Arriba Harrazane's theme, "Maria" by Ricky Martin plays as he walks from under the X-Tron. He adjusts his neckbrace and walks over to Michael Cole to give an interview.

Michael Cole: Thank you for coming down to set the record straight Arriba.

Arriba Harrazane: I'll allow you to conduct this interview on one condition.

Michael Cole: And that would be?

Arriba Harrazane: For you to get all these fat, ugly, didn't-pass-second-grade embiciles to shut the hell up while Arriba is talking!

Michael Cole: I think that's a little out of my power, Arriba.

The crowd boos emphatically after being insulted by Arriba. Arriba points to the crowd and slaps his rear end.

Arriba Harrazane: You all can kiss my tight, Latin ass! Anyways, I have a few things I'd like to clear up. Maybe the Stiffman needs to take a little trip south of the border that doesn't include his hand down his pants while he watches Arriba wrestle. The LUchador style of wrestling is the most draining on one's body. It's high flying and high intensity. Every single title I won was done with a great expense to my own physical well-being. I was trained by the first and second "El Conquistador," and for those too ignorant to recall, those two were my grandfather and my father. Stiffman, if you think you can insult me and get away with it, you're smoking too much of that northern weed, chico. When you insult me, you insult my grandfather and father before me. You insult a family tradition that is over 50 years old, that being a Harrazane as the top wrestler going!

Michael Cole: The Hitman was trained by a famous wrestling family as well, the Hart family.

Arriba Harrazane: I don't care if he WAS trained by Pancho Villa himself, I'm still going to show him what El Muerto Loco is all about. The Latin Lover will come to the ring with the IC gold on his mind. The first obstacle in my way, is the Stiffman, for whom I'll have to take back to La Escuela del Lucha-Libre. He won't know what hit him until he wakes up in tears, crying because he's out of a shot at gold.

Michael Cole: The Hitman says he's glad you're neck isn't 100%, do you think you can keep up with the Hitman despite the injury?

Arriba Harrazane: Let me tell you this Cole, Arriba will fight with all his strength. If the Stiffman thinks he can use my injury in his favor, so be it. He won't last long enough in the ring to have a chance to think about advantages come Monday night. The beating Heather Skeleton and Midfight Crier gave you will look like a pat on the back compared to the pounding you are going to take at Arriba's hands.

Michael Cole: So your prediction on the match is...?

Arriba Harrazane: Pain, and a lot of it. All by Arriba inflicted on the Stiffman. Randall, you ARE the worst there is, the worst there was, and the worst there ever will be. You're stepping into the Luchador's terrain now, chico. I'll give you a little taste of La Revolucion!

Arriba gives the bird to the audience and walks back under the X-Tron to the back.

Michael Cole: You heard it here, Arriba means business. Don't miss what's sure to be a classic match on Monday Night Carnage!