(sim already progress)

_kyte_: would i win?....[grinning]

_kyte_ kicks rum away from xan

Lt_Xanatos frowns

Lt_Xanatos: "That was from my late father..."

Lt_Xanatos retrieves the bottle

_kyte_: " and this is from me..." kyte punches xan in the solor plexus

Lt_Xanatos looks at it, lost in thought

_kyte_: points " look latin"

PFC_O`Shay: as opposed to looking Greek?

Lt_Xanatos flinches and looks off into the distance

HovVaj: it´s all Etruscan to me....

_kyte_: well those geeks er.. greeks are kind of wimpy

PFC_O`Shay: lol...really, walking around wearing snoopy sheets and everything

_kyte_: lol

_kyte_: " you ok LT?"

Lt_Xanatos sits at a table and sets the bottle down

Lt_Xanatos: "Kyte, I ever tell you about how I lost my leg?"

_kyte_: " we all lose people Lt"

_kyte_: " no Lt you haven't"

Lt_Xanatos: "It was during the great Battle of Klastor..."

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: sits down at the table and listens

HovVaj: sits next to O"Shay and listens to the story

_kyte_: " a furious battle Lt?"

Lt_Xanatos: "It was a war that shouldn´t have been, but we were warriors, so it was our calling..."

_kyte_: " yes.. go on"

Lt_Xanatos: "Well, it came down to a ground battle..."

_kyte_: " such thing often do"

Lt_Xanatos: "The outsiders had decided they could take on our planet with no problem..."

Lt_Xanatos: "They did not know what a proud race we were, we would go to the ends to save our homeworld..."

_kyte_ sits, barrows O'Shay's med kit, listens

Lt_Xanatos: "...and we did... some further than others..."

_kyte_: " it does not sound pleasent Lt" kyte uses med kit on herself and xan

Lt_Xanatos: "I was Todoron... or as you say, first officer of our ship..."

Lt_Xanatos: "Thank you Kyte..." (manages a smile)

Lt_Xanatos: "I was one of the first on the ground, and the last to leave..."

_kyte_ nods hands kit back to O'Shay

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: assists Kyte, handing necessary topicals

HovVaj 3 ACTION: sits quietly, listening....but gaze indicates she is lost in thought

_kyte_: " thank youDoctor" listens to XAn again

Lt_Xanatos: "We landed and were shocked at what we saw..."

Lt_Xanatos: "We were outnumbered, not by a small margin... we were outnumbered 10 to 1..."

_kyte_: " what did you see?"

Lt_Xanatos: "But we had heart, we had courage and we were fighting for our homes and families..."

_kyte_: " yes a powerful motivator"

Lt_Xanatos: "Gaarthol was smiling upon us that day, I remember it so well..."

Lt_Xanatos: "I can still smell the sulfur in the air, the heat from the fires, the smoke in my eyes..."

Lt_Xanatos: "They were burining everything in site..."

_kyte_: " battles are never pretty things Lt"

Lt_Xanatos looks at the bottle again

Lt_Xanatos: "But we had a calling, and were trained for such things..."

_kyte_: " we fight... we go on... till we can not"

Lt_Xanatos: "We fought like a machine, we hardly suffered any loss at first..."

Lt_Xanatos: "...but then came the waves, you cannot stop the waves..."

_kyte_ closes her eyes

Lt_Xanatos: "Kyte, you ever been pinned against a wall, only to have the wall turn against you?"

HovVaj 3 stares into space....glassy-eyed....

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: rests her chin on her hand, listening

_kyte_: " yes Lt" kyte looks away...

Lt_Xanatos: "Our own brothers had betrayed us... they took up arms against us from within our own ranks... guys I´ve known my whole life, now reduced to bandits for hire..."

Lt_Xanatos: "Our reinforcements were not due in until the morning, so we had to retreat..."

_kyte_: " power currupts...." kyte again closes her eyes.." battles are often windows to our true selves"

Lt_Xanatos: "The Doron, what you would call the Captain, insisted on being on the ground, despite my objection...."

Lt_Xanatos: "I was calling our men back to the ships... the Doron insisted once again that he be the last to leave..."

_kyte_: " as is his right LT"

Lt_Xanatos: "All of a sudden a grende hit beside him... I tried to help... but... but..." (trails off)

Lt_Xanatos looks at the bottle again

_kyte_: " he was your father?

Lt_Xanatos: "I put him on my shoulders and was carrying him back to the ship when another grenade went of near us again..."

HovVaj 3 stares off,,,,and quietly says: the wars,,,,the enemies our generation has seen, has shaped us...all...some gave up limbs....some gave up souls....

Lt_Xanatos: "The Doron died, I lost my leg with the second blast... but I continued to drag myself and the Doron to the ship..."

HovVaj 3 stands and crosses room to punching bag....begins to pound on in with suprising force

Lt_Xanatos: "Yes... the Doron was my father..."

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: watches Hov, startled

_kyte_ face is a silent mask.

Lt_Xanatos: "We redeemed ourselves the following day... I was offered command of the ship, but it wasn't mine... it was his, even still..."

_kyte_: " we have all lost important parts of ourselves Lt... these times make one become true to ones self"

Lt_Xanatos: "I went on a vision quest, to seek out Gaarthol and ask why my path had turned this way..."

_kyte_: " and the fleet, and this crew... and I am greatfull Lt"

HovVaj 3 ACTION: alternates kicks and punches on bag....making it dance on its moorings

Lt_Xanatos: "I only returned a few short months later to find the Borg had taken advantage of our weakened state... I lost many a friend and family member... and I was not there to do anything..." (trails off)

Lt_Xanatos takes a drink from the bottle and passes it to Kyte

_kyte_: " but Lt... had you been there you would now be one of the many mostly dead"

Lt_Xanatos: "I try to tell myself that, but ........."

_kyte_ takes the bottle, sips it hands it back

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: walks behind Hov and watches her tatter the punching bag

_kyte_: " deal with what we can.. accept that which we can not Lt"

_kyte_ watches the Ensign

HovVaj 3 punching, kicking in blind fury

Lt_Xanatos: "And I have... that's why I am here with you now, and not back home... I am better to serve where I'm most needed and that is out here where the Borg threat is at its greatest..."

_kyte_: " Ensign... care to get it off your chest?"

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: says softly, "Ensign, where is the Kolinaru?"

Lt_Xanatos WHISPERS to Kyte: "I thought Vulcans had no emotions..."

HovVaj 3stumbles in a kick and falls to floor......

_kyte_: " i am told Lt, that they have emotions, they just chose not to acknowledge them"

PFC_O`Shay ACTIONS: knees on the floor next to her comrade

HovVaj 3looks up at O´Shay with rage in her eyes......"the kolinaur got called back to service.... my kind can never step down....

_kyte_: " you do not wish to be here Ensign?"

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: looks up at the bag, sagging and torn...this would not seem to be stepping down, would it?

Lt_Xanatos walks over to HovVaj and hands her his bottle, "Take a drink, it will calm your nerves..."

HovVaj: "I''m not here by free choice, Ma'am....no offense intenede".....takes a very long drink from bottle....

Lt_Xanatos smiles

_kyte_: " where then would you be? Vulcan is no more..."

HovVaj: "And I am truly no longer Vulcan......like the Lt here.....the things we were called to do...."

_kyte_ looks pensive

_kyte_: " did you not save lives? cause a better existance for many?"

HovVaj: "the needs of the many......that is a good myth....as long as you are fortunate enough to not survive doing what must be done"

PFC_O`Shay: "You blur the lines of responsibilty and duty. It is your responsibility to serve, it is your duty to follow the Kolinar. You know this, so why do you let it tear at you?"

HovVaj: "and when those duties and those philosophies are in opposition......? When does one out weight the other?"

_kyte_: " survival... it is all we can do Ensign. IF not for those of us who survie to fight again then there would be no more us!"

HovVaj: "Survival is a good concept, for the younger ones....those who know no else.....many of us remember life

_kyte_: " how many of those who do not have you skill and talents are here today to stave off those who would conquore us?"

PFC_O`Shay: "They are in opposition if you try to force them both to serve you at the same time. One supports the other if you will let it, but you apply them as the situation dictates."

HovVaj: "the Lt here, is a prime example of that....such senseless waste!"

_kyte_: " i think not the Lt a waste... how many more lives has he saved"

HovVaj: "that is a human point of view, Doc.....that is partly why I have studied human philosophies so carefully..."

_kyte_: " would thee sit back and let those who know us not rule you?"

HovVaj: "as opposed to us enslaving ourselves....?"

Lt_Xanatos: "Fighting for ones freedom is not a fight in vain, and such was the plight of my people..."

_kyte_: " i would rule myself than have the borg rule my mind Ensign....I am who I am. and no amout of brain manipulation will take away my own self!"

PFC_O`Shay: "There are things we have learned from Vulcans, things Vulcans can learn from us. There are time when you function better as a sphere, without seams, and times when you function better as a prism, keeping your facets distinct. You are choose a shape that doesn´t fit you right now."

_kyte_ sits back and studies the Vulcan

HovVaj 3 grins warmly at O'Shay......."truer words never spoken....I serve, I do my duty...for doing so I am punished by the service and by own people! true! what WOULD fit??"

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: grabs the Lt. bottle and smiles..."this??"

HovVaj 3 grabs bottle from O´shay......takes another long drink......then laughs...."no....bloodwine had a better kick!"

Lt_Xanatos grins

_kyte_ leans back and watches, listens

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: takes the bottle, drinks a long draught and hands it back to the Lt...horrible stuff, sir!

Lt_Xanatos: "Hov, you're gonna regret such long drinks in about 6 hours.. it has a LONG and SLOW reaction time..."

Lt_Xanatos takes the bottle and drinks

HovVaj: "my physiology is different from yours, Lt"

Lt_Xanatos laughs

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: glances down at the Ensign´s hands, notes the scratched and bleedings knuckles, then looks again much harder

Lt_Xanatos: "You should have seen a Vulcan Ambassador that visited the homeworld... truly a sight!!!"

HovVaj 3 ACTION: pulls hands away from O'Shay's inspection

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: blinks at the Vulcan

HovVaj 3 ACTION...stands goes to replicator....."I can imagine, Lt"

_kyte_: " Ensign?"

HovVaj: "Ma'am?"

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: stands, feels alcohol kick in, staggers

_kyte_: " something about your hands you do not wish us to know?"

HovVaj 3 laughs at O´shay......ignores Kytes question.....punches in codes into replicator

Lt_Xanatos: "Private, let's make it a noon rise, I feel a headache coming on..." (laughs)

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: falls on the Lt..."huh?"

_kyte_: " very wellEnsign.. Mine is not to question you..., but know this... all things revael them selves in time.."

Lt_Xanatos: "Whoa... you just come in to duty whenever you feel up to it, ok O'Shay?"

HovVaj 3 takes caraf of bloodwine from replicator....offers it to Xan "now this stuff will warm your hearts....."

PFC_O`Shay: "anfhht waamuuu anfs shmee"

_kyte_: " i have no heart to warm Ensign..." kyte rises and walks toward the work out bag

HovVaj: "that will be serveral days from now...."

Lt_Xanatos stares at Hov, seeing 4 hands and 4 carafs of bloodwine

Lt_Xanatos: "Ugh..."

HovVaj: "it fills that empty space most of us have, kyte...." offers Kyte the wine....

_kyte_: " no thank you Ensign... bloodwine is not a thing i indulge in.."

_kyte_: " to many years watching Klingons spill it everywhere" kyte laughs

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: staggers over to viewport, looks out at the stars

Lt_Xanatos chuckles then grabs his head

HovVaj: "that is why it is socially approprite to serve such large portions....."

_kyte_: " and the smell of three day old bloodwine is.. shall we say rank.." she makes a face

HovVaj: "i understand.....I was merely being polite...." walks to viewport....sipping the wine...

Lt_Xanatos: "Well ladies, it's time for me to call it a day..."

_kyte_ raises her eyebrows... then continues to work out , leaving the bag for a kantra

_kyte_: " good day then Lt"

PFC_O`Shay: Goodnight Lt!

HovVaj 3 wiping blood off back of hand....."Goodnite lt!"

Lt_Xanatos: "Goodnight..." (smiles)

_kyte_: " do you need an escort?" kyte smiles to herself

Lt_Xanatos: "Dunno, I'm AM seeing 2 hallways..."

HovVaj 3laughs

PFC_O`Shay sees 600 gazillion stars

_kyte_: " just do not sleep in one Lt"

HovVaj 3steadys O'Shay.....who is weaving and dodging stars.....

_kyte_: " we have rules about vagantcies..." she laughs out loud

Lt_Xanatos: "I'll try to make it back to my quarters Kyte..."

PFC_O`Shay: woohoo!! pretty!

HovVaj 3 laughs...."Lt BagLady!"

_kyte_ taps her com talks quietly, then turns to xan.." reese will see you to your quarters Lt"

PFC_O`Shay pokes at the viewport, trying to count the stars...5...6...7...99..1013...2...4...."

_kyte_: " O´Shay... you missed 27.."

Lt_Xanatos: "Thank you Kyte, he wont let me live this down for awhile..."

HovVaj: "please don't try to name them, Doc"