-------START SIM---------START SIM---------

SCENE: The Enterprise, with new saucer section connected, heads out of dry dock to continue there investigation of The Shadows--

--CUT SCENE--- to the bridge of the Enterprise

Capt_Xendra So where has the latest activity been concentrated?

Ens_Dohiyi: "course is set and ready for your command mam"

Capt_Xendra Engage Ensign....

Ens_Dohiyi engages at warp seven

Ens_Trance: Activity has been concentrated around Bajor, Capt.

Omega-Prime: "Sector three eight five, close to the Cardassian border."

Capt_Xendra Well those will be the two areas we will investagate then.

LtCmdr_Putnam ACTION seated at engineering station frowns at the word cardassian

Ens_Dohiyi prays for a better senic trip this time... mutters no more loosing the bumpers ...

Capt_Xendra I can't say I am to happy about running into them again, but we need to gather more information on their weapons and systems.

Omega-Prime: "THere have been sevral reports from the outlying clonies about odd disterbeces in the area."

Ens_Trance: Captain...we are being hailed by StarFleet Command....

Capt_Xendra On screen....

ACTION: --THe view screen switches to the crest of the Federation then to Commadore Sinjin Caine... Seventh Fleet Commander

Capt_Xendra Commadore, how can I help you tday?

Sinjin Caine " Captain......."

Sinjin Caine " Were getting reports from the Klingons...."

Capt_Xendra Go on....

Sinjin Caine " There in a fight for there lies at the moment.... and they dont know who against..."

Capt_Xendra The Shadows?

Sinjin Caine " Indications are that they are being handed there collectives asses"

Sinjin Caine " Our Reports tells us it may NOT be the Shadows"

Capt_Xendra You want the Enterprise to go and help them?

Omega-Prime: "Eww."

Sinjin Caine " You read my mind Captain.... kepp me informed"

Ens_Dohiyi plots a new heading for the eneveitable course change .... here comes the cavalry

Capt_Xendra Thats my job, keep the big guys happy.... Will do.... Merrick out

Sinjin Caine " Starfleet Out"

Capt_Xendra Helm, you heard the man, set a course maximum warp

Ens_Dohiyi: "already plotted maam just say the word"

Omega-Prime: "Sheilds and weapons are ready at your command, Captain."

Ens_Dohiyi: "All power to the throttle "

Capt_Xendra Well letsget moving then, you know those kligons

---CUT SCENE--- Opening Arguements get under way in the Bombing Case, as Sloane and Wildstar see there carrers take a nosedive--

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey sits quietly watching the judges

Cmdr_Wildstar studies the judges intently

Commander_Slade sits at his desk, surveying the courtroom

Judge " The Case of the Federation veruses Captain Sloane and Commander Wildstar is hearby underway"

Judge " Will the defendents please rise"

Capt_Sloane stands

Cmdr_Wildstar rises

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey looks at the men and stand with them

Judge " As is any case, we must enter a plea.... Mister Slaone what is your plea?"

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey nods to Sloane

Capt_Sloane: "Not guilty your honor ...."

Judge " Mister Wildstar, how do you plea?"

Cmdr_Wildstar: "not guilty your honor

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey stands up straight

Judge " The Defendents may be seated. We will now have Opening Arguements.... Commander Ramsey, you have the floor"

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey looks to the prosocution

Cmdr_Wildstar sits

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey: " sir? "

Capt_Sloane sits

Judge " You heard me Commander Ramsey.... Begin with your Opening Arguements"

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey remains standing but looks confused a bit..." it is customary for the prosocution to open.."

Commander_Slade leans back in chair and smirks

Judge " Commander Ramsey... must i remind you this is my courtroom... now take the floor or do you concide to the prosecution?"

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey: " SIR! how can I defends against charges as yet un made?!"

Judge " Rmsey do i have to hold you in contempt??"

Cmdr_Wildstar looks at sloane with an uneasy look on his face

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey: " hold me where ever Sir, but it is not done... to open with the DEFENSE!"

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey: " i can have these charges thrown out for breech of protocal"

Judge " Fine.... let the records show that Commander Ramsey concides to the prosecution at this time, but may have a rebuttal at this courts consent"

Commander_Slade stands, shakes his head slightly

Judge " Mr Slade??"

Commander_Slade: " Your honor (nods to judge) members of this court (looks to court martial panel ) I intend to prove to you all that these two men were part of a larger conspiracy in which several men lost their lives, and many others were injured"

Commander_Slade: " While Miss Ramsey is correct that it is customary for the prosecution to lay out its case first, protocol does not demand it. The facts are already laid out to all of you. She knows her clients guilt. That is why she is unprepared for a defense"

Commander_Slade: " The government will prove that these two men not only conspired to commit murder and grievous injury to others, but that it was a revenge plot against members of the Federation Council itself due to disgruntled positioning"

Judge " Commander Slade, the court will now hear the charges"

Commander_Slade: " Mr Sloane was disappointed at his recent reassignment and loss of starship, and Mr Wildstar the loss of his position as first officer, and being reassigned to the Marines"

Commander_Slade: " The Goverment charges Captain Sloane and LtCmdr Wildstar with murder, conspiracy, battery, and conduct unbecoming"

Commander_Slade looks to the defendants

Commander_Slade sits in his chair and leans back

Judge " Thank you Commander Slade.... Commander Ramsey. your arguements please"

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey: " Blantant trail rigging is a universal offense YOUR honor... i am having all of you brought upp on charges!"

Cmdr_Wildstar sits calm

Judge " Now Now Commander Ramsey lets keep cool heads about us"

Commander_Slade looks offended at Ramsey's remarks

Judge " Please Commander Ramsey your Opening Arguements"

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey: " i am not opening arguments with these charges on the floor...Blant misimformation, prosecution with holding evidenuary fact... exscopitory evidences unfounded..." she slams the padd on the table

Judge " Commander Slade, have you with held evidence in this case?"

Commander_Slade: your Honor, if I may. I have fowarded all information to Cmdr Ramsey's office. She has all the evidence I have"

Commander_Slade: " I have records of the transfer"

Judge " And Commander Ramsey, did you in fact receive said evidence?"

Commander_Slade shows the judge his PADD

Judge reads the padd

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey: " i have absolutely nothing for you office mister slade... point in fact you told me infront of witnessness that you didnt have to tell me anything!"

Commander_Slade: " This is just more proof of Cmdr Ramsey's inadequate council"

Commander_Slade: " I told you that I didnt have to reveal my trial strategy Miss Ramsey. Which I don't"

Judge " Well in that respect i have no other recourse but to put this trail into recess. Commander Slade, you have 24 hours to deliver any evidence in this trail to Commander Ramsey, is that clear?"

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey: " pint of fact sir... you do!"

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey: " i move for a mistrail"

Commander_Slade: " Yes your honor. As you can see though, I have already fowarded her theinformation"

Judge " Move denied"

Judge " THis court is in recess for 24 hours"

Commander_Slade: " You obviously know nothing of law Ramsey...how did you pass the bar? I have no legal obligation to tell you how I intend to prosecute your client"

ACTION: The Judge leaves through the side door

Cmdr_Wildstar stands

Commander_Slade punches keys on the PADD, once again fowarding all evidence to Ramsey

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey: " they are setting you two up..." Ramsey looks at sloane and Wildstar... " no matter what i do... the prosucutor is going to screw you"

LtCmdr_K_Ramsey walks out of the scene

Commander_Slade motions for baliff to take Sloane and Wildstar into custody

Cmdr_Wildstar: i know...were somebody's scapegoat

Capt_Sloane: "gee .... like that's a surprise ...."

--CUT SCENE---- To Starfleet Headquarters as Cole, Hov and Shay arrive via a shuttle pod to the facitlly---

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION departs from the shuttlepod, stretching out and looking around

HovVaj steps out of shuttle and looks for duty officer

LtCmdr_Cole: "God that was a long trip...."

HovVaj: "Mr. Cole....I think we can get directions over here" points to a red shirt ....

LtCmdr_Cole: "Hopefully."

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION looks behind him for O'Shay

HovVaj walks rapidly toward a enlisted crewman....."hey....Airman!!"

Lt_O`Shay: "I'm here. Just....looking...."

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION nods to O'Shay and walks towards the redshirt

Airman " Yes Lt?"

HovVaj speaks quitely with the red shirt and then returns to Cole

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION rubs at his right temple, looks a little distracted

Lt_O`Shay watches Cole..."Problem?"

HovVaj: "when people know nothing....that says volumes......this way!"

LtCmdr_Cole: "Nothing OShay.... nothing that can be helped."

ACTION: --THey See Merrick emerge from a room at the far left of the bay area

Lt_O`Shay nudges Cole..."Look."

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION sees Merrick, mutters,"Oh great..."

Colonel_Duffy exits right behind him, smokin a stogie

HovVaj strides toward Merrick

Adm_Merrick walks over to them, a smirk across his face

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION walks over to Merrick

Adm_Merrick: " Crew... good to see you made it"

Lt_O`Shay reaches up to Hov, tugs on her sleeve

LtCmdr_Cole: "Good morning Colonel"

Adm_Merrick: " Yu recieved your um orders?"

Colonel_Duffy: " Cole , O'Shay...good to see ya. Lieutenant"

LtCmdr_Cole: "Morning Hamilton."

Lt_O`Shay holds up the Padd...."These things?"

HovVaj smack O'Shay's hand but turns "What??"

LtCmdr_Cole: "Yes I did. I have no idea wat kind of trick you're pulling on us."

Adm_Merrick: " Yes those"

Adm_Merrick looks at Duffy

Colonel_Duffy: " No trick Cole...they are standing orders"

HovVaj: "The five Ws, Sir! It seems we do not have a lot of time!"

Lt_O`Shay leans in and whispers..."You, science officer. Him, Lueitenant Commander. Behave."

Adm_Merrick: " Wanna explain to them Colonel"

LtCmdr_Cole: "How the hell can you give anyone orders...?"

Colonel_Duffy: " Because I worked it out. They stand...and this is why. You need a way out for what we want...no scratch that ..need you to help us with"

Lt_O`Shay listens because she really wants an answer to this question.

HovVaj: looks at O'Shay and shakes her head...the body language is defiant

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION gives his head a quick shakes, rubbing his temple a few times..

Colonel_Duffy: " As you know, Sloane and Wildstar are on trial for something they obviously didnt do"

Adm_Merrick points to the group over to an awaiting shuttle craft

Lt_O`Shay looks up at the ceiling, asking un-named deities for patience

LtCmdr_Cole: "Yes... trumped up charges if I ever heard of uch a thing."

Lt_O`Shay folds her amrs over her chest, listening

Adm_Merrick: " Thats right, Me and the Colonel cant dig too far on tis without being noticed"

HovVaj peers at Merrick "for whom are they taking the fall, Sir?"

Colonel_Duffy: " We need some Black Ops work done. We want to steal the evidence against the guys"

Adm_Merrick: " Not steal Duffy.... borrow"

Colonel_Duffy: " Call it whatever you want"

LtCmdr_Cole: "Where is this evidence?"

Lt_O`Shay 's eyebrows go up

HovVaj: "My library card is up to date, Sirs......I can borrow the books...."

Adm_Merrick: " Look we cant help you from our ends because we are being closely watched"

Colonel_Duffy glares at Hov " This is serious"

Lt_O`Shay: "And if we get caught you will disavow any knowledge of our actions?"

HovVaj: "And so am I"

LtCmdr_Cole: "I owe Sloane. I'll do it. This new presidency doesn't like me anyway."

Colonel_Duffy: " You got it Celia...you know the drill"

Adm_Merrick: " Exactly Shay"

LtCmdr_Cole: "We just have to make sure we don't get caught is all."

HovVaj: "I've done this work for people I don't like....for Sloane? Consider it done, Sir!"

Lt_O`Shay looks very directly at Duffy....."Tell me why I should, Colonel."

Adm_Merrick: " Once you do get the evidence we need, call one of us.... we have something else then that we need to get"

HovVaj grabs O'Shay by the arm....very tightly.... "Because I am asking you to...asking now...telling later"

LtCmdr_Cole: "To help Sloane and Wildstar of course O'Shay..."

Colonel_Duffy: " Because you want respect. Because you want to prove you are something other than what your past has cornered you into believing. Because I am asking"

Lt_O`Shay looks at Hov, then back at the Colonel, then sighs softly....."Fine."

LtCmdr_Cole ACTION winces, looking to the ground fr a moment, gritting his teeth

Adm_Merrick: " Good, its settled........ that shuttle will take you where you need to go"

HovVaj steps back....studies O'Shay.....and pulls her aside

Lt_O`Shay watches Cole, says nothing, walks with Hov

Colonel_Duffy helps Cole

Colonel_Duffy: " Whats the matter bud?"

LtCmdr_Cole: "What gear are we getting for this.... party?"

Adm_Merrick: " Colonel, i think we need to go before anyone raises suspicions"

HovVaj: "If you can't stomach this....go home.....you know this is about me and Sloane.....but I sure could use your help"

LtCmdr_Cole: "Nothing major... just a bit scrambled..."

Adm_Merrick starts to walk away from the group

Lt_O`Shay glances back at the Colonel..."He holds my rank in his hands. If I do this....."

Colonel_Duffy scans Cole.....jumps back at the glimmer of the pain Cole has gone thru with the shadows

Lt_O`Shay: "And if you need me to...."

LtCmdr_Cole: "Damn Shadows....."

Colonel_Duffy: " I can tell if ya think I am stilla Major"

HovVaj: "no...you are still a free agent....I have friends who can guarantee that....you don't know where I come from"

LtCmdr_Cole: "Hamiltn... one thing. How's Ellion?"

Lt_O`Shay smiles a bit. "I don't trust anyone I don't know personally right now. But if you need me to help you with this, I will."

Adm_Merrick: " Shes fine Cole..... She's find as any pregnat alien would be"

HovVaj looks at cole....sends telepathic message meant to scramble Shadows....Cole hears Beethoven's 5th....

Adm_Merrick: " Colonel, we need to go"

Colonel_Duffy: " Right behind ya Admiral"

HovVaj: "Consider this mission Accomplished, Sirs!"

LtCmdr_Cole shoots a look at Hov, tries to let the music sooth him as one word echoes in his mind "Grissom"

HovVaj hears the telepathic message from cole and nods in understanding


Capt_Xendra Any sign of the ships?

Omega-Prime: "Aye, Capatain, bearing one five three mark eight."

Ens_Dohiyi brings up the long range scanners

Capt_Xendra Red Alert


Capt_Xendra Scan for survivors, escape pods, and anything else

LtCmdr_Putnam: "what a mess"

Omega-Prime: "Sheilds up, weapons charged."

Ens_Dohiyi: "beggin the captains permission i think i could use the ensigns help with evasives

Omega-Prime: "I'm picking up lots of debri...."

Capt_Xendra Very well Ensign Dohiyl

Capt_Xendra Any ships in the area still intact?

Ens_Trance: Going to Delta Five-0001...

Omega-Prime: "Negative, sir."

Ens_Dohiyi: "any unusall energy signatures .... like that beam from our last encounter"

Capt_Xendra Bring us in orbit of that planet, lets see what has happened there

Omega-Prime: "Life signs detected...scattered threw the remains.....but none on the planet."

Ens_Dohiyi: "orbit is established maam"

Capt_Xendra BEam the life signs aboard, before what ever did this returns

Omega-Prime ACTION Looks up from his conci. "the planets been sterilized.: he whispers.

Capt_Xendra Very good Ensign

Ens_Dohiyi: "thank you trance"

Capt_Xendra How many life signs are there?

Ens_Trance: Anytime Dohiyi ....(smiles)

Ens_Dohiyi: "just call me doh "

Omega-Prime: "I can't tell for sure....there is some interference affected sensors."

Capt_Xendra Well do what you have to but get them aboard

Ens_Trance: Captain....We are bing hailed by a Klingon Vorcha class cruiser....sensors show heavy damage.....It's General Kurn!"

Capt_Xendra On Screen Ensign

General_Kurn: " Hello Xendra...its good to finally see you again. "

Ens_Dohiyi: " maam thiere is some enertial interference thats causing our orbit to decay i suggest we remove from orbit"

Capt_Xendra ACTION: smiles

General_Kurn: " I wish the circumstances were better,...it seems everytime I see you...its during a battle"

Capt_Xendra Very well Ensign, do it

Capt_Xendra Well we need to change that, but for now we are here to help. What has happened Kurn.

Ens_Dohiyi: ?me breaks orbit to a safe distance from the wasted planet

General_Kurn: " Theres nothing on the planet anyway Xen...I have scanned top to bottom and only learned one thing"

Capt_Xendra What is that Kurn?

General_Kurn: " Apparently an unknown entity attacked some Klingon ships, when I arrived they fired an energy dampening weapon...it lowered our shields. I went cloak immediately. Others werent as lucky. They were destroyed near immediately"

NPC Ensign: !! Transporter Room 4 to Bridge>

General_Kurn: " On the poles of the planet, the aliens directed some beam...it drained the whole planet of life"

Capt_Xendra Well that sounds sorta familar

Omega-Prime: !! Go AHead, Transporter room>

NPC Ensign: !! Bridge, we have a Keir here and shes demandind to be brought to the briid...... damn ma'am shes already on her way... sorry captain>

General_Kurn: " I am still in a state of repair, but when I saw it was your vessel Xen...I had to say ...Qu'Plah"

Capt_Xendra Thats Ok transporter room, she is welcome

NPC Ensign: !! Acknowledge Bridge>

Capt_Xendra Do you need some help with repairs kurn?

General_Kurn: " Kier,,,,ahh its good she has lived. I thought she went on her final journey to Stovokor"

Capt_Xendra Well after I have spoken with her I will send her to you.

Omega-Prime: !! Bridge acknologes, Transporter room>

General_Kurn: " Also Xen ...on the planets surface...the aliens showed themselves...sorta...they wore enviromental suits and had hand cannons that destroyed almost anything it shot"

Cmdr_Keir walks on the bridge...nods to the officers then looks at Captain Merrick

Capt_Xendra That doesnt sound like the shadows we have encountered... these are new

Ens_Dohiyi grimaces at the thought of the planets total destruction by hand

LtCmdr_Putnam ACTION checks power readouts at his station and frowns

General_Kurn: " Things look dire indeed Xendra"

Capt_Xendra Welcome Keir.... (nods to her)

Capt_Xendra We are here to offer what ever assitance we can Kurn

Cmdr_Keir: " Captain...I am not a happy little Klingon..."

Capt_Xendra I didnt think you would be Keir

Omega-Prime ACTION holds back commentary.

Capt_Xendra We are beaming survivors aboard now, I will send them your way

Cmdr_Keir: " how are your people holding up against these dark hunters, captain?"

General_Kurn: " Xendra, I will contact you after my repairs are complete. Keir...its good to see you live"

Capt_Xendra Well Keir from the information that Kurn just told me we are fighting two different races

Ens_Dohiyi: "maam pardon my interruption but wouldnt samples of the wreckage be a good thing for our teams to try and find some clues "

Capt_Xendra Very well Kurn, Xendra out....

Cmdr_Keir: " we have only just come upon these Captainn"

Cmdr_Keir: " see if you can find my command files Ensign"

Capt_Xendra I want to get the survivors aboard first, but when that is complete, then yes we need to gather samples to examine.

Ens_Dohiyi: " ens trance can you scan for a variety of samples to beam aboard"

Ens_Trance scans the wreckage ...frowning with sadness at all the destruction.....

Capt_Xendra Kurn said they attacked the planet, did they land ships there?

Cmdr_Keir: " i am not sure... we were in pieces by then Captain"

Capt_Xendra hmmm, we need to see if we can find a warp signature as well

Ens_Dohiyi turns the scanners to check for energy traces on the surface

Ens_Dohiyi: " nothing but free radicals are left maam"

Omega-Prime: "From what I have glened from the scans, Maams, I find it doughtful they woul have wasted the time to land."

Capt_Xendra ACTION: shakes head

---CUT SCENE to a windowless room where Captain Slaone gets an unexpected guest---

Jana_DeMarco slips easily into the room

Jana_DeMarco: " mister Sloane..."

Capt_Sloane stands up

Capt_Sloane: "hello Jana ..... this is a surprise ..."

Jana_DeMarco: " how are you.." she speaks softly

Capt_Sloane: "angry .... hurt .... feeling betrayed ........ and you?"

Jana_DeMarco: " i think we should talk...." she grins devilishly

Jana_DeMarco: " i can fix all that...if you are interested..." she looks at him

Capt_Sloane: "well .... I seem to have some free time ... "

Capt_Sloane: "and how can you do that Ms. DeMarco?"

Jana_DeMarco: " humm yes and still more to come... unless you'd like to have all these charges dropped...." DeMrco slips up next to Sloane

Jana_DeMarco sighs.." I can't help your friend though... this is a one time offer.... you being Brian's friend...." she smiles at him

Capt_Sloane: "I'm listening ...."

Jana_DeMarco: " welll..." DeMarco touches sloane's arm.." I have some.. shall we call them "friends" who are very interrested in you... they maybe willing to remove you from this..."

Capt_Sloane: "friends?"

Jana_DeMarco: " Wildstar will of course have to take the heat, but that what they want... you were just "caught" shall we say"

Capt_Sloane: "Ms. DeMarco ...... who is 'they' ....."

Jana_DeMarco: " well the deal here is..." she looks directly at him

Jana_DeMarco: " they... are willing to let you off the hook, and set you back up with a ship..."

Capt_Sloane: "who is THEY?"

Jana_DeMarco: " all you have to do is... volenteer some information occationally.." she smiles again

Jana_DeMarco: " they Commmander.. can be your best friends..."

Jana_DeMarco: " well think about it Mister sloane... you could have a ship like the enterprise... all yours.."

Capt_Sloane: "hmmm ..... that's quite a tempting offer ...."

Jana_DeMarco: " and there are perks... alot of them..if you know what i mean..."

Capt_Sloane: "I believe I do ....."

Jana_DeMarco: " then you will join my friends..." Jana slides one hand down his arm

Capt_Sloane smiles at Jana

Jana_DeMarco: "it's a limited offer... i suggest you take it now... or face life on a penal colony"

Capt_Sloane then walks over to the forcefield that blocks the door

Capt_Sloane: "GUARD!!!!"

Jana_DeMarco looks up

NPC GUARD comes into the room, looking around " Whats the matter?"

Capt_Sloane walks back over to Jana

Capt_Sloane: "Lady ... I'm not for sale to ANYBODY .... got that??"

Jana_DeMarco: " you are turning down a captaincy for what... life on a rock?"

Capt_Sloane: "GUARD... get this piece of trash out of mu sight ..."

Jana_DeMarco: " well mister sloane... brian will be so disappointed you didnt want to play..."

NCP Guard " Ok lady, you heard the prisoner... lets go......maybe he will listen next time when he's offered something...."

Jana_DeMarco gets up slowly... drags one hand acrossed sloanes chest.." and so will I!"

Jana_DeMarco: " prehaps wildstar will be more co-operative..."

Jana_DeMarco smiles

NPC guard turns around and smiles at Slaone " Im so disappointed in you Mike..... what i saw on the desert planet wasnt the real you..."

NPC Guard walks out of the room laughing

-------END SIM-------END SIM-------