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Ellion: T'VREK sits steadfastly staring at the Captain

General_Kurn ACTION: Stalks room like a caged animal

Capt_Xendra: So.... what will it take?

General_Kurn ACTION: Glares at Xendra

Ellion: T'VERK " you have yet to tell me your plan"

General_Kurn: " You wish me to ...ally with these traitorous P'YAH again...after they turned on you with Cartwright!!!?"

Capt_Xendra ACTION: sits back quietly at the haed of the table


Capt_Xendra: General.... you lnow as well as I do we have to work together

Ellion: T'VERK nods, looks at the Captain of the Raven-A

General_Kurn: " BAH!!... These coniving scum will feed us to the Borg and eat the scraps!...They care nothing for any others than themselves!"

Capt_Xendra: T'Verk... The plan is simple. Take back Earth

Ellion: T'VERK " you need us Klingon"

Ellion: T'VERK " and what will we get?"

General_Kurn: " I need nothing from a P'TAH like you T'Verk!!.....I will fight and die with honor!"

Capt_Xendra: That T'Verk is is still questionable

General_Kurn: " You will die like the targ you are"

Capt_Xendra: General.... please (looks at Kurn despretly)

General_Kurn ACTION: Roars with outrage and throws a chair into viewport

General_Kurn: " How can you ask these scum for help?!!"

Capt_Xendra: I require alot from whoever we ally with I am willier what I can

T'VERK " i have been given premission to agree...provided..."

Capt_Xendra: will offer

Ellion: T'VERK looks at the Klingon

General_Kurn: " These ROMULANS will rob you like thieves in the night!....I require nothing more than the glory of an honorable battle!"

Capt_Xendra: General The federation and the Klingons cannot do this alone.... and just between us I trust the Romulns more than the others

Ellion: T'VERK " we will take nothing less than those world which were stolen from us....along the Neutral zone"

Capt_Xendra ACTION: goes to replicator and gets coffee.... this WIL take awhile

General_Kurn: " Trust and Romulan are two words that are never synonomous

Ellion: T'VERK " that is our offer.. nothing les!!"


General_Kurn ACTION: Turns and paces room again....scratching beard ...thinking

Capt_Xendra ACTION looks at T'verk surprised then sits down nonchalantly

Capt_Xendra: I am not prepared to give that at this time.... but maybe a comprimise?

Ellion: T'VERK " we must bring something out of this you understand Captain... "


Major_Duffy ACTION : Thinking to self...muttering as he descends the corridor

Major_Duffy: " Come back to find Merrick back, my ship in shambles, ANOTHER Kyte aboard...as one wasn't enough....what else could go wrong?"

Major_Duffy: " Only thing else I can think of is that punk Reese shows up"

Major_Duffy ACTION: Stops and stretches.....

Major_Duffy: " Man my head is killin me"

Major_Duffy ACTION: Cracks neck

Major_Duffy ACTION : continues walking and muttering to self

Major_Duffy: " Now I have to go conference with Merrick.....and it seems like a aze these last few days.....I dont remember half of what went on"

ACTION: Two People emerge from a room up ahead

Major_Duffy ACTION: Approaches Merrick's quarters

Major_Duffy: " What's that?"

ACTION: Duffy can see it is Kyte and Merrick in an embrace

Adm_Merrick: " Well you go along and play with those Marines now hon"

Major_Duffy: " Great...just friggin great....I think I'm gonna be sick"

Adm_Merrick says as he smiles

Adm_Merrick Kisses Kyte again

kyte: " play?" kyte looks at merrick with raised eyebrows

Major_Duffy ACTION: Leans against wall and waits for couple to finish their encounter

Adm_Merrick: " Play, train samething"

Major_Duffy ACTION: Lights a cigar....mutters " SInce O'Shay aint around"

Adm_Merrick looks down the corridor as he spots Duffy

kyte smiles shakes her head" and you go make maps ok"

Adm_Merrick: " Major, glad you could make it on short notice."

Major_Duffy: " Yeah yeah....what else could I possibly be doing....other than recouperating and seeing that my ship gets repaired"

Adm_Merrick: "I sure will hon...... Now run alog and have fun" !! laughs>

kyte ACTIONglances at Duffy, nods

Major_Duffy ACTION: Smiles at Kyte

Adm_Merrick: " Come in side Duffy, we have a lot to do"

Major_Duffy ACTION: Waves hand for Merrick tolead the way

Adm_Merrick Walks inside his quarters , padds and maps are layed out everywhere..... its the Admirals way of filing things

Adm_Merrick: " Hows the head?"

Major_Duffy: " Nice set up...your about as organized as I am"

Adm_Merrick goes to the replicator to get some coffee

Major_Duffy: " Its ok...you know me....tougher than $2 steak"

Adm_Merrick: " Have you had a chance to look over the latest Intel?"

Major_Duffy: " Briefly.....you know Doctor's...they think they know whats good for you....and I have just barely gotten away"

Adm_Merrick turns on holographic dsplay shwing Earth

Major_Duffy: " This looks to be another helluva fight"

Adm_Merrick: " We still dont have a clue as to what the satellites are"

Adm_Merrick: " You got that right, we got our work cut out for ourselves"

Major_Duffy: " Well lets send some recon teams to find out...I got people willing to go"

Adm_Merrick: " Unforunaltely we cant risk that"

Major_Duffy: " Yeah I say we find a way to annihalte them this time...so we dont have to see their ugly robotic faces ever again!...errrr No offence"

Adm_Merrick: " Think about our surprise value if those men were to get captured"

Major_Duffy: " Yeah ...that's true.....you have any other ideas about finding out what they are?"

Adm_Merrick Looks at Dffy

Adm_Merrick: " Ya the only one..... when the fleet shows up for battle.... thats the only possible way at this point"

Major_Duffy: " Anyway.....I hear you are having Xen make alliances with the Rommies....maybe we can use them to find out"

Adm_Merrick: " No can do...... its the suprise value im dealing with here.... i want that Merikus to crap his pants when he see's us comin"

Adm_Merrick takes a sip of his coffee

Major_Duffy: " I don't like rushing in not knowing what we're facing...ahhh what the hell am I saying...I love facing the unknown.....more fun that way!"

Adm_Merrick: " Now were on the same page

Adm_Merrick smiles

Major_Duffy: " I think Merrikus will crao his pants at the sight of you.........or at least totally confuse him"

Adm_Merrick: " We might just be able to use that to our advantage"

Major_Duffy: " He will see what he was...and what he could still be if he hadnt given himself over to the Borg"

Adm_Merrick: " But enough about Rikki..... hows the Marines holding up?"

Major_Duffy: " We could probably also use Ellion to our advantage...I mean she is like Kyte to the 10th power right?...or at least thats what I have heard from Raven crew....."

Adm_Merrick: " I havent seen her since we got back her to tell ya the truth"

Major_Duffy: " Marines are toiugh as nails....we always survive....some are worse off than others...but they pulled through"

Adm_Merrick: " Good to hear"

Major_Duffy: " I am proud of those roughneck bastards....and the women too"

Adm_Merrick Sits down at table and starts to look over the massive amounts of data

Adm_Merrick: " On a personal note Major....."

Major_Duffy ACTION: Looks to Merrick

Adm_Merrick: " Me and you have to set aside out personal differences at this time for the sake of this mission, understand?"

Major_Duffy: " Completely"

Adm_Merrick: " If we cant work together...... this all fails"

Major_Duffy: " It's time we put it behind us anyway....I moved on...maybe it was that blow to the head....musta been...hahhahah"


Lt_Xanatos: "I think the research your scientists did is going to be useful..."

Omega_Prime_: "Okay you two..any ideas?"

HovVaj ACTION: is rapidly entering data into the computer

Lt_Xanatos: "Yes, I looked over the data on the Omega particle... very interesting..."

HovVaj: "As soon as I finish deciphering the encripted portions of your data, Omega, I can be sure that my ideas hold merit"

Omega_Prime_: "And wich idea would that be?"

Lt_Xanatos: "Yes Ensign, what have yoiu come up with?"

HovVaj: "The Omega Particle project was not wholly accepted by the scientific community....some portions of it were...well, Science Fiction...

Lt_Xanatos: "Maybe so, but Omega's scientists found a synthetic Omega particle that stayed stable for an extended period of time..."

HovVaj: "But if we combine the theories and known factors of the Omega project with some of the more sensative projects that were carried out during the war...we may be on to a new definition of the big bang....."

Omega_Prime_: "YEs, put remeber...it's not a real Omega Particle that we are dealing with..it's a synthetic particle."

HovVaj: "Exactly....even though "educated" science says a synthetic omega particler cannot exist...like bumblebees

Omega_Prime_ ACTION looks over to Xanotos.

Omega_Prime_: "Bumblebees?"

Lt_Xanatos: "Hov, what the hell are you talking about?"

HovVaj: "Scientifically speaking, Omega Prime cannot exist....therefore, the possibilities of endless power are astronomical!"

Lt_Xanatos: "I'm with you Prime... the synthetic particle seems our best route..."

Omega_Prime_: "I can't exsist?"

Lt_Xanatos: "Hov, are you alright?"

HovVaj: "it is a scientific metaphor, Prime.....just like one cannot mathematically prove that bumblebees can fly"

Lt_Xanatos: "This synthetic particle CAN exist.. the data is all here Ensign..."

HovVaj: "Ahhh....the data I wanted.....hummmm...you are not as synthetic as you think you are, Prime..."

HovVaj: "This is excellent....we can create a highly effective weapon of mass destruction....or we'll blow you up, Prime..."

Lt_Xanatos: "Omega, how are you coming with the Collective link disruptor?"

Omega_Prime_: "The Subspace Jammer is posible."

Lt_Xanatos: "The theory is there, can you incorporate it into the Glory and Raven deflector dishes?"

HovVaj: "Omega....were you ever programmed to emit supra-sonic pulses...not waves...but pulses?

Omega_Prime_: "But I'd have to have a Borg Central Node to find the right frequency...and no...the Jammer would have to be a free standing unit."

Omega_Prime_: "No Hov..I'm a battle droid,,not a boom box."

Lt_Xanatos: "Well, think we can find one in al that Borg wreckage out there?"

Omega_Prime_: "I do not know.....but it would'nt hurt anything to check it out."

HovVaj: "A supra-sonic wave is an impulse wave...much like a high powered laser...are you not familiar with your own technology?"

Lt_Xanatos: "I'll get a crew on it immediately..."

Lt_Xanatos ACTION: looks oddly at the Ensign

Omega_Prime_: "I am not equiped with lasers. Phasers and disrupters, yes. Lasers, no."

HovVaj: "The point is....Phasers are a type of Laser...a very controlled laser...the capabilites are there, if the software is in place..."

Lt_Xanatos: "Explain Ensign..."

Lt_Xanatos: "Anyways... reviewing the data, what would be the best use of the synthetic particle weapon-wise?"

HovVaj: "Obviously, I'd be better off asking the encripted data...but that would take days to crack all the codes first......but a supra-sonic wave generating the Omega Particle would, in terms you can understand....blow up the cube..."


CWO_Cole ACTION looks over at the crowd ofrecruits, of varied races, wondering how the heck to train them in time for the troubles head

kyte ACTION is shaking her head and trying to get a young recruit to hold his hands up correctly

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: preps practice gear

kyte: " marcus... we neeed a plan here..."

CWO_Cole ACTION is shwing a group of recruits some basic combat maneuvers

ACTION: A recruits gives out a battle cry as he runs up the holographic ramp, jumps in the air, reches the rope..... missing he falls into a mud pit

kyte: " merrick could call us up at anytime!"

CWO_Cole: "Tell me about it El."

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: shakes her head

kyte ACTION walks over to the mud pit..." well? what were you doing?"

ACTION: Anther recruits looks at his Phaser Rifle the wrong way

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: stuns the recruit in the mud with a mild phaser..."You're dead now. Try again."

CWO_Cole: "Ok... you keep practicing those moves for a bit. " to group of recruits

kyte: " TWO HANDS there MISTER!!" kyte shouts at one recuit

CWO_Cole: (to wrong way recruit)" Son, you keep that up I'll be writing your momma in no tme."

Adm_Merrick " Mister Cole!" a recruits yells pointing the rifle at Cole mistakenly

kyte ACTION walks over to two more recruits and swings at them

CWO_Cole ACTION sidesteps and advances on the recruit


PFC_O`Shay ACTION: hands a pair of recruits an containment system.."I want a class two field here...You have 30 seconds"...and begins timing

CWO_Cole ACTION snatches the rifle away.... "What the Hell are you doing??"

Adm_Merrick The erect a force field but something wrong in there calculations as the field has a cascde effect and explodes outward

kyte: " COLE!! take half and train them on weapons...."

PFC_O`Shay: "DOWN!"

CWO_Cole ACTION engages safety of rifle and glares at the recruit

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: ducks as the field erupts

kyte: " O'Shay... take as many as you can and get their butts in gear!!!'

CWO_Cole ACTION dives away from blast, taking recruit down too

kyte ACTION starts walking up to recruits and sending them to either side

CWO_Cole ACTION gets up dusting himself off

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: looks at Kyte and says mildly..."Do you have any particular gear to get their butts in? I'm worried that the fatigues won't fit."

kyte: " forward Doctor...FORWARD!!!"

CWO_Cole: "You all on this side. I'll train you on Starfleetstandard issue weapons." motions to half the group

kyte: !! " kyte to Merrick">

Adm_Merrick: !! Merrick here, go ahead Kyte>

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: laughs and treats the two recruits with the field burns before reissuing equipment

kyte: !! " merrick ..Get my SEC team down here! we need help!!">

CWO_Cole ACTION shows recruits the different settings on hand phasers and rifles and the proper firing techniques foreach

Adm_Merrick: !! Kyte, its not all that bad is it?>

kyte ACTION starts showing recruits hand to hand defenses

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: lines up ten recruits and tosses a floating modular target at them..."You get that with your hands, if you can catch it. If not, it's got a really nasty sting"

kyte: !! " it is worst...."

Adm_Merrick Recruits flips switch to auto, and for some reason his fingers slips on the trigger sending out a rapid burst into the deck

CWO_Cole ACTION supervises the recruits as they fire ast targets at other end of area (where no other people are)

kyte ACTION dives for cover

Adm_Merrick: !! Ok ok..... um i will see what i can do, but at this point myself and Duffy are far too busy t=at this time>

kyte: !! I see...kyte OUT!!">

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: watches, nodding in approval as one recruit manages to catch and de-acitvate the target

CWO_Cole ACTION nods to self and leaves another Marine to suervise the target pratice, walks over to where Kyte is

kyte ACTION moves a recruits hand up to where they will actaully hold off an attack, instead of where they will let in borg tubes

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: singles out recruit..."Ok, you over with the real guns now. The rest of you..."

Adm_Merrick A Recruit loads his HPP, though foretting the saftey.... the projectile explodes out of the tube right at the group around O'Shay

CWO_Cole: "We are in trouble here El. I don't see how hey'll b ready if we go to combat any time sooon..."

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: dives, knocking four recruits out of harms way with her

kyte: " they will not be..." kyte watches the fire rain around O'Shay.." we will lose them all..."

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: stands and walks to the recruit with the HPP..."Shall I fill out your toe-tag now?"

Adm_Merrick " Um sorry ma'am"


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CWO_Cole: "Some of them show promise."

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: increases the strength of the phaser on the target and throws it at the recruit..."Here, catch!"

Adm_Merrick Recruit catches it and tosses it back to O'Shay

CWO_Cole ACTION takes aside the best three recruits from his group and trains them on HPP.... leaves them to practice

kyte: " Marcus... this will be a suiside run..."

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: catches the target..."Not bad. Is it just guns that panic you? Your reflexes are good."...increases the strength and throws it once more

Adm_Merrick Drops it

CWO_Cole: "If we are ordered to bring thses kids into combat I tell you now I will refuse that order."

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: shakes her head as the recruit gets zapped in the butt

kyte: " We will do what we have to do..."

CWO_Cole: "I will not bring the sheep to the slaughter."

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: retrieves the target and sets the group up to practice again

Major_Duffy ACTION: Enters Training Area

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: gathers a group of five recruits for hand to hand training

CWO_Cole ACTION watches his groupfire at the targets.... half of them consisently miss them completely

kyte ACTION takes a hit from a back slung rifle

Major_Duffy: " WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE!!! ...You new guys make me sick......I was laughing so hard on my way down here I almost pissed myself!"

Major_Duffy: " Ranks Fall in!!"

Adm_Merrick over on the Other side of the bay a group hurries to construct a makeshift tent, but in there hurry a recruit grabs a projectile instead of a spike and hammers it into the deck

CWO_Cole ACTION looks over at the Major

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: watches fifty recruits trip over their own boots in an effort to reach attention

Major_Duffy: " What is you MAJOR MALFUNCTION NUMBNUTZ!!!.....Get over here NOW!!!!....I am going to personally kick your sorry ass around the rings of saturn!!"

kyte: " hey you stop!!!" kyte runs for the dumb recruit with the mistaken tent pole

Major_Duffy ACTION: Grabs recruit who is blasted from projectile spike by scruff of his neck

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: tosses the clumsy recruit the modular target..."You heard the major, fall in!!"

CWO_Cole ACTION goes before the Major and assumes attention position with his recruits

Major_Duffy: " Get this peice of trash to sick bay!"

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: assigns another recruit as escort..."The techs will help him. Maybe."

Major_Duffy: " No wonder these guys SUCK!!...Cole what the HELL Are you doing down here!!"

kyte ACTION gets hit with a phaser misfire

CWO_Cole ACTION gets a shocked look briefly, wipes it away

Major_Duffy: " You have to make these guys fear you more than the Borg they are gonna face!!...Dont you remember Boot Camp!"

CWO_Cole: "Sir! I'm helping train these recruits sir!"


PFC_O`Shay ACTION: turns to the recruit who fired on Kyte,casually stunning him with her phaser

kyte ACTION gets up slowly... looks around

Major_Duffy ACTION Stalks around room looking for recruit who fired phaser that hit Kyte

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: points to the stunned heap on the floor..."He did. WIshes he didn't, I think"

CWO_Cole ACTION looks to see if Kyte is ok

CWO_Cole: "You alright El?"

kyte: " that' is it!!! major get these men in gear!!!" kyte storms off to a side group of ppl doing nothing.


Adm_Merrick ACTION: walks in followed by Reese as he looks on, trying not to undermind Duffy's authority here

Adm_Merrick ACTION: scna the room and sighs to himself

CWO_Cole ACTION notices Merrick and eyes narrow

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: walks behind the recruits, tossing her phaser in one hand...."Attention means attention. If you move, I stun you."

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: stuns a fidgety marine to prover her point

Major_Duffy ACTION: Storms over to Reese...." Who the HELL let you on board?!!"

kyte ACTION starts slamming on everyone she meets, one fist and a recruit falls, one kick to a young ensign and he falls. and so she goes

Adm_Merrick: " Major pay attention to the troops is that clear solidier?!"

Major_Duffy: " I want ALL YOU RECRUITS Running laps around hpolodeck...ON THE DOUBLE!!!"

Adm_Merrick ACTION: looks on

CWO_Cole: "You heard the Major!!! MOVE!!!!!!"

Major_Duffy: " I aint no DAMN soldier...I am an OFFICER.....and dont worry bout them...just gets Reese of my friggin ship!"

CWO_Cole ACTION shves a few slower moving recruits along

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: replicates additional gear, constructs a new holo-course

Adm_Merrick: " Major....... not here understand, not in front of the trooops"

Major_Duffy ACTION Pulls out his phaser ...sets to light stun...and fires at the laggers in running

kyte ACTION slams several dozen recruits as she works her way across the deck

CWO_Cole ACTION approaches theMajor after tasking a few Marines to watch the recruits

Adm_Merrick ACTION: trns around talkin to Reese as they exit the holodeck

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: follows recruits, running with them, taking med-readings as they run

Major_Duffy ACTION: Takes off his jacket and runs with Marine recruits...firing at them to keep them moving


Ellion: T'VERK sits quietly

Capt_Xendra: OK so I believe a comprimise in in order here

General_Kurn ACTION: Glares at T'Jerk

Ellion: T'VERK watches kurn closely

Capt_Xendra: compromise

Ellion: T'VERK " well as i said we will require those planents..."

Capt_Xendra: How many lants are you speaking of T'Verk?


Capt_Xendra: planets

General_Kurn: " Listen to me Xendra...the Klingons will not rely on the Romulans for aid...we go into this battle assisting you and only you...the Romulans should expect and will receive no help from us"

Ellion: T'VERK " all of them captain.... we are risking our people"

Capt_Xendra2 AcTION: looks at Kurn as she taps a PADD

General_Kurn ACTION: Glares at Officer fingering disruptor and growls...unlatches his knife and holds his hand on it

Ellion: TV'ERK 'S AIDE " you klingons will die soooo gloriously..." sneers

Adm_Merrick A Young Ensign walks into the room and stands at attention before the Captain.......

Ellion: T'VERK raises a hand to his aide

General_Kurn: " Most likely because you Romulans have betrayed us....as usual...we are ready for your tactics this time "

Capt_Xendra: It appears T'Verk there are 7 planets on the complete border

Capt_Xendra: Yes Ensign?

Adm_Merrick Young Ensign " Captain, we recieved a oom about two minutes ago...."

Capt_Xendra: Regarding?

Ellion: T'VERK " they will do to start.." he smiles slyly

Adm_Merrick Young Ensign " Its the Alliance Captian..... they have invaded Klingon Territory"

General_Kurn ACTION: Jumps up..." WHAT!!"

Ellion: T'VERK raises his eyebrows

Capt_Xendra: I was thinking oralong the lines of the four closeset to Romulas

Capt_Xendra2 AcION: looks over to Kurn

Ellion: T'VERK " do not tell me your people did not expect this Klingon..."

General_Kurn ACTION: Taps comm badge..." Kurn to Torka....beam me aboard now...set a course for Qo'Nos...maximum warp!"

Ellion: T'VERK " all of them Captain..."

General_Kurn: " Goodbye Xendra...I hope to return in time to help you"

Ellion: T'VERK sits with his fingers clasps in front of his face

Capt_Xendra2 ACTION: nods to Kurn

Adm_Merrick Young Ensign " At this time it appears Klingon Defense forces are retreating to take up a stance at Qonos...... The Alliance has destroyes half of the Klingons fleet in the first move of the offensive strike"

Capt_Xendra: If we can we will join you there Kurn....

General_Kurn ACTION: Snatches Young Ensign and jacks him up .....growls in his face...lets go as he is beamed away

Ellion: T'VEK " how interresting..."

Capt_Xendra: The other three planets have Federation research colonies ther T'Verk... it is unacceptable

Ellion: T'VERK " if you do not agree Captain we will with draw..." rises

Capt_Xendra: If you can possibly wait for us to remove our colonies... (sighs)

Ellion: T'VERK " we can talk of their removal after the war Captain"

Capt_Xendra: Agreed.....

Ellion: T'VERK " are we agreed then?"

Ellion: T'VERK " very well... " nods to his aide


Putnam: " Hey Wildstar hand me that sonic driver out of my tool box will you?" He says halfway inside a jefferies tube

LT_WILDSTAR ACTION finishes preliminary damage assement

LT_WILDSTAR: sure put

Commander_Sloane ACTION: walks into main engineering

LT_WILDSTAR: "we need some plasma manifolds...their all burned out

Commander_Sloane: "what's the word gentlemen?"

Putnam: " The word..... how about junk heap Commander"

LT_WILDSTAR: u don't wanna know sir

LT_WILDSTAR ACTION hands sloane the PADD

Putnam: climbs out of the Jefferies Tube disgusted with himself

Commander_Sloane ACTION: takes the PADD and begins to read it ...

LT_WILDSTAR: !! wildstar to parts>

Commander_Sloane: "DAMN ... this is gonna take a month just to get all of the parts ..... "

LT_WILDSTAR: !! get me some plasma manifolds here on the double>

Putnam: " Look this Warp Core is about had it, i got plasma manifolds that need replacing, not to mention conduits that are too weak to support anything..... were looking at a major repair here"

LT_WILDSTAR ACTION starts removing the plasma manifolds

Commander_Sloane: "David ... we need to get this ship up and running .... what's your best timetable?"

Putnam: " A year, but since you aint got a year.... the best i can do is 3 days tops"

LT_WILDSTAR: so order up the coffee sir

Putnam: walks over to the anti-matter chaber

Commander_Sloane: "I can work with 3 days ... listen ... pull whatever people you need from the rest of the ship .... I'll see if I can get some spare bodies from the Glory ..... in the mean time ..."

Putnam: " nd this Injector Core... amn ive got it fixed but it refuses to work"

LT_WILDSTAR: "aye sir" (says from underneath a console

Commander_Sloane ACTION; walks over to the injector

Putnam: gahters up a hand full of tools and heads for the Engineering Office

Putnam: " You could give us a hand dwon here sir...."

Commander_Sloane ACTION; pulls an access panel of the front of the injector ....


CWO_Cole ACTION enters messhall, gets plate from replicator.... crosses to a table and sits

Ellion ACTION stand alone by thwe view port

CWO_Cole ACTION mutters to himself as he eats

Ellion: " muttering to oneself lead to mental incapasity"

CWO_Cole ACTION feels another presence in the room, looks towards the viewports and sees Ellion

Ellion ACTION looks at cole

Ellion: " how go the rewcruits?"

CWO_Cole: "Ah, so your gonna start already. I find ithelps e focs my thoughts.'

CWO_Cole: "The recruits? Honestly they are horrible."

Ellion: " you should put them all in fighters and hope they remeber history"

CWO_Cole: "Care to join me?" mtioning to seat across from himself

CWO_Cole: "Meaning kamikaze?"

Ellion ACTION draws a breath and walks over to cole's table

CWO_Cole: "Don't think it wouldhlp."

Ellion: " that is what they were called on my earth..."

Ellion: " if you send enough of them to the center pyramid... they can take it out"

CWO_Cole: "Our Earth had kamikaze. Back in an old war.... World War 2 they called it."

Ellion: " and what will they... if there is a they... call this one?"

CWO_Cole: "I couldn't condone such an action though. To send them out to die like that."

Ellion: " they will die anyway..." ellion looks at cole

CWO_Cole: "This war? I haven't a clue. Something grandoise I'd imagine."

Adm_Merrick A Recruit, talking to another soldier and not watching where he is going walks into Ellion and dumps his hot soup all over her

CWO_Cole: "That's besides the point. If we needlessly throw away lives then we are no better than the Borg."

Ellion: " send them to die in possible victory..or send them to die in defeat... which will you chose?"

CWO_Cole ACTION stands up, "Watch what your doing you ape!"

Adm_Merrick Recruit " Sorry sir......."

Ellion ACTION grabs the recruit tosses him acroos the room

Adm_Merrick The Recruit lands into the salad bar and crashes through it

Ellion ACTION looks at soup all over her... frowns

CWO_Cole: "What the Hell are you doing Ellion? It was an accident. I'veseen Klingons with slower tempers than that."

Ellion ACTION looks at Cole dead pan,,, " what temper?"

CWO_Cole ACTION sends other recruit to check on his tossed buddy

CWO_Cole: "Your kidding right?"

Ellion: " i could have sent him into space, but i thought you might need him..."

Ellion ACTION starts wiping of her clothes

CWO_Cole: sarcastically "Yor kindness overwhelms me."

CWO_Cole ACTION gets a towel for ellion to use

Ellion: " kindness?! Me? ..." laughs..." i have not heart Klingon... "

Ellion ACTION takes the towel

CWO_Cole: "Your universe must be harsh for you to not have any compassion...."

CWO_Cole: "or fiorgiveness."

Ellion: " compassion is for the weak..." continues to wipe her wet pants

CWO_Cole ACTION watches recruit 2 help recruit 1 leave the messhall

Ellion: " forgiviness.... the borg can not be forgiven"

CWO_Cole: "Compassion seperates us from the Borg."

Ellion: " they will give you no quarter... you should give them none!"

CWO_Cole: "But you show abject hostility for people who have done nothing wrong to you."

Ellion ACTION looks at cole.

CWO_Cole: "I don't give Borg quarter, after what I've lost to them."

Ellion: " nothing... yes Klingon they have done NOTHING....!!!"

Ellion ACTION sits down

CWO_Cole: "Everyone here is trying their best to stop the Borg. And, please, if you don't mind not calling me 'Klingo'. I do have a name."

CWO_Cole ACTION sits as well

Ellion ACTION looks at cole.." well EVERYONE here seems to know my name... funny I know none of yours..." raises eyebrows

Ellion: " what would you have me call you? romulan?"

Ellion ACTION looks at cole

CWO_Cole: "I seem to know your name because I call our Kyte by er name 'Ellion.'. And younever asked my name Which is Marcus Cole."

CWO_Cole: "Please don't. That would be insulting."

Ellion: " and it would be incorrect would it not?" ellion laughs

Ellion: " you appear to be klinogn and... what humm..."

Ellion ACTION looks over Cole

CWO_Cole ACTION awaits Ellion's guess

Ellion: " not terran.... but humaniod..."

CWO_Cole: "Any guesses?"

Ellion: " i will bet its a telepath..."

CWO_Cole: "Why would you say that?"

Ellion: ' your thinking is to slow"

Ellion: " you seem to rely on your mental abilities to much i meant"

CWO_Cole: "I don't see what telepathy has to do with thinking slow. And i'm half Betazoid."


Putnam: Curses as he drops his sonic driver

Commander_Sloane: "Lt. .... heand me that tricorder over there ..."

Putnam: ACTION: climbs out of tube to grab the driver

HovVaj ACTION: enters...."you called for me, sir?"

Putnam: ACTION: tosses Sloane a tricorder

Commander_Sloane: "ahh .... Ensign ... so glad you could tear yourself out of the Lab .... we ned to get the core back on line as soo as possible ..."

HovVaj: "I'm on it, sir"

Commander_Sloane ACTION; scans the plasma injector with the tricorder

HovVaj ACTION: walks over to Core diagnostic panel and begins the subroutine

Commander_Sloane: "there ... that should do it ....."

Commander_Sloane: "Computer ... run a level 2 diagnostic on the Plasma Injector assembly ..."

HovVaj ACTION: shakes her head and mumbles in a foreign language...

Commander_Sloane: "no fair Hov ..... the Universal translator is off line ..."

HovVaj aCTION: face colours at Sloane's words...."excuse me sir...this core is down to useless...we probably can't even send it to goodwill...."

Commander_Sloane: "Computer ... route diagnostic results to engineering substation 3 ..."

Putnam: ACTION- Climbs out of tube

Commander_Sloane ACTION; walks over to a station and sits down ... looks at the panel

Putnam: " Okay i think that wil fix our Plasma manifold problem...."

HovVaj aCTION: begins to pull panels off the housing of the core.

Commander_Sloane ACTION; turns to Putnam and smiles ...

Putnam: " Commander any luck with the injectors?"

Commander_Sloane: "and the injector is back on line ...."

Putnam: " Good"

Commander_Sloane: "well ..... 2 problems down .... 698 to go ..."

Putnam: " we should at least have warp power in 2 days now"

HovVaj: "sir...according to stores we don't have spare molebidenum busses....do we have enough in the replicators to make one?"

Putnam: " Replicators...hell if you can find one that works"

Commander_Sloane: "check ... and if not ... contact the Glory .... they should have some spare parts on that batleship over there somewhere ..."

Putnam: ACTION- takes a console panel off and begins to scan isoliner chips

HovVaj: "Aye, sir...do you think they will share?"

Putnam: " Not good........."

Commander_Sloane: "they will ... they won't have a choice .... "

Putnam: " not good at all......."

Commander_Sloane: "David ?"

Putnam: " Um Commander, better see if they got Iso chips also"

Putnam: " You know i think Ellions little warp help just about fried the whole computer sore down here"

Commander_Sloane: "well .. those we can replicate if stores doesn't have them ... we'll use the shuttle's replicators if we have to .... "

HovVaj: "I did see a set of Iso chips in stores.....they aren't wrapped, so you need to check them out...but they looked clean"

Putnam: " Good.....be back in a few"

Putnam: ACTION- Exits Engineering

HovVaj ACTION: smacks a console and mumbles in the same harsh foreign language

Commander_Sloane ACTION: taps his commbadge

Commander_Sloane: !! SLoane to Bridge>

Adm_Merrick: !! Bridge here>

HovVaj Begins pulling the 'guts' out of the console....

Commander_Sloane: !! open a channel to the GLory ... get me Major Duffy ... no one else but him>

Adm_Merrick !! Aye sir.....opening channel now>

Commander_Sloane: !! Sloane to Major Duffy>

Major_Duffy: !! Duffy to Sloane...whats's up Mike?>

Commander_Sloane: !! hey Brain ... I need a favor ....>

Major_Duffy: !! Another one?...sheesh.....no seriously...whaddya need?>

Commander_Sloane: !! well .... we got some MAJOR repairs over here ... no pun intened .... and we may need to do some parts "shopping" from you ..... can you help us?>

Major_Duffy: !! I'll replicate what you need...though my ship is in some disrepair thanks to Mr Cole....I'll see what I can do....send me a list of what you need?>

Commander_Sloane: !! thanks ... I just got our orders from the Admiral ... he wasnts us operational yesterday ... someone has to explain to him that in order for a ship to go to warp ... you need a functioning warp drive ...>

Major_Duffy: !! Hahahha...yeah I remember those days...I'll see what I can do...?

Commander_Sloane: !! I'll have Mr. Putnam send you our wish list ... whatever you can Brian ... thanks again>

Major_Duffy: !! No problem Mike...Duffy Out>

Commander_Sloane: !! Raven out>


Adm_Merrick ACTION-sits do with a coffee mug in hand reading various department reports from the fleet

Omega_Prime_: "Admiral, Mr. Duffy."

Adm_Merrick ACTION- Puts down padd and looks up

Lt_Xanatos: "Major, we have come up with a solution, we think..."

Major_Duffy: " Well spill Xan...you know I dont mince words"

Omega_Prime_: "What makes the Borg so powerful, I ask you."

Adm_Merrick " I agree get on with it"

Lt_Xanatos: "Answer, their ability to communicate..."

Major_Duffy: " The fact that they can compensate for our weapons is what"

Adm_Merrick: " There adaptaions..."

Omega_Prime_: "Thier link with every other borg."

Lt_Xanatos: "Our solution is to break that link..."

Adm_Merrick: " I see......"

Adm_Merrick: " And how might you do this?"

Omega_Prime_: "To render them nothing more than a bunch of seperate drones."

Major_Duffy: " And you propose to do this how exactly?"

Lt_Xanatos: "All the drones will be individuals with nothing to guide them..."

Omega_Prime_: "A Sub Space Jammer."

Adm_Merrick ACTION- takes a sip from the coffee and puts it down, the liquid cold now

Major_Duffy ACTION: Looks at Merrick as their questions sound eerily similiar

Adm_Merrick: " A jammer huh?"

Major_Duffy ACTION: Shakes head

Omega_Prime_: "A very powerful...very precise jammer."

Adm_Merrick: " prove me wrong, but havent we tried that before?"

Lt_Xanatos: "A sub-space jammer, in essence a transmitter of enormous scale..."

Omega_Prime_: "Not with me you have not."

Major_Duffy: " I was just thinking same thing, Merrick.....hasnt this been tried?"

Lt_Xanatos: "...not with the data Omega's scientists compiled..."

Adm_Merrick: " Data huh? Well lets see this data"

Omega_Prime_: "They spent two years doing nothing but study Borg Equipent."

Lt_Xanatos: "It works on a phasing frequency..."

Lt_Xanatos ACTION: hands the Admiral a PADD

Major_Duffy: " Werent you workin on a phase weapon design about a year ago Xan?"

Omega_Prime_: "You wold need three weeks of continuios reading to see all the data."

Adm_Merrick: " A phasing frequency you say? Is that not like our own moduations to phasers and such?"

Lt_Xanatos: "Yes, it was a half completed Tantrian project..."

Adm_Merrick ACTION- Looks at Padd and hands it to Duffy

Lt_Xanatos: "Similar, but specifically designed for communication disruptions..."

Major_Duffy ACTION: Looks at PADD....raises eyebrow at the Robot and the Tantrian

Omega_Prime_: "No..when you modulate your weapons..you are seeking to find a freqency that will penetrate sheilds or some such...the Jammer blankets ALL Sub space frequecy...rendering it useles."

Adm_Merrick: " So this is like our own modulations then"

Adm_Merrick: " I stand corrected"

Adm_Merrick ACTION-Looks over at Duffy

Major_Duffy: " its an interesting idea...and since we have nothing else to go with...why the hell not?"

Lt_Xanatos: "You wil have instant individuals not in communication with Merrikus..."

Adm_Merrick: " Have you got any concrete proof that this, Jammer will work?"

Omega_Prime_: "The obvious draw back, I should mention...is that we would also lose subspace COmunication."

Lt_Xanatos: "The confussion will make for easy targets, in theory..."

Omega_Prime_: "Proof? Umm..o."

Major_Duffy: " Compile that with when old crusty goat of borg sees the original...his carbon copy ass will run away packin"

Adm_Merrick: " In theory huh?"

Lt_Xanatos: "Yes, it will knock out ALL subspace communications, just not the Borg..."

Omega_Prime_: "Yep.

Lt_Xanatos: "It has to be THAT powerful to insure success..."

Adm_Merrick: " Knocks out all com systems........hmmmmmm"

Omega_Prime_: "But please remeber, Admiral.I was at one time just a thery.

Adm_Merrick ACTION- Gets up and heads for the replicator

Omega_Prime_: "So was that replicator."

Lt_Xanatos: "..and so were you, Admiral..."

Adm_Merrick: " With our own Com Systems down were gonna be caught with our own brithes around our collective ankles"

Omega_Prime_ ACTION looks at Xanatos. "His parents considered him a theory?"

Major_Duffy: " ok relax boys....your idea has some merit....is there any way to test it ahead of time"

Adm_Merrick: " And to tell you the truth...... i dont like the sound f that"

Lt_Xanatos: "Yes, I think we can arrange that..."

Omega_Prime_: "Not really. The Borg need their link to function...we don't"

Lt_Xanatos: "Admiral, we can use old Earth Morris Code composed of light flashes..."

Major_Duffy: " Bot I can communicate with Cole...and even Hov if needs be...we are all telepathic"

Adm_Merrick: " Omega, Xanatos..... please excuse us for a second"

Lt_Xanatos: "As you wish Admiral..."

Omega_Prime_: "Yes Sir."

Omega_Prime_ ACTION rolls out of the War room.

Lt_Xanatos ACTION: follows Omega

Adm_Merrick: " Major....... the problem here is the Com..... we take out our own with this thing, how the ell do we talk to each other...let alone our ground Troops?"

Omega_Prime_: "Well, Xan....what do you think?"

Lt_Xanatos: "I don't know, the Admiral is so full of doubts, but he has all of our best interests at heart..."

Major_Duffy: " Like I said Admiral....I can communicate via telepathy with Cole,,,and even Hov...she is receptive enough that I can speak with her"

Adm_Merrick: " But in the heat of Battle Major? Come on...... this thing has a smell to it that i dont like"

Major_Duffy: " We also can find some more telepaths on board I am sure"

Adm_Merrick ACTION-Rubs his temple

Major_Duffy: " I know...but what else do we have?..we have spent all day trying to come up with some way of suprising these pricks...all for naught"

Adm_Merrick: " I agree"

Adm_Merrick: Gentlemen....please rejoin us"

Omega_Prime_ ACTION

Adm_Merrick ACTION- Sits back down

Omega_Prime_ ACTION rolls back into the war room.

Lt_Xanatos ACTION: re-enters the room

Adm_Merrick: " Ok, i dont like the idea of knocking out our Com.... but sometimes you just gotta take a gamble..... get this thing built and operational on the Raven as soon as you can"

Omega_Prime_: "That the other thing SIr."

Lt_Xanatos: "Aye sir..."

Adm_Merrick: " Yes Omega?"

Major_Duffy: " Umm Admiral...the Raven is in Bad shape...I am allocatimg resources....but she may take awhile to be at SOP"

Omega_Prime_: "TO be fully efective..the Jammer must be a free standing unit.....I urge against intergrating it directlly into a ships system."

Adm_Merrick: " Major the Raven will be battle ready in one day..... no less"

Adm_Merrick: " Well where the Hell are you gonna put this thing then?"

Major_Duffy: " Man....you got as high expectations as ever I see.....but listen to the rolling mini tank...I think he is saying use him"

Omega_Prime_: "We would have to place it in space."

Adm_Merrick: " Very wheel Omega....... your our jammer..... now Gentlemen get on it!"

Omega_Prime_: "What??"

Adm_Merrick ACTION- walks over to a holographic table

Major_Duffy: " I dunno Admiral...can Omega take the pressure of being in space?"

Lt_Xanatos: "Agreed, we'll get started immmediately..."

Adm_Merrick: " its battle droid..... they can be replaced Duffy"

Omega_Prime_: "That s not the direction I was going....."

Major_Duffy: " That's true sir"

Omega_Prime_ ACTION visor and symbol on his chest glow brightly.

Adm_Merrick: " Besides he can protect it with his own weapons"

Omega_Prime_: "You want tosay that again?"

Adm_Merrick: " Listen Omega we all make sacrifices.....now its your turn"

Lt_Xanatos: "Omega, they meant no harm, they just misunderstood, at ease..."

Omega_Prime_: "I can be replaced? You seem to forget pal, but I'm the only one of my kind!"

Adm_Merrick ACTION" looks at Omega

Adm_Merrick: " To me your nothing more than a patch for a ship!"

Major_Duffy: " Such disrespect from a battle droid....maybe we should have his neural net downpiled"

Omega_Prime_: "So be it."

Adm_Merrick: " Now get to it!!"

Omega_Prime_: "As of this moment I no longer follow your orders. I will leave your ship as soon a spossible."

Adm_Merrick ACTION-looks back at the holo table

Lt_Xanatos ACTION: motions to Omega

Adm_Merrick: "WHAT?!"

Omega_Prime_ ACTION rolls out of the War Room.

Major_Duffy: " No longer follow orders?.."

Major_Duffy: " What is WRONG with that thing?!"

Lt_Xanatos: "Damn... he should really disconnect that emotion thing sometimes..."

Adm_Merrick: " Xanatos.....you better deal with that droid or i will unplug the damn thing!"

Omega_Prime_ ACTION rolls down into the turbo lift.

Lt_Xanatos: "We aren't using him, he thinks you want to get rid of him..."

Omega_Prime_: "Shuttle Bay."

Lt_Xanatos: "HE isn't the weapon..."

Omega_Prime_ ACTION rolls out of the turbo lit and head towards the black Runabout.


kyte ACTION stands in sick bay

PFC_O`Shay: "On the biobed please, Kyte...I need a full scan"

kyte: " i am fine doctor"

kyte: " there is nothing you can do you know"

PFC_O`Shay: "Oh please, alarms started ringing the second you walked through the door. Just lie down so I can see what I can stabilize"

kyte ACTION sits on the biobed

kyte ACTION looks at O'Shay

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: pushes Kyte's shoulders down and pulls scanner over her

PFC_O`Shay: "I can't fix you, but I can't have you blowing a fuse either. Let me see what I can do"

kyte ACTION draws a deep breath..." doctor... really we both know i am going, and we both know there is nothing you can do"

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: looks at the readings and crosses the room to replicate a medication

kyte ACTION her hands shake a bit

PFC_O`Shay: "Have you told him yet?"

kyte ACTION looks at o'shay..." i... no"

kyte: " there is nothing he can do either"

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: refines the parameters of the drug,entering an access code to increas the potency

kyte: " there is too much on his shoulders as it is..." kyte leans back closes her eyes

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: returns to Kyte with the drug..."This will decrease your cellular respiration, which is the only thing I can think of to stop the decay"

PFC_O`Shay: "It's not up to me to warn him....you'll need to decide"

kyte ACTION smiles " i do appreciate you troubles Doctor.... but we both know you have more important things to do"

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: sprays Kyte with the hypo and supplies her with two spares

Adm_Merrick: " Warn me of what?"

kyte: " i believe you are slotted for battle also..."

Adm_Merrick he says standing out of there view

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: turns

kyte: " nthing.. what makes you think we were speaking of you?"

Adm_Merrick: " Well you said, he has enough on his shulders"

kyte: " there are a great many hes on this ship!"

Adm_Merrick ACTION-Looks at Shay

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: removes the scanner

kyte ACTION takes the hypos and slips them in a pocket

Adm_Merrick: " So are you going to tell me or do i ask the doc here?"

PFC_O`Shay: "Your orders said get her cleared. She's as cleared as she will get"

kyte ACTION looks at Merick, not saying a word

Adm_Merrick: " Well Kyte?"

kyte ACTION looks at Merrick innocently, " well what?"

Adm_Merrick: " Stop with this hildish crap and tell me!"

kyte: " thank you doctor..."

Adm_Merrick ACTION- tosses a hypo across the room

Adm_Merrick: " NOW!"

kyte: " there is nothing to tell you... nothing you can do anything about"

kyte: " save the anger for your doppleganger"

Adm_Merrick: " Kyte, you better tell me right here and now hon, cause if you dont im liable to tear up this sickbay"

kyte: " no" kyte says simply. and turns to straighten her clothing

Adm_Merrick ACTION- Turns to Shay

Adm_Merrick: " Doc im giving you an order"

Adm_Merrick: " Tell me what the hell is wrong here"

PFC_O`Shay: "I can't tell you, Admiral. Doctor-patient privilege."

Adm_Merrick: " Fine then........"

kyte ACTION looks at Merrick

Adm_Merrick ACTION-Storms out of sickbay

kyte ACTION shakes her head

Adm_Merrick: " Hope you like duty on that resupply vessel Kyte!"

PFC_O`Shay ACTION: turns off the scanner, shaking her head sadly

kyte: " well Doctor... " kyte smiles

PFC_O`Shay: "I'll enter your status as cleared. There's not much else I can do."

kyte ACTION nods and starts to leave

PFC_O`Shay: "You would have gone anyway"

kyte: " yes I know... thank you.. good luck"

PFC_O`Shay: "And you as well"

****-------END SIM-------****