"Head Like A Hole" by Nine Inch Nails begins to play as The Alliance's logo flashes upon the screen The fans respond with thunderous heat. Carlos Harrazane, Kimberly and DDP emerge from under the X-Tron. All three make their way down the ramp and to the ring with smug smiles across their faces. They all climb into the ring and DDP climbs a corner to the top rope and shows the sign for the Diamond Cutter. The crowd begins to throw trash and debris at the Alliance members.

Co-CEO Carlos Harrazane: Ladies and gentlemen, steers and queers, I give you, one half of the FUTURE tag team champions of the XIWA, Diamond, Dallas, PAGE!

Carlos hands the mic over to DDP. The fans jeers grow louder. DDP goes to speak, pauses and looks to all four sides of the arena. He then addresses the crowd.

Diamond Dallas Page: I like me. You like me. And I'm going to help you, like you, to be more like me, DDP. And that's a GOOD thing! You want to know something? Being a winner and on top of your game is a GOOD thing! For example, like when Jarrett and I landed the "Big Bang" on poor, helpless over-the-hill Shawna Niceheels! It felt so good to see his ugly mug crushed by that guitar and then the feel of me giving him a ride in the Diamond Cutter. Good gawd! What a feeling! But on the other side, there is losing, old age, being out of shape and an ego-maniac for a ring-leader. That would be the n-w-hoe! And that's a BAD thing. You see, Chris Bendover just doesn't want to step in the ring with real men. He wants to nickel and dime his way to the top, padding his stats winning matches against jobbers. He'll keep sending out his n-w-hoe goons to fight his battles for him. And that's a BAD thing. But if Flex Looser, WallyWorld Joken and Shawna Niceheels like doing the dirty work for a lazy, good for nothing has-been and getting no credit for their hard work, I guess that's a GOOD thing!

The crowd starts booing then chanting "Jury... Jury... Jury..." DDP starts to laugh.

Diamond Dallas Page: It's kind of funny you should mention those two cornholios. Ayatolah Jobber and Tiny Tim. They had so much promise, and that's a GOOD thing. You should always have a positive outlook on life, just like DDP! Then they found out they had to face the one and only DDP and Chosen One, Jeff Jarrett, and they crapped themselves. And that's a BAD thing! The Jurky Boys are gonna try to run outta here with their tails between their legs and leave without wrestling for them belts. And that's a BAD thing. You see, rumor has it that The Jurkies just can't handle the top competition that the XIWA has to offer, so they are gonna lay down and give the belts to DDP and Double J. And that my friends, is a GOOD thing!

The crowd boos as Carlos and Kimberly applaud DDP's speech. Kimberly grabs the mic and begins to address the crowd.

Commissioner Kimberly Page: Now I would like to address the match that I will be involved with this Monday Night. Miss Pixie, you had better just stick to concentrating on the match at hand. I'm glad you are scared that I will interfere. The more distractions you have against you, the easier it will be for Manhunter to lay you in your most favorite position, on your back. Everyone knows that Manhunter has MY Women's Championship belt. Everyone ALSO knows it's a matter of time before I regain MY belt. I am acting as referee for one reason and one reason only. Toi make sure you two fight a clean fight and beat the living snot out of eachother. That way, whomever wins will just want to HAND that belt over to me instead of being further injured in a match against me!

The crowd returns her message with boos and chanting of "Bimboly... Bimboly... Bimboly..." Carlos once again takes the mic and addresses the audience.

Co-CEO Carlos Harrazane: And as for my part this Carnage? Well, let's just say that you all, the fans, are going to be in for one HELL of a treat! You thought my spoiler of CyberSlam 2002 was a shocker, you haven't seen ANYTHING yet! Eric old buddy, you won't know WHAT hit you when you find out what the next surprize is in El Conquistador's back pocket. Your precious Chumpion better have eyes in the back of his head, or he'll be joining my son in the hospital. Think you can trust The Lame, Drakula? You better be prepared for a rude awakening, chico. He's gonna turn on you faster than the Pixie drops to her knees for a five spot. Heh heh... The Alliance will make examples of you both, if you don't turn on eachother first. The games start NOW! Your day of reconning is at hend.

Carlos tosses the mic down and all three exit the ring. They walk up the ramp to the biggest heat of the evening. They get to the top and DDP makes the sign for the Diamond Cutter. He moves his hands down and all four corners of the ring ignite in blue flames. Carlos grins and evil smile and all three exit the arena.