Draka moves in for the pin. One... Two... The Brooklyn Brawler kicks out. Draka executes and elbow drop on the Brawler. Draka picks the Brawler up by his hair and throws him against the far ropes. The Brooklyn Brawler springs off the ropes and back. Draka scoops him up and power slams him. Draka points up. The crowd goes wild. Draka climbs to the top rope.

Cole: He's going up top King!

Lawler: I see that! Wait, who's this?

Arriba runs out of the crowd and pushes Draka. Draka falls crotch first onto the turnbuckle. The crowd boos loudly. Arriba climbs into the ring and kicks the Brooklyn Brawler out. Arriba runs over to Draka and hits him in the ribs, then climbs to the second rope. Arriba hooks Draka around the waist and throws Draka's arm around his neck. Arriba suplexes Draka to the canvas. Arriba jumps up and climbs to the top rope. Draka gets up facing the opposite direction. Arriba puts both arms up in the air. Draka turns around and Arriba dives off the top tope, executing a perfect top rope sommersault hurricanrana. Arriba gets up and grabs a mic.

Arriba Harrazane: Viva La Revolucion! You call THIS a future champion? Future chump, yes, but champion, no... Hey Vixen baby, after I do Kill Kill, you wanna do a little samba with the Latin Lover? I'll pencil you in for October 2 at 8PM. You supply the oven, I'll bring the meat!

The crowd boos again. Arriba sticks both middle fingers up at the audience and then pats his rear end.

Arriba Harrazane: That's right, you can all kiss my tight Latin ass! And Bellwire... Hill-buyer... Oh yeah... HELL-FIRE!!! This will be you come Carnage. I WILL be the last one standing. Maverick, 'Taker, Draka... You've all felt La Revolucion. I don't care WHO gets the belt. You will just be keeping it warm for when I kick your fat ass post to pillar. And you can bet my Latin ass on that!

Arriba throws the mic down and exits the ring. He shouts at a few in the crowd as he exits below the X-tron.

Cole: Arriba seems to have made the challenge.

Lawler: I don't think Draka will be able to do much with Vixen after THAT atack! Ha ha!

Cole: And Maverick won't like the use of his catch phrase either.

Scene fades to black.