A voice is heard saying, "Kiss my tight, Latin ass!" Arriba's theme, "Latino Heat" begins to play. Arriba Harrazane runs from under the X-Tron to the cheers of the fans. The crowd goes crazy as he tosses some Arribador T-shirts into the crowd. Arriba runs down the ramp to the ring. He slides into the ring. Arriba climbs a turnbuckle, looks around and screams, "VIVA LA REVOLUCION!" The crowd responds by doing the same.

Arriba: Gracias to all my Arribadors! You all made my victory at the last Carnage possible. Jericho and I showed the world just how much of a jobber team those Bell Criers were. And now, come the next Carnage, I will take on two of the biggest names in women's wrestling. Those two being Heather Skeleton and the One-Trick Pony, the Stiffman. It's never shoulda stepped in the ring and the best there never was against the high flying aerial assault known as the Latin Destroyer. And that is just what Arriba is gonna do, DESTROY you! One thing I want to do for sure, is to put that loud-mouthed no-talent called Heltah into retirement. He can saddle up all the strength he want, he can have all his Horse's Ass buddies come out here too; but in the end Heather, you will feel "A Mi Me Toca." Since your pathetic ass doesn't understand Spanish, let me translate that to you. That means, "It's My Turn," and that move is the secret weapon I plan on inflicting on you. My very own head-scissor sleeper craddle. They'll be playing "When the Lights Go Down in the City" after I'm done with you!

The crowd goes nuts and starts to chant "Horse-men SUCK! Horse-men SUCK! Horse-men SUCK!" Arriba nods his head in approval.

Arriba: And Stiffman... Don't think I don't have a few surprizes in store for YOUR pathetic ass. Oh no sir Mr. Gringo. Tell our fine fat wrestler friend what he's won Arriba. Glad to Arriba...

"You Mr. Stiffy, have won an all expenses paid trip to the Land of Pain! When you arrive, you will spend 15 minutes getting the crap knocked out of you by yours truly, the Latin Destroyer. And that's not all. We won't want you to be all alone on your trip, so we are sending along your back-door buddy Heather to relieve the stress of having your ass kicked. BUt wait, if you thought THAT was a deal, wait until you hear this! You get to have your very own "L" courtesy of the only and only Arriba Harrazane. I'd say it's a collectors item, but as the weeks go by, more and more people are collecting these wonderful "L's." And for the coup-de-gras, you get to hang your head in shame as you exit the arena with another new nickname, LOSER! And if that's not enough, let's just say you'll have a nice re-union with the other Horseygirls trying to explain to them how one Latino made you KISS HIS TIGHT LATINO ASS!"

Wow, sounds like a nice prize, hombres! Now that we have all of that garbage settled. Time to be a bit serious. Draka has an important match this Carnage as well. Crackhead Sid seems to want to come to a place he doesn't belong. Well Crackhead, you have snorted your last rock. Draka is gonna get revenge for Mr. Marlow and you will soon see why he is the Champion here in the XIWA.

The crowd erupts into a thunderous roar. The fans are eating Arriba's speech up. Chants for "Draka" and "Arriba" can be heard throughout the arena. Arriba climbs a rope and begins to cheer along as well. He raises his arms up high. The crowd suddenly begins to boo. Arriba turns around and is grabbed around the throat by none other than Psycho Sid. Sid clibs to the second turnbuckle. Arriba is clawing at his throat trying to get Sid to let go. With one quick move Psycho Sid picks Arriba up and choke-slams him from the top turnbuckle down to the mat. Sid gets up and grins a sinister grin. He picks up Arriba's mic off of the mat.

Psycho Sid: Come on! Who wants a piece of the madness? Come get you some! Marlow! I took down another one! How many more is it going to take before you hand the belt over to me? Huh? Draka, you best be saying some prayers God, Allah, Buddha, Isis and the Great Pumpkin, 'cause when I'm through with you, I'm coming after that little whore you call a girlfriend and I'm gonna show her what a Psycho does with a woman. It ain't gonna be pretty, but it's sure gonna be a whole HELL of a lot of fun! See you at Carnage Draky old boy, and bring that twig-girl with you...

Sid yells at the crowd. The crowd boos louder than it ever has before. Sid takes a few more stomps before exiting the ring. He taunts a few in the audience then disappears under the X-Tron. Arriba still lays in the middle of the ring, motionless.