Earth Year 2397. A year after the Borg Wars.........

The Federation has begun building herself again, out of the ashes of the most horrorific war they have ever seen

A newly appointed Councli along with a new President attempt to put back what was right

But in doing so, they will upset the balance of power

She had seen her share of hard luck and war

Now the Federation planned to honor her.....

By mothballing her


Capt_Sloane ACTION; fidgets in the command chair

Cmdr_Wildstar sits in chair watching the stars go by on the viewscreen

Lt_O`Shay ACTION: leans against the ops console, blinking tiredly at the newest diagnostics

Cmdr_Wildstar: god i though we would never get home

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION sits at Tac console reading scans

Capt_Sloane: "Commander ... how long till we reach Starbase One?"

Cmdr_Wildstar: one hour sir

Cmdr_Wildstar: were passing juipter now

LtCmdr_Cole: "Yes, home seemed a long ways off...."

Capt_Sloane: "maintain course and speed ...."

Cmdr_Wildstar: aye sir

Lt_O`Shay: "Sir, engine and shield efficiency are fluctuating again"

Cmdr_Wildstar slaps console...

Capt_Sloane: "tell engineering to get to work on it Lt."

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION wearily turns his attention to the shields, adjusting them

Cmdr_Wildstar: i wonder what earth looks like now?

Lt_O`Shay ACTION: taps a comminucation down to engineering

Capt_Sloane: "Lt. .... any word from Starfleet Command?"

NPC Engineer: !! Engineering here>

Lt_O`Shay: "We've got fluctuations in the engine and shield efficiency outputs again...could you check it please?"

Lt_O`Shay: "Not yet, sir"

NPC Engineer !! Why sir, there gonna mothball us when we get home, so whats the use?>

Lt_O`Shay: "We don't have that confirmed yet, just get the engines fixed."

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION continues scanning area, thinking of the past years events

NPC Engineer: !! Aye>

Lt_O`Shay: "Engineering's on it, sir"

Cmdr_Wildstar turns to the captain

LtCmdr_Cole: "Any official word on that Captain?"

Capt_Sloane: "thank you Lt."

Cmdr_Wildstar: they wouldn't do that would they?

Capt_Sloane: "Starfleet hasn't seen fit to tell me ... or what any of our next assignments are ..."

Cmdr_Wildstar: that gives me a bad feeling

Capt_Sloane: "besides .... the one man who could stop it has retired ... so there's no help there ..."

Cmdr_Wildstar: approaching mars...30 minutes to starbase 1

Lt_O`Shay ACTION: checks for incoming transmissions from Fleet...still finds none.

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION shakes his head, the light playing off his artifical right eye

LtCmdr_Cole: "How could they do that? They need every ship they can get out there..."

Capt_Sloane: "well ... it's been my official standing that they don't mothball her ... but it seems that no one is listening"

Lt_O`Shay ACTION: grumbles quietly about cooler heads never ACTUALLY prevailing

Cmdr_Wildstar: i think the president want's to get rid of everything that has merrick on it

LtCmdr_Cole: "First they force Merrick to retire, now they junk heap his ship......."

Lt_O`Shay ACTION: notes the blink on the console..."Sir, incoming transmission from Fleet, text only"

Capt_Sloane: "I think you're right Luke ..."

LtCmdr_Cole: "You might be right Cmdr."

Capt_Sloane: "text only Lt.?"

Cmdr_Wildstar: he saves the federation and this is the thanks he gets

Lt_O`Shay: "Aye sir. It says......."

Cmdr_Wildstar: damn politicans

Cmdr_Wildstar: 15 minutes to starbase 1

Lt_O`Shay ACTION sighs quietly as she reads...."It says 'Proceed to earth, prep to dock for decommission."

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION chuckles at Wildstars comment while balancing out a fluctuatig phaser relay

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION shakes his head at the news


Once again the pride of the fleet graces the galaxy

Deep space trials in the Gamma Quadrant are running smooth and the crew has become consumed by the priviliedge of being aboard her


Capt_Xendra ACTION: sits in her chair reading a PADD

Cmdr_Xanatos ACTION: gazes at the viewscreen

Colonel_Duffy adjusts shields to consume minimum power for time being, and aligns the pahser arrays

Lt_Winters adjusts array, then moves towards the Captain

ensign_noone stands quietly near the back of the bridge... watching

Capt_Xendra: Cmdr Xanatos.... did you know that Capt Kirk was the first human to meet the Q?

Lt_Winters: " Captain, all is set. The ship is running at optimum effeciency"

Cmdr_Xanatos: "oh really? I'm not up to speed on all my Federation history yet..."

Capt_Xendra: Well after so many months out I should hope so Lt. laughs)

Capt_Xendra: It seems this ships carries with it many firsts.... its alot to live up to you know.

Cmdr_Xanatos: "The Enterprise has always been a ship of honor."

Capt_Xendra: That t has....

Lt_Winters monitors his station

Capt_Xendra: So what test shall we run now, or again? Warp drive, long range sensors?

Capt_Xendra: It is so quiet in this quadrant.... we need to do sothing exciting

Cmdr_Xanatos: "Again Captain... I think we've tweaked evey last bit of the ship to the nearest cm..." (laughs)

ensign_noone assumes the ops station as the crewman there leaves

Capt_Xendra: I know I know.... What does Starfleet want us to do, test warp drives untill we run out of dilithuim

ensign_noone: " in coming hail from starfleet command, Captain"

Cmdr_Xanatos: "We could test run the holodecks again..."

Cmdr_Xanatos: "On screen..."

ensign_noone: " i believe its for the Captains eyes only Sir"

ACTION: Comadore Sinjin Caine appears on the vidscreen, an old friend of Xendras during her academy days....

Cmdr_Xanatos ACTION: looks to the Captain

Capt_Xendra: Ahh well I will take it imy ready room then...

Cmdr_Xanatos ACTION: nods to the Captain

Com. Caine : Hello Captian"

LtCmdr_Putnam ACTION enters bridge and takes engineering station

ensign_noone nods to the Ltcomr as he walks by

Com. Caine " I've been reading your reports on your tests, seems like everythings running smooth"

Capt_Xendra: /m

Capt_Xendra: Yes Comadore they have... very smoothly

Com. Caine: "Unfortanetly this isnt a friendly call captain"

Capt_Xendra: Well they normally arent.....

Com. Caine: " Were just getting reports of an invasion force on a Romualn Colony, im downloading the coordinates to you"

Capt_Xendra ACTION: taps console

Capt_Xendra: I am getting them now..... are they serious?

Com. Caine:" You have ot the green light to cros the border to investigate"

Capt_Xendra: This is amazing.... who could do this?

Com. Caine:" We have no idea"

Capt_Xendra ACTION: stares at material idisbelief

Com. Caine:" I want you to report to me every hour, is that clear?"

Capt_Xendra: Well we are on it Comadore.... We have to find out who could cause estruction like this

Com Caine:" I know you and your crew can handle it"

Capt_Xendra: They are the best.....

Com. Caine:" Good hunting Captain...... Caine Out"

Capt_Xendra ACTION: nods to Caine

Capt_Xendra: Helm set a course for the Romulen border worlds... amximum warp

---CUT SCENE TO EPSILON 9 SCIENCE STATION, where Omega is being put through his paces inside of a holo-Room---

HovVaj resets a computer program

Omega___ ACTION rolls around the room, his varous weapons flashing at targets at every angle.

HovVaj takes notes, and makes more program changes

HovVaj: "I'm going to add a fourth set of targets, Omega"

Omega___: "Come on Hov, make it interesting!"

HovVaj: "OK....I'll paint them to look like Merrick for you"

Omega___: "Hmmmmm...works for me."

Omega___ ACTION VIsor and chest symol begain to glow at the prosbect of shoting Merrick in efigy.

HovVaj reads screen....frowns...."I need you to run the last set for me again, Omega.."

Omega___: "Acknoledged."

Omega___ ACTION holds still, waiting for the new targets to appear.

HovVaj restarts target series...targets fly with no warning....

HovVaj takes notes

Omega___ ACTION daul disruptors pop out and track two of them, while his arm phasers track another two. With out warning, one disrupter cannon sparks and smokes.

Omega___: "What the hell!?!!?"

HovVaj: "Omega.....that is not in my program"

HovVaj runs diagnostic......frowns

Omega___: "Oh, well excuse me for having a faulty weapon."

Colonel_Duffy enters room, ....looking at a PADD

HovVaj: "Hold on, a moment.....Omega....this is just not......not to expectation"

Colonel_Duffy: " Ah Lieutenant, how are things coming with Omega"

Omega___: "Call the shop...see if I am still under warrenty."

Colonel_Duffy: " What seems to be the problem?"

Colonel_Duffy leans to look at Omega

Omega___ ACTION right side disrupter cannon twithes and smokes some more.

HovVaj snaps around, suprised....."Oh....nothing, sir...just a bit of levity between he and I"

Omega___: "Running diagnostic."

HovVaj: "Omega.....shhhhhhhh"

Colonel_Duffy: " Omega...what seems to be your problem?"

HovVaj her hands fly across the computer panels.....changing the program.....

HovVaj: "There is NO problem, sir!"

Omega___ ACTION "Besides genetics?"

HovVaj: "great genetics, Omega...I dont see asingle wrinkle on your face!"

Omega___: "Ummm...yeah, no problem."

Colonel_Duffy: " I didnt ask Hov's problem...( chuckles) I asked your problem...why are you ...smoking?"

Omega___: "I'm fit as a fiddle."

Omega___: "I am of leal age to do so."

HovVaj: "this is a NO SMOKING area, sir...surely he is NOT smoking!"

HovVaj hands fly across computer console

Omega___ ACTION disrupters slide back into his shoulders.

Colonel_Duffy gives Hov a harsh look, and starts adjusting his pADD

HovVaj: "Omega.....let us begin program Alpha H a try.....lets impress Mr. Duffy....."

Omega___: "Okay if we take a break first?"

HovVaj smiles at Duffy....hoping that the sight of a Vulcan smiling will throw him off guard

Colonel_Duffy reaches into his jacket, and pulls out a cigar....rolls it in between his fingers

Colonel_Duffy grins back at Hov

HovVaj: "I don't think a break is in the Colonel's time schedule"

Colonel_Duffy puts cigar in his mouth and lights it

HovVaj winks at Duffy....knowing that, too, can confuse a human

Omega___: "Okay, let her rip, I suppose."

Colonel_Duffy makes some more adjustments in his PADD

HovVaj: "On my mark, Omega"

Colonel_Duffy: " You have one chance to impress me here Omega"

HovVaj begins a very elementary program......"go"

Omega___ ACTION slides the huge Temperal Disruptor cannon into place.

Omega___ ACTION watches his single target fly by, and takes it out with a short burst from the mamoth cannon.

HovVaj sets out a holographic shuttle craft as Omega's target

Colonel_Duffy: " Overkill much"

Omega___: "Overkill is my middle designation."

HovVaj sets out a holographic starship....it looks very familiar to all present

Colonel_Duffy makes some more adjustments to his PADD

HovVaj: "Overkill is what we were commanded to do, sir"

Colonel_Duffy grins at Hov

Omega___ ACTION tilts his head slightly.

Colonel_Duffy blows smoke rings...and looks bored

Omega___: "A starshp? You want me to shoot a starship???"

Colonel_Duffy seems interested in the latest test

HovVaj: "I can have Omega kill you 1 million 7hundred 37 billion times over...should we commence, Mr Duffy?"

HovVaj: "That is your mark, Omega"

Colonel_Duffy: " Proceed Lt"

HovVaj resets starship target for Omega

HovVaj: "you have .0089 seconds to hit your mark, Omega"

Colonel_Duffy: " Well Omega, lets see how your systems stand up to the shields and abalative armor"

Colonel_Duffy looks at watch

HovVaj: "that is not in today's subroutine, sir"

Omega___ ACTION visor and chest symbol glow brightly at the challenge issued.

Colonel_Duffy mumbles ..." He must be firing at warp speed"

HovVaj: "that is not in today's subroutine, Omega!"

Omega___ ACTION swings the Temperal Disrupter, the emmitter cone glowing bright white from the huge energy buildup.

HovVaj resets targets....a starship and a bird of prey appear

HovVaj: "the changes to Omega are coming along nicely, Mr Duffy...this project will complete on schedule"

HovVaj: "however, we will need to test him for quite some time......to identify anomalies"

Omega___ ACTION

HovVaj eyes Terperal Disrupter....and begins to change the computer program

Omega___: "Uhh.....excuse me....got a weapon ready to go off here....what do you want me to shoot?"

HovVaj: "either of those targets, Omega....you are 2.875548 seconds off...."

Omega___ ACTION lets lose with a huge discharge, the beam slicing threw the starships hull like butter.

HovVaj changes name of starship to USS MERRICK....."does that help, Omega?"

Colonel_Duffy grins at that comment

HovVaj: "Excellent, Omega! Don't you agree, Mr Duffy?"

Colonel_Duffy: " I think your dislike of Merrick supercedes my own Hov, an awfully un-Vulcan like trait"

HovVaj: "I didn't ask for this assignment, sir.....pardon my sense of humour, if you will"

Omega___ ACTION smoke curls out of the shoulder hatch that covers the right disrupter canon.

Colonel_Duffy: " Don't worry Hov, you won't have this assignment much longer"

Colonel_Duffy: " What the hell is that?!"

HovVaj: "Pardon, sir?"

Colonel_Duffy points at the smoke emanating from Omega

HovVaj: "Omega! Power down!"

Omega___: "Oh, sure...now she want me to power down."

HovVaj: "Computer! Safety Protocol Omega Prime! Code Hov'Vaj XJ"

----CUT SCENE TO SPACEDOCK as the crew of the Raven disembark the hsip and move along the gangway----

Lt_O`Shay ACTION: shoulders duffel bag and walks slowly through the hatch

Cmdr_Wildstar takes a last look back at the raven

Kyte stands on the dock as the Raven-A's crew disembarks

Cmdr_Wildstar walks towards kyte...hello kyte

Kyte: " hello Luke... how are you?" she smiles

Cmdr_Wildstar hugs kyte..."how's the old goat"

Cmdr_Wildstar: tired

Kyte looks preplexed

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION moves slowly acrossthe gangway, looking back into the ship one last time before the hatch shuts

Lt_O`Shay: "Hello Kyte"

Kyte: " he ..." kyte looks around

Kyte: " hello Doctor.."

Lt_O`Shay: "How are you feeling?"

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION hears Kyte's voice and looks over at her

Kyte: " may i speak with you all..." looks for sloane

Capt_Sloane ACTION walks out of the ship and towards his crew

Cmdr_Wildstar: mike will be along in a sec...i think he's trying to take his chair too

LtCmdr_Cole ACTIOn many of his feeling return, having not thought of her for a long time

Kyte smiles at Cole,," how is Kier?"

LtCmdr_Cole: "Hello, Ellion."

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION smiles faintly, "Last I saw her se was doing great."

Cmdr_Wildstar turns to the captain...did u get the plaque?

Kyte smiles saddly... " may i speak with you all?"

LtCmdr_Cole: "How haveyou been El?"

Capt_Sloane: "not yet Luck ... I have some last minute things to do aboard the ship ...."

Lt_O`Shay ACTION: turns to Kyte, reluctant to hear more news

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION nods, sensing ellion's sadness

Cmdr_Wildstar: what's wrong kyte?

Kyte: " i am..." pats her belly.." experiencing the human side of life Marcus."

Kyte: " its Hamilton.... he is not well..."

Cmdr_Wildstar: and that's a bad thing?

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION gapes at Ellion, absorbing what she said

Lt_O`Shay: "Not well, how?"

Cmdr_Wildstar: what's wrong with him?

Kyte: " they do not know... but he... may not last... till..." kyte looks down

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION awaits the news on Merrick

Lt_O`Shay: "I'd like to see him, Kyte

Kyte: " you will have to ask him Doctor... it is not up to me who he see..."

LtCmdr_Cole: "I'm..... I'm sorry Ellion. There's nothing that can be done for him???"

Lt_O`Shay ACTION: nods..."I'll send a communication immediately"

Kyte: " i do not know... he told them not to tell me anything..." saddly looks up

Kyte: " i thought you would all like to know..."

LtCmdr_Cole: "Hmmmm, I wonder why he did that."

Cmdr_Wildstar: well were here for ya now...if we can do anything just say the word

Capt_Sloane: "Ellion ... would you like me to talk to him?"

Kyte: " thank you cmdr..."

Kyte: " you can try Captain..."

Capt_Sloane: "where is he now?

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION takes in the news, rubbing at his right temple absently

Kyte: " i do not know... i never know..."

Lt_O`Shay: "Is he on the starbase or is he planetside?

Kyte again pats her belly... frowns, .." well i should go..." looks at the Raven.." i will miss her..."

Cmdr_Wildstar: bye kyte...take care

LtCmdr_Cole: "Yes, I think we all will. It makes no sense for them to mothball her."

Kyte: " i do not know Lt... my apologies..."

Lt_O`Shay: "We'll find him, Kyte"

LtCmdr_Cole: "Goodbye Ellion, it was nice seeing you again."

Kyte: " do what you must... as i will..."

Kyte hugs them then leaves

----CUT SCENE TO THE ENTERPRISE as it enters orbit around the Romulan Colony----

Cmdr_Xanatos: "Report... anything on sensors?"

Cmdr_Xanatos: "Captain, what exactly are we looking for?"

Capt_Xendra ACTION: looks at the screen

ensign_noone: " nothing odd Captain"

ACTION: They see a savaged Planet

ensign_noone: " scanjing... no debrie in orbit...

Capt_Xendra: Something... or someone has laid total destruction here Commander

Capt_Xendra: we have to find out who

Capt_Xendra: Any life signs?

Lt_Winters does a tactical sweep of area

ensign_noone: ' no life signs... captain" the ensign looks up

Capt_Xendra: This is not the work of anything Ihave came across before

ensign_noone: " looks like there is signifuicate damage to assertain a space attack"

Cmdr_Xanatos: "Scan for weapons signatures..."

Lt_Winters: " It reminds me of the crystaline entity"

Lt_Winters scans the surface

Capt_Xendra: Can we send down an away team?

ensign_noone: " it looks to be safe Ma'am... nthing unuasal"

Capt_Xendra: Commander... gather your team

Cmdr_Xanatos: "Aye Captain..."

Capt_Xendra: I don;t know Mr. WInters, this seems more destructive

Capt_Xendra: What kind of weapons could have made those craters? They are huge.

ensign_noone: " the waht sir?"

Cmdr_Xanatos: "Putnam, Winters, you're with me..."

Lt_Winters: " The scanners pick up no energy signatures, I will recailbrate, and it shows impact craters....something attacked this planet from space"

LtCmdr_Putnam: "aye sir"

Capt_Xendra ACTION; shakes head

Lt_Winters leaves station to follow the Commander

Cmdr_Xanatos ACTION: heads to transporter room 2

LtCmdr_Putnam ACTION follows

Capt_Xendra: Commander I want a report every 15 minutes

Lt_Winters: " Commander I suggest a heavy compliment of weaponry, though it doesnt matter against whatever did this"

Cmdr_Xanatos: !! Acknowledged Captain...>

ensign_noone: " there are no life signs sir.."

Cmdr_Xanatos: "Yes Winters.. we're going in prepared..."

Capt_Xendra: No warp signiture, no weapons signature, no nothing

Cmdr_Xanatos ACTION: arrives at transporter room 2

Cmdr_Xanatos ACTION: grabs his old Marine bag and smiles

Lt_Winters ACTION: Hands out hand phasers and rifles

Lt_Winters: " were you a Jarhead sir?"

Cmdr_Xanatos ACTION: twirls his Blaster

Cmdr_Xanatos: "All set men?"

ensign_noone: " no Ma'am"

Cmdr_Xanatos: "Yes I was a Marine, if that's what you meant..."

Lt_Winters: " I am always set"

LtCmdr_Putnam ACTION checks weapons

Lt_Winters: " Yes that's what I meant"

LtCmdr_Putnam: "ready to go xan"

Cmdr_Xanatos: !! Xanatos to Captain>

Capt_Xendra: Ensign scan the other planets... see if you find anything

Capt_Xendra: !! Xendra here>

Cmdr_Xanatos: !! ready to beam down>

Capt_Xendra: !! we will keep a lock on you Commander.... Xendra out>

----CUT SCENE TO THE RAVEN in spacedock. Captain Sloane boxes up his personel items from his ready room----

Capt_Sloane ACTION; slowly puts some things into a container

Capt_Sloane: "damn ..."

Capt_Sloane ACTION; walks out onto the deserted bridge

ACTION: The sound of the Bridge doors open

Capt_Sloane ACTION; whirls around ...

ACTION: Four men dressed in Black followed by Duffy enter the bridge

Colonel_Duffy: " Hi Mike"

Colonel_Duffy looks grim

Capt_Sloane: "WHAT THE ...... Brian??"

Colonel_Duffy: " It's been awhile"

Capt_Sloane: "damn it's good to see you ..."

Colonel_Duffy: " I wish I was here for better reasons buddy"

ACTION: One Black clad man starts to sit at the helm console while another looks over the engineering specs

Capt_Sloane: "was gonn ask you about your traveling companions ..."

Colonel_Duffy: " They are a "science" team. I am to escort the Raven for its scrapping. I really love this new president. He acts like I am Merrick's kid or something"

Capt_Sloane: 'escort the Raven where?'

Colonel_Duffy: " Epsilon 9 , I believe...I was just there"

NPC " Sir, Warpdrive checks out"

Colonel_Duffy ACTIONS Nods to the crewman

ACTION: Another man sits behind the Ops Station

Capt_Sloane: "what about my crew?"

Colonel_Duffy: " I saw Hov there Mike, you shoulda told her more about me bud,,,she seems to think I am gullible or something"

Capt_Sloane: "Hov is there??"

NPC " Sir, our orders"

Colonel_Duffy: " Your crew has been reassigned already Mike"

ACTION: Two Security Officers flank Captain Slaone

Colonel_Duffy: " Set course for Epsilon 9 , full impulse"

Capt_Sloane: "and what about me? .... Starfleet hasn't told me anything about my next assignment"

Colonel_Duffy: " Sorry Mike...I really am....I was just told you were to accompany me to Epsilon 9"

Capt_Sloane ACTION; looks at the two guards

Capt_Sloane: "am I under arrest?"

Sec Officer " Colonel, change of plans were to escort Mr. Slaone off the ship"

Colonel_Duffy: " What?"

Colonel_Duffy: " Under whose orders?"

Sec Officer " Presidet En'Tan Sir"

Colonel_Duffy mumbles under his breath

Sec Officer " Captain, if you please"

Colonel_Duffy: " Mike, you better go along...I will see what I can do after I get this bird scrapped"

Colonel_Duffy: " Anything you didnt get?"

Capt_Sloane: "give me a minute to get my things ...."

Colonel_Duffy ACTION Nods at the guards

Sec Officer " Im sorry sir, now."

Colonel_Duffy: " Belay that , let the man say goodbye to his ship"

Sec Officer " Sorry Sr we have higher orders"

Capt_Sloane: "I just have one box to get in my ready room ...."

Colonel_Duffy: " Yeah and I just gave another. You have a problem, take it up with your superior...ME"

Colonel_Duffy looks at Mike

Capt_Sloane ACTION; walks into his ready room and gets the box ..... then walks back out ...

Colonel_Duffy: " I am real sorry buddy...I wanted to catch up on this little trip.....I will cya soon though"

Capt_Sloane ACTION: walks to the turbolift

Capt_Sloane: "Take care of her Brian ..."

-----CUT SCENE TO A LITTLE MEXICAN RESTURANT OUTSIDE OF SANTA MONICA, there O'Shay, Cole, and Wildstar discuss there new assignments before they depart seperate ways-----

Cmdr_Wildstar walks in to restraunt

Cmdr_Wildstar: cole...o'shay

Lt_O`Shay ACTION: pokes at her food, not eating it, not even really seeing it

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION rereads the PADD containing his assignment

Cmdr_Wildstar waves

LtCmdr_Cole: "Wildstar."...nods in his direction

Cmdr_Wildstar sits down...see's the long faces

Cmdr_Wildstar: i take it u got your assignments

Lt_O`Shay: "How are you, Luke?"

Cmdr_Wildstar: i'm fine o'shay

Lt_O`Shay: "'Assisgnments' is stating it loosely"

LtCmdr_Cole: "Yup, I got mine alright. How about you?"

Cmdr_Wildstar: yep....i get to work for brian

LtCmdr_Cole: "I've never even heard of this place before...."

Lt_O`Shay: "The Major? I mean, the Colonel?"

LtCmdr_Cole: "Duffy? That's good. Luke."

Cmdr_Wildstar: yep...i'm taking over what's left of the marine flight group under duffy

Lt_O`Shay: "Well, that's a decent step. We get to pursue an illustrious career in defending a border that no one's paid attention to in over 20 years"

Cmdr_Wildstar: from what i hear there's not much left of it though

Cmdr_Wildstar: oh no...not the boarder

LtCmdr_Cole: "Well, maybe you can rebuild it Luke."

Lt_O`Shay ACTION: shakes her head, poking at the food again..."Get them to take us back, maybe"

Cmdr_Wildstar: well see what the council well let us do

LtCmdr_Cole: "RNZ outpost 24."

Lt_O`Shay: "We haven't quite figured out what we've done to deserve this honor, either"

Cmdr_Wildstar: so u get to go camping for god knows how long

LtCmdr_Cole: "Wha I wonder o'Shay, is what we did to rate such a great assignment."

Cmdr_Wildstar: were all associated with merrick...that's why

Lt_O`Shay: "I don't remember killing an embassador in my sleep, or anything"

Cmdr_Wildstar: i think they want us as far away from what's going on as possible

Lt_O`Shay: "Right, because after a battle on the home front, you want to demoralize your defenders as much as possible"

LtCmdr_Cole: "Maybe.... this En'Tan person seems to have it in for him."

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION chuckles at O'shay's comment

Lt_O`Shay: "Maybe Merrick spit in his soup or something"

Lt_O`Shay: "We don't even know who else is there, or who we're reporting to..."

Cmdr_Wildstar: so be it for us to basically save the federation...this is how were thanked...mothball our ship...send us to god knows where

LtCmdr_Cole: "Have you heard from the Captain yet?"

Lt_O`Shay: "They said go, we get dropped on a transport."

Cmdr_Wildstar: i mhaven't seen sloane since we got off the raven

LtCmdr_Cole: "I'd be more welcomed back in the Klingon fleet." laughs bitterly

Lt_O`Shay ACTION: shakes her head..."Not a peep

Lt_O`Shay: "I even requested a posting back with my old research unit, they basically laughed in my face"

Cmdr_Wildstar: when do u guys leave?

Lt_O`Shay: "72 hours"

Cmdr_Wildstar orders his friends drinks

Cmdr_Wildstar: well we bettrer make the best of it

LtCmdr_Cole: "Thanks Luke."

Lt_O`Shay: "Thanks Luke"

Lt_O`Shay: "Maybe we should pack some for the trip"

Lt_O`Shay: "They probably don't make a decent martini out there"

Cmdr_Wildstar raises his glass..."to the raven....the saviour of the federation"

LtCmdr_Cole: "Maybe that's an idea. Resign my commision and go the the Klingons. They fnally accepted me when I was with Xendra's task force. "

-----CUT SCENE TO A CABIN IN MONTANA, off in the lake the once proud admiral fishes out of his boat.........while on the porch Kyte fills Xendra over subspace on Merricks condition-----

ms_merrick sits staring at the view screen

Capt_Xendra: So its that bad huh?

ms_merrick: " yes xandra... thats what i am guessing"

Capt_Xendra: How does he look?

Adm_Merrick casts another line out

ms_merrick: " he... looks like Merrick..."

ms_merrick: " some days good... some days bad..."

Capt_Xendra: You can't use any cotacts to find out more info?

Adm_Merrick says some incoherent trash talk as he brings his rod back into the boat and starts to row toward the shore

ms_merrick: " i have tried Xendra... at this point i think i should tell Ryan..." looks at merrick

Adm_Merrick brings the boat out of the water, smiling at his new wife on the porch

Capt_Xendra: I spoke with Ryan last week, he is doing well. He is happy for you and Hammy... and your upcoming arival

Capt_Xendra: But f you tell him, he will probably come

ms_merrick: " i am glad he doingg well..." smiles at Merrick...

Adm_Merrick Nods at the small fish on his hook

Capt_Xendra: Well its all thanks to you Kyte

ms_merrick shakes her head..." he is talking to fish xendra... has he always done that?"

Adm_Merrick coughs as he throws the fish back into the water

Capt_Xendra: Actually yes..... espicially the small ones he catches. He likes to make them feel important before he cooks them. (laughs)

ms_merrick: " i hope ryan keeps his mothers level head... not his fathers hot temper."

ms_merrick puts a hand over her mouth laughing

Adm_Merrick Coughs again as he looks up and sees a shuttlecraft approaching the cabin

ms_merrick looks up..." i think we have company..."

Adm_Merrick: " Now who the hell invited them?"

Capt_Xendra: Well he is a very different person then when you first met. I think u should tell him whats going on.

Adm_Merrick looks at kyte

ms_merrick: " yes... i agree... he should know"

Capt_Xendra: Shall I let you go?

ms_merrick shrugs her shoulders..." i have not a clue"

Adm_Merrick The Shuttle lands

Adm_Merrick: " I told you NOT to tell anyone damn it!

Adm_Merrick coughs and gags

Adm_Merrick: " Jesus"

ms_merrick: " hold on a minute Xendra.... get over it merrick..." kyte says to her husband

Capt_Xendra: What he does'nt think ppl want to visit him....

ms_merrick: " he doesnt even want me here..." kyte looks down

Adm_Merrick Walks toward the Shuttlecraft as the ramp goes down

Capt_Xendra: He just does'nt want to see him weakened.... he wants you there. I know him

ms_merrick: " truth is i will be leaving soon i think Xendra... i can not stay where i am not wanted..."

Capt_Xendra: He treated e the same way alot of the time.... you just hang on.

ms_merrick: " he doesnt want me here... he has said so..."

Capt_Sloane: "OK .... WHO IN THE HELL DRAGGED ME ......... Admiral Merrick??"

Capt_Xendra: He lies, he loves you more than life its self, he has told me.

ms_merrick looks at the occupant of the shuttle...

Adm_Merrick looking plae white, he gazes at the Captain

Adm_Merrick: " Slaone"

ms_merrick: " it looks as if sloane has come to visit..."

Adm_Merrick: " She told you didnt she?"

Capt_Xendra: Well maybe it will do him some good, I would come if I thought it would do some good.

ms_merrick: " prehaps..."

Capt_Sloane: "so you're the one who dragged me off my ship ...."

Capt_Sloane: "Admiral .... I had no idea you were here .."

Adm_Merrick: " I had nthing to do with that Slaone...... it was all En'Tans idea"

Capt_Sloane: "well .... anyway .... it's good to see you sir .."

Capt_Xendra: I tell you what, if you are dead set on leaving you can stay with me on the Enterprise. You would be among friends. But I really think you ought to stay

Adm_Merrick: " But listen, seeing as how your here!! coughs> I might have a job for you until!! coughs> we can get you back on a ship"

Capt_Sloane: "are you alright sir?"

ms_merrick: " i will think on it captain..." kyte closes her eyes.

Adm_Merrick: " I need a go to guy to help me on the Arms Committe...god yes im fit as a fiddle"

Adm_Merrick Jogs in place

Adm_Merrick Stps and breaths hard

Capt_Xendra: I mean if he is as bad as you think he is, then you dont want him dying alone....

Adm_Merrick: " What do ya say?"

ms_merrick: " i am at a loss... i do not know what to do... humans!!"

Capt_Xendra: Well we do tend to be emotional at times.... even stubborn I dare say (laughs, trying to keep Kytes spirits up)

Capt_Sloane ACTION; looks up into the sky

ms_merrick smiles

Adm_Merrick: " Sloane? I'll get ya a ship, but in the meantime!! coughs> i need your hepl"

Capt_Sloane ACTION: holds his hand out

Capt_Sloane: "you can count on me sir"

Capt_Xendra: At any rate do you know what you are having yet, or do you want it to be a surprise. Cause I have some name suggestion ya know

Adm_Merrick Shakes Sloanes hand

ms_merrick smiles..." whats that?"

Adm_Merrick: " Good good..... lets go in and drink!! coughs> on it..... sorta like old!! gasp> times!! gasp>..........."

ms_merrick looks at merrick..

Capt_Xendra: Well if its a girl you could name here Xendra.... and if its a boy I think Xendar is a good choice

Adm_Merrick Looks at Kyte as he walks toward the cabin, gasping hard for air

Capt_Xendra: But I am biases ya know.

ms_merrick: " thank you Xendra..." tries to smile...looks hard at merrick and sloane as they come around to the cabin porch

Adm_Merrick His eyes roll back as he falls to the ground, breathing ragged

Capt_Sloane: "Admiral!!"

ms_merrick jumps up running...

Capt_Xendra: What the....

--- END SIM --- END SIM --- END SIM ---