Arriba Harrazane's theme, "Maria" by Ricky Martin comes onto the arena's speakers. Boos are heard throughout the crowd. Arriba comes out from under the X-tron.

Cole: It looks like the Latin Heartthrob wants to make yet ANOTHER appearance.

Lawler: Doesn't this guy EVER give up? No one cares about him!

Cole: I beg to differ King. He has everyone in the XIWA organization wondering just who DOES lay behind those charming eyes and mask.

Lawler: You need a cold shower pinhead?

Arriba makes his way down to the ring where he jumps in and grabs a mic.

Arriba Harrazane: That's right! Feast your eyes on the Latin Heartthrob. I may just have some spare time for one of you fine young ladies a bit later on, but that's not why I'm out here. I'm here to challenge ANYBODY to try and beat me here tonight!

The crowd erupts in more boos. Arriba climbs a ringpost and throws up both middle fingers to the audience. The crowd boos louder. To that, Arriba kisses his hand, then pats his rear end. He then points to the audience.

Arriba Harrazane: That is what you all can do. Kiss my tight Latin ass! I heard the comments of Polesmoker Shawn Eat-a-dick. You think so highly of yourself, but have proved nothing. I am the Mexican Wrestling Association's 6-time heavyweight champion. What are you? I can answer that... Nothing! And Hasha, you sushi eating pansy. Bring the Hellfire. Only sissys spit at people. Come down here and I'll show you what La Revolucion is all about! So who wants some? Nobody? Just what I thought, they are ALL scared.

The crowd chats wildly, "Shotgun, Shotgun, Shotgun..."

Arriba Harrazane: He won't show! Your precious little Shotgun is a little pansy-ass whos skirt is way to tight for his own good! Come on Pigboy? Where ya at?

Just then, "Pigwalk" by Stuck Mojo blasts throughout the arena. Arriba looks towards the X-tron to watch for Maverick.

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