Arriba "The Latin Lover" Harrazane

Name: Arriba Harrazane

Birthdate: May 5, 1979

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 200 lbs.

Hometown: El Paso, Texas

Entrance Song: Maria (Ricky Martin)

Finishers: Brainbuster, Reverse Russian Leg Sweep, One-legged Face Buster, Chicken-wing DDT

Signature Finishers: Top Rope Somersault Hurricanrana (La Revolucion), Texas Cloverleaf (El Muerto Loco), Head Scissor Sleeper Cradle (A Mi Me Toca)

Manager: (none at this time)

Alignment: Heel

Stable: (TBA)

Title History


Arriba was born into the wrestling world. His father and grandfather were both Mexican wrestling stars. Arriba began wrestling in grade school. He was taught the basics by his father and grandfather. He was a quick learner. He won almost every tournament he entered until his temper got the best of him.

In an under 12 Amateur Grecko-Roman Wrestling tournament in 1990, he performed an illegal throw after giving up a take down. He ended up taking the bronze medal instead of going for the gold.

Fate would stun him again when he entered the 1994 Amateur Grecko-Roman Wrestling Tournament. Wrestling for the gold medal, Arriba was behind on points and went for another illegal throw. This time, his opponent caught Arriba ahead of the throw and reversed it for a pin.

He learned from these mistakes, but his temper was always waiting to be set-off with the slightest provocation. Arriba went on to win 2 gold medals in the Mexican Junior Olympics. He became disenfranchised with the amateur wrestling scene and began extensive training to become a professional wrestler.

As a favor to his dad, Arriba was signed into the LLM by a family friend. He automatically rose to the top of the contenders for the Carribean Heavyweight title. As his father and grandfather before him, he wore a mask. He was a high flyer even though he was very inexperienced in this form of the sport. He took the name of "El Conquistador," and donned the family mask and persona. He grew tired of the family tradition very quickly. He decided to become himself, but out of respect for his predecessors, he kept the mask. He became Arriba Harrazane, The Latin Lover.

Arriba won the Carribean title and held it until he parted ways for better competition and more money. The Latin Lover made his way to the MWA. He quickly gained respect and trust among the wrestlers. He won his first tag-team title with his cousin (Miguel Juarrez) as "Dos Hombres." He then won the first of his 6 World Heavyweight titles. A feat only surpassed by his grandfather (9-times) and father (7-times) before him. He won another tag-team title with another masked wrestler, El Bizarro. Arriba left the MWA as the reigning champion.

Arriba had beaten almost everyone in the MWA twice over. Arriba looked north of the border. He moved to El Paso and started visiting the feds in the States. He was approached by one of Eric Marlow's confidants, who had seen him wrestle in the MWA. Once the XIWA was chartered, Arriba Harrazane was offered a contract.

Arriba arrived and quickly went after Shogun Shawn Maverick. He formed a stable with Hasha Koroshiya, the Japanese Assassin. He then went after the Undertaker and Draka. His singnature "Viva La Revolucion!" battle cry can be heard at every arena he occupies. Fans may not take to Arriba's brash personality, but they cannot deny that he is a dangerous, high-flying force to be reconned with in the newly formed XIWA.