Arriba Harrazane's theme, "Maria" by Ricky Martin blasts throughout the arena. Boos are heard throughout the crowd. His name flashes upon the X-tron as he steps from under it.

Cole: Here comes the one, the only, ARRIBA!

Lawler: A guy in a Halloween comstume is your hero, you dork?

Cole: Not hero, King. But possibly the best technical wrestler in the XIWA. He's definitely one of the high flyers.

Lawler: I still say I can take his taco-eating ass on, bring it on Ricky Martini! Ha ha!

Arriba makes his way down to the ring where he jumps in and grabs a mic.

Arriba Harrazane: Cut the musica! Boo and jeer all you want fat asses, your next XIWA champion stands before you. Just a note for the almighty Polesmoker Shawn Eat-a-dick... If it weren't for ME, you wouldn't even BE wrestling for a title, so don't think you beat Hasha. I won the match for you, and there's no disputing that. You were getting your ass handed to you. You were begging like a little school girl for the match to stop. Anyone can ask Trish about that one. And you King, I'll beat your has-been, tub of lard wanna-be-Arriba ass up if you don't sit down and shut the hell up!

The crowd erupts in more boos. Lawler stands up and begins to make his way to the ring, but is stopped by Cole and a few referees


Arriba Harrazane: Kiss my tight Latin ass, Queen Lawler! I hear you've smoked more sausage than Jimmy Dean. Now, to the reason I'm out here. A little red freak and his whore of an escort. Hey Kill Kill, come tame THIS beast!

Arriba motions downward. The crowd boos then chants, "Hellfire... Hellfire... Hellfire..."

Arriba Harrazane: Don't worry about him. His skirt-wearing booty won't show his face until he has to face me in a "Last Man Standing" match. Boy, you better read up on Arriba here. Down in Mexico, that's almost the only match I ever wrestled. You are just VERY lucky you didn't feel La Revolucion in Tacoma. You will feel something worse come Carnage. You will feel El Muerto Loco. For those of you who are too stupid to translate, that means "The Crazy Death." The bigger they are, the harder they fall. And once Hellfire has fallen, I'll show Kill Kill what Arriba keeps south of the border. Viva La Revolucion!

Arriba throws the mic down and gives a middle finger salute to the crowd and one to the King before exiting below the X-tron.