A strange theme begins to play. A voice is heard saying, "Kiss my tight, Latin ass!" Arriba Harrazane walks from under the X-Tron. He walks straight towards the ring. He gets down to the ring, looks around cautiously, then leaps into the ring. Arriba paces around the ring, pulls out a mic and begins to speak.

Arriba: I'm damn well sick and tired of hearing how great the current champion thinks he is. He seems to forget something. It was ARRIBA who helped him get that fancy belt he's wearing. And this is how Arriba gets repaid? Without as much as a thank you? Well hombre, your time has come. I've proven I can take you out. I showed how at Carnage. VIVA LA REVOLUCION! It was lights out. As Hasha says himself, "What the ref doesn't see, doesn't hurt me."

The crowd erupts into a mixture of cheers and boos. Arriba claps his hands then continues.

Arriba: What you see standing before you is a new and improved Arriba. I'm still the Latin Heartthrob, the Latin Lover and Latino Heat. But now you can add one more to that list... The Latin Destroyer! The Latin Destroyer has to start somewhere, and I guess the unlikely doormat will have to be that greasy loud-mouthed sack of horse dung, Bullfrogg. Bullfrogg, you've been flapping them lips around here saying how the XIWA has no talent? Have you ever looked in the mirror punk? You want to see someone with no talent, you've been living his life for years! Come Vendetta jobber, you will croak your last.

Arriba starts to laugh and pats his back.

Arriba: Arriba made a funny. I'm so clever. Anyways, down to another reason why I'm here. I'd like to introduce you to my NEW manager.

The crowd goes silent and turns to the entrance under the X-Tron. The X-Tron lights up and the crowd goes wild. Kimberly Page emerges from under the X-Tron to a huge round of applause and cheers from the audience. She makes her way down to the ring. Arriba pulls the rope up for Kimberly to enter. Arriba bows to her and hands her another mic.

Kimberly: Thank you for your wonderful applause. You all may be wondering why I have decided to manage Arriba. To put it plain and simple, it's strictly business. After confering with several top people in XIWA, it was decided that now is the time for Arriba to rise the ranks. He proved he has what it takes last Carnage. Arriba will help to dismantle the evil called the Dojo Mundo and the evil called the Four Horsemen. With Arriba under my management and supervision, he will rise to be one of the greatest stars wrestling has ever seen. Draka and Arriba will be a foce that will be unstoppable. They are the TRUE "Chosen Ones" in the XIWA. They will be your next World Heavyweight Champion and your next Intercontinental Champion!

The crowd begins to cheer and chant "Kimberly" and "Draka." And for the first time in his XIWA career, the crowd begins to chant "Arriba." Arriba climbs a turnbuckle and raises his fists into the air, soaking up his accolades. Arriba climbs down and addresses the crowd again.

Arriba: I want to thank all the Arribadors for their continued support. I respect Miss Page and will follow her advice. Hopefully in a few weeks, I'll be standing infront of you as the NEW IC title holder. So, to you Miss Gator, shine up that belt really pretty, because Arriba's coming to claim what's his. And Hunter, I may have to dismantle your friend a bit, but you can still get you a little somethin' somethin' afterwards. I think you owe me after your win against the Hash-brown Champ. And Draka, I'll be in your corner at Vendetta. I'll make sure you have a mano-y-mano match with the Hash-brown warrior. I know my pops is gonna be in his corner and this hombre has a little family business to take care of.

The crowd cheers Arriba on. Kimberly points to Arriba.

Kimberly: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you, the next XIWA Intercontinental Champion, The Latin Destroyer, Arriba Harrazane!

Arriba claps his hands and adds one last statement.

Arriba: So to all those who doubt me, ya still gotta love me, or you can kiss my tight Latin ass!

Arriba holds the ropes open for Kimberly again and they both walk up the ramp to the biggest applause Arriba has ever heard in his XIWA wreslting appearances.