks over towards the group

PFC_O`Shay: "Honestly? No...and if those are the kinds of sweet nothings you talk on a date, we need to get you into the holosuite for practice"

ellion: " well my "tally" includes my mother father brother.." looks at Xanatos.." and many more care to compare sheet?!"

Lt__Xanatos ACTION: watches Ellion

CWO_Cole: "If we could only get enough resources together to help the Klingons. They are definately a farcry from Rommies or Cardies."

HovVaj ACTION: raises an eyebrow to O'Shay..."date? elaborate?"

PFC_O`Shay: "You know, 'date,' two people out for purposes of NOT discussing work or war with the Borg"

kyte: "/me ACTION looks at ellion...." well the klingons at least try to be honorable"

Lt__Xanatos: "Ellion, as you can see, I'm nothing like my counterpart you encountered..."

CWO_Cole ACTION rotates right shoulder aroudin a small circle, wincing slightly

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: raises and eyebrow at Cole..."Do you need my attention again, Chief?"

ellion: " i killed you... so you matter not to me...."

ellion: " i dont like your type!"

HovVaj ACTION: dunks half a dozen onions in the martini befor her: "not in my culture, O'Shay...as they say on Earth: that does not compute..."

CWO_Cole: "Try being the operative word....."

CWO_Cole: "No thanks O'Shay. Just felt a little stiff is all."

Lt__Xanatos: "Ellion, for someone of such power, you are so narrow minded..."

kyte: " marcus.. you should go see O'Sahy about that shoulder"

CWO_Cole: "It's fine. She's done enough. There are others worse off than me."

ellion ACTION looks at xanatos.." it is not my mind that is narrow, it is my heart"

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: leans in close to Hov and whispers..."your VULCAN culture, maybe..."

Lt__Xanatos: "A narrow mind leads to the narrow heart..."

HovVaj: "don't you forget it...."

ellion: " in my universe, Lt... your ppl have no heart"

Lt__Xanatos: "This isn't YOUR universe, welcome to OUR hiome..."

CWO_Cole ACTION squints left ee slightly, pulls out his PADD, types in a few commands and then adds a few lines into a program, reencrypts it and puts PADD away

kyte ACTION looks at Ellion

ellion: " yes i see your "home" does not fair so well now either... how long before your ppl turn toward the victors as they did in my universe"

Lt__Xanatos: "Now that's what you have wrong... we may be cyber, but we are DEFINITELY not Borg..."

ellion: " yes and in my universe that is why your ppl crawled on their knees to the borg, they called it kinship!!!"

CWO_Cole ACTION listens to debate and finds his eyes drifting to both Ellions faces

Lt__Xanatos: "Kin are flesh and blood, not implants and nanites... big difference"

HovVaj ACTION: turns away from O'Shay...she can hear the conversation between Ellion and Kyte

CWO_Cole: "People are different between the universes.... drastic all so sometimes. Don't let it effect how you treat us ased on your universe."

ellion: " that is waht drew your ppl to the borg Lt..."

Omega_Prime_1 ACTION rolls into the bar, and pauses as he sees Ellion.

kyte ACTION leans back in her seat listening to her other self speak

Omega_Prime_1 ACTION leaves the bar.

Lt__Xanatos: "NO, that's what drew YOUR universes Tantrians to the Borg... not us.. we will NEVER give in..." (leans back in chair)

ellion ACTION her eyes flaring, glares at cole

Capt_Xendra ACTION: listnes intently, studying Ellion and her bitterness

CWO_Cole ACTION performs a inor surface emathic scan of ppl in room, to get general feel of how everyone is.... uh, feeling

ellion: " no never give in... your ppl just took and took and took..."

CWO_Cole ACTION meets alt Ellions gaze

CWO_Cole: "For example, Cartwright, Putnam, Wildstar..... even Merrick."

Lt__Xanatos: "You got that wrong.. those weren't MY people, they were from YOUR universe, which seems to be where the problem came from in the first place..."

HovVaj ACTION: shakes head at what she hears..and orders another martini

Capt_Xendra1: OK OK thats enough ppl... Ellion obviously this Xanatos is not YOUR Xanatos. He is a good officer, and his people are noble and I am sure that I can say the same for people in you r universe as well.

ellion: " whatever the universe, it is with in you to do the things the creiten i killed did..."

ellion ACTION glares at Cpatian merrick

Lt__Xanatos: "and it is within YOU to have an open mind like our Kyte... you chose not to... which is your CHOICE, not predisposition..."

kyte ACTION starts to stand, but has to grab a chair to keep from falling down

Capt_Xendra ACTION: raises a eyebrow

CWO_Cole ACTION half rises tograb Kyte

Capt_Xendra1: You Ok Kyte?

ellion: " you do not understand... what the borg will take from you!!! and you are letting them!!"

Lt__Xanatos ACTION: turns to Kyte

CWO_Cole: "We let the Borg do nothing. They do it on their own."

kyte: " yes i... am fine Marcus...... Ellion. odd to talk to ones self... please calm your self"

Lt__Xanatos: (said dryly) "It seems YOU couldn't stop them from taking your family... did YOU let the Borg take them?"

Capt_Xendra1: I understand completely, they have taken my home my loved ones, my ships my crew and more...

CWO_Cole: "We fight them tooth and nail yet we still lose ground. So i don't want to hear this 'letting them' crap!"

ellion: " you must crush them with out mercy, no matter the cost!!"

Capt_Xendra1: No we have to survive.... no matter the cost

CWO_Cole: "Destruction without regard for life Ellion? Sounds like the Borg to me...."

HovVaj ACTION: speaks to her martini glass: crush the borg....sure...everyday, twice on Sundays...

ellion ACRTION turns to cole..." you who not ten minutes ago stood there crying about how you lost ppl under your command... have no right to ..." ellion looks at kyte

kyte: " enough... you should not be so angry Ellion"

CWO_Cole: "I regret their deaths.... you would have me not care. That would make me no better than a drone. "

HovVaj ACTION: spins around on barstool..."Enough Cole!!! Your foot is in your mouth again

CWO_Cole: "I've almost been there once. And I don't want to experience it again."

HovVaj: "Show me a borg that wanted to be a borg....and I'll show you one of my onions dancing!!!!"

CWO_Cole ACTION looks over at Hov... "What the Hell are you talking about?"

ellion ACTION closes her eyes..." anger is all i have left..." turns away and walks toward the viewport

Capt_Xendra ACTION: looks startled at HovVajs remark

HovVaj: "Show of hands....who wants to be a borg???"

kyte: " who indeed Ensign"

Lt__Xanatos: "I've almost been there, and I don't think the Captain enjoyed being kidnapped because of it..." (lowers head)

Omega_Prime_1 ACTION rolls back into the bar..and tries to blend in...which is somewhat difficult for a seven foot tal rolling arsenal.

HovVaj: "I'm tired of people forgetting that every borg was once some poor soul that was captured....."

Capt_Xendra1: xan... that was long ago... Forget it

kyte: " to not think, to have no worries, never want for anything..."

HovVaj: "more so ....forgetting all of us who tried to stop that..." gulps her martini

CWO_Cole: "I killed people I loved, and still do, because I didn't want them to end up as souless drones. Don't think you need to remind me of that Hov."

kyte: " to forget home, family, friends, children, to lose one sense of idenity..." kyte whispers

kyte: " can we not recover those who we have lost?"

Omega_Prime_1 ACTION watches as Hov fall passes out.

CWO_Cole: "Not always El, not always."

Lt__Xanatos: "We can... but time is a commodity we do not have at the moment..."

ellion: " the borg cooerse them with power... so much power... thats how they got Merrick...." her voice soft

CWO_Cole: "Hmmphh.... sounds like our Cartwight. He would have all but given the Borg the Federation for enough power."

kyte: " yes"

CWO_Cole: "Dispite his faults our Merrick wouldn't join them for power."

Lt__Xanatos ACTION: growls at the mention of Cartwright

ellion: " wouldn't he... i wonder..."

kyte ACTION looks at ellion

Lt__Xanatos ACTION: slams his fist on the table

Lt__Xanatos ACTION: points to Ellion

CWO_Cole ACTION looks a Xan

Lt__Xanatos: "Don't you DARE speak of people you know NOTHING about!!!"

ellion: " yes Blue borg boy!"

ellion: " know nothing!!! if you ONLY knew..."

Omega_Prime_1 ACTION would have raised an eyebrow, if he had any.

Lt__Xanatos: "That is Xanatos... Ellion..."

CWO_Cole: shakes head "He isn't Borg damnit Ellion."

ellion: " yeh... and what will you do if i dont call you anything?!!"

Lt__Xanatos: "I'd be better off without the inconvenience of your ignorance..."

CWO_Cole ACTION settles in his seat, absently rubbing right shoulder again

ellion: " and this universe would be better off with out the inconveinece of your life..." ellion growls

Lt__Xanatos: "YOU seem to be the inconvenience here, not I..."

CWO_Cole ACTION looks at alt Kyte... "THAT is uncalled for ellion. He is nt the Xanatos you knew. They are completely diferent."

kyte: " enough!!!"

Lt__Xanatos: "Cole, it's alright.. she's showing her TRUE colors... let her be ignorant..."

kyte: " both of you....we need to work together here"

CWO_Cole: "She isn't ignorant Lt. She just seems too set in her way."

ellion action a turns away again

kyte ACTION stands gripping the chair back. " stop this... we can not have a house divided!!"

CWO_Cole ACTION rubs eyes with left hand

Lt__Xanatos: "Ellion... you willing to help fight the Borg, or continue in your set ways that will be the death of ALL of us?"

CWO_Cole: "Divided? Seems shattered to me."

kyte: ' are you well Marcus?"

CWO_Cole: "I'm fine El. Too much too soon. I'll deal. Don't you worry."

ellion: " i will anialate the borg Blue boy... thats more than you have done!!"

CWO_Cole: "Don't even say such things Ellion. Especially after I said you weren't ignorant."

kyte: " ellion, please help me to my quarters..." looks at the Lt and Marcus....

Lt__Xanatos: "Go ahead, PROVE your ignorance!!!"

CWO_Cole: "We've destroyed huge numbers of Borg. There's just so damned many of them."

CWO_Cole ACTION looks at Kyte, concerned

ellion: " oh joy.. i will have to see that once and futrue borg king..." ellion reaches for kytes arm

ellion: " proof... i need no proof of what you are Lt... you seem to emit it everywhere you go..."

Lt__Xanatos: "And what would that be? I look at you and see potential lost..."

CWO_Cole: "Do you do this with everyone Ellion? Or are we just lucky? Push people away dispite their intentions I mean?"

ellion: " you see little beyond your eyes Lt... look again one day with out the blindrs..." ellion helps kyte toward the doors

CWO_Cole: "I'll talk to you later El. Get some rest."

Lt__Xanatos: "I look and all I see are words of hate from you... hope you come to your senses..."

Lt__Xanatos: "Be safe Kyte..."

kyte WHISPERS to cole... she like i... was a spy... think out side the box Marcus..."

CWO_Cole ACTION thinks about what Kyte said

kyte: " was it nessecary to anger them?" quietly to ellion as they walk away

CWO_Cole: as the ladys walk away... "Lt., calm down and have a seat."

ellion ACTION laughs as they walk away

Lt__Xanatos: "I've been trying to Cole.. she just insulted my entire race... not something I take lightly..."

CWO_Cole ACTION pulls out PADD and goes through the duty roster

CWO_Cole: "C'mon, don't let it get to you. I insult my race all the time. She just needs to adjust to a universe where your race didn't sell out to the Borg. Give her time."


-------END SIM-------END SIM-------