Thursday, October 18, 2001

"The Professor" Mike Tenay                   "The Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko

Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Compaq Center here in Houston, Texas. I'm the Professor, Mike Tenay. Joining me for XIWA Assault is the Living Legend, Larry Zbyszko.

The fans begin to chant "Larry... Larry... Larry..." Zbyszko make a curtain call, acknowledging the packed arena.

Zbyszko: It's great to be here, and it's great to be me!

Tenay: Isn't it always, Legend..

Zbyszko: Yes it is. You see those cowgirls? Enough to make you say YEE-HAW!

Tenay: That's right, not to mention the packed card we have tonight. But first, let's have a look at what went down this Monday at Carnage!

Zbyszko: Play it again, Sam....

Footage from Monday Night Carnage begins to play. Draka and Prodigy making a challenge to Jarrett. Jarrett pointing to the X-Tron where Vicki is strapped in a car over looking a cliff. Layton with the Twist and Shout on Helms. Layton laying out Molly with a 3-D. Kim getting friendly with SSM. Heltah interfering and chokeslamming Y2J. Rider screaming at his forced loss. Taker and Rider beating up the Hitman and throwing him into the ring. Arriba pinning the Hitman. Draka answering his door and being atacked by the man in black. The man in black beating on Draka. The man in black removing his mask, revealing he is Scott Steiner. SSM and Jarrett battling toe to toe. Prodigy hitting Jarrett. Hasha with a spinning kick on SSM and Prodigy. Hasha with a Dragonrana on SSM. Hasha putting SSM on a table and smiling at Jarrett. Hasha with the gouka in Jarrett's face. SSM with a 12 Gauge on Jarrett. SSM slamming Jarrett through a table. SSM raising his hand in bitter victory.

Tenay: What an action packed night. I can tell you I was on the edge of my seat the whole night!

Zbyszko: The only thing you are ever on the edge of is wuss cliff, Tenay.

Tenay: ...

Zbyszko: Speaking of wuss, here comes the chumps for our first match.

Tenay: Arriba Harrazane, the high-flying Luchador from right here in Texas. Listen to the smattering of cheers for Arriba here in his hometown. His opponent is the XIWA newcomer, Rhyno.

Zbyszko: I'll take some of that bean dip Taco-boy made the King Monday night.

"Cowboy" by Kid Rock begins to pump throughout the arena. Rhyno comes out to mixed cheers and boos. He runs down the ramp and into the ring. Rhyno climbs a turnbuckle and yells for Arriba to come on down. A voice shouting, "Kiss my tight Latino ass" erupts through the sound system. "Maria" by Ricky Martin blasts through the PA. The crowd erupts in a mixture of cheers and boos. Arriba comes from under the X-Tron holding a Texas flag. He pauses and points to the section where his family and friends are sitting. Arriba makes his way down the ramp to the ring. He adjusts his neck brace and slides into the ring. He charges towards Rhyno, waving the flag towards him. Rhyno jumps out of the ring and yells at Arriba again. The referee signals for the bell and Arriba puts the flag in his corner. Rhyno climbs back into the ring.

Tenay: The home crowd is definitely going to be an advantage to Arriba in this match.

Zbyszko: Tacos, get your hot tamales and tacos here...

Tenay: While the Legend is getting an order taken care of, we'll join the action in the ring.

Arriba and Rhyno circle eachother. Arriba and Rhyno in a lock. Arriba with an arm bar to a drop toe hold. Arriba with an ankle lock. Rhyno with a fist to the head. Arriba falls back, grabbing his neck. Rhyno with a boot to the head. Arriba to the corner. Rhyno with a running clothesline. Arriba ducks and Rhyno hits the turnbuckle. Arriba with a chop across the chest. Another chop, and another. Arriba with an Irish whip to the opposite corner. Rhyno hits the turnbuckle hard. Arriba with a slingshot bulldog. Rhyno down. Arriba with a pin. 1, 2... Rhyno kicks out. Arriba with a belly-to-back suplex. Arriba with a bridge for the pin. 1, 2... Rhyno kicks out. Arriba with a boot to the ribs. Arriba with a fist to the head. Rhyno with a low blow. Arriba rolls out of the ring and to the floor. Rhyno follows.

Tenay: The men roll out of the ring and Rhyno takes control.

Zbyszko: I thought I said EXTRA sour cream? Where's the pride in workmanship?

Tenay: I think you are missing the great action, Legend.

Zbyszko: I think the best action will be on the can later tonight...

Rhyno with a whip into the railing. Arriba down hard. Rhyno with a fist to the head. Rhyno with a whip into the ring post. Arriba reverses. Rhyno down hard. Arriba rolls in to break the count. Arriba back out. Arriba with a whip into the steps. Arriba with a spinning kick. Arriba rolls Rhyno into the ring. Arriba into the ring. Arriba with an elbow drop. Arriba with another. Arriba goes for another. Rhyno rolls away. Both men down. Rhyno up. Rhyno with a suplex. Rhyno with a cover. 1, 2... Arriba kicks out. Rhyno to the top rope. Rhyno with a frog splash. Arriba rolls away. Rhyno down. Arriba picks Rhyno up. Arriba with a brainbuster. Arriba to the top rope. Rhyno gets up in a daze. Arriba with "La Revolucion" (top rope somersault hurricanrana).

Tenay: We've seen the Luchador perform that manuever on MANY of the XIWA superstars. None of them have gotten up.

Zbyszko: We've also seen Taco-boy shake it for the ladies. Doesn't mean he's gonna score, Professor.

Arriba waves his hand in the air. Arriba grabs Rhyno's legs and rolls him over. Arriba with "El Muerto Loco" (Texas cloverleaf). Rhyno taps out. Arriba bends the move back further. Rhyno screams in pain. The ref breaks the hold.

Ring Announcer: And your winner, "The Latin Lover," Arriba Harrazane!

The crowd is mixed in cheers and boos. "Maria" comes on as Arriba climbs the turnbuckle and waves the Texas flag. The crowd erupts in a thuderous roar. Arriba points to his family. He climbs down and rolls out of the ring. He walks over and hands the flag to a masked man sitting ringside. Arriba hugs the man and exits under the X-Tron.

Tenay: Another notch in the belt of the Luchador. Arriba is turning heads and winning matches despite his injury.

Zbyszko: The match is over? Oh well, he still can't get a taco right.

Tenay: And if I'm not mistaken, the man Arriba just handed the flag to is none other than the legendary Luchador himself, Carlos Harrazane, Arriba's father.

Zbyszko: That old coot? He's still alive?

Tenay: Didn't he beat you all three times you met?

Zbyszko: I had a back ache... I was injured... I had a cold... I...

Tenay: You what Legend? Never beat him?

Zbyszko: One more crack like THAT and YOU will get a beating.

Scene switches to Prodigy's dressing room. Prodigy is getting prepared for his match later on Assault.

Coach: Prodigy, can I get a word with you about tonight's match-ups?

Prodigy: Which word do you want?

Coach: Several actually. What do you think of tonight's match, with Hasha and Hellfire, the Match of Hells?

Prodigy: I'll tell you what I think. I think Hasha will taste the one TRUE Hellfire in the XIWA, that being the big red machine. He'll make Hasha wish he'd never have left the rice fields back home for the XIWA. Hasha is but a midget in the land of giants. Hellfire will make Hasha wish he'd never have been born.

Coach: And what of your match with Draka, whom you've drawn an alliance with?

Prodigy: Tonight's business, not a friendship. Draka's gonna get in the ring, shut up and know his role, the same way I've delt with all my other opponents. Nothing personal, just business. Like he said, he'll give it HIS best, and I sure as hell am gonna give it mine.

Coach: There you heard it folks. Prodigy means business, despite friendships on this side of the ropes, back to you Professor.

Scene switches back to Tenay and Zbyszko.

Tenay: A man on a mission, and looking for his first XIWA win.

Zbyszko: I don't care who wins that match, as long as they beat the brains out of eachother.

Tenay: What's this? Something's happenning backstage...

Zbyszko: Shawna's giving his belt up to a REAL champion?

Scene switches back to Prodigy's dressing room. Hasha is seen kicking a fallen Prodigy. The audience starts to boo the footage being relayed on the X-Tron. Prodigy trys to fight back. Hasha with a spinwheel kick. Prodigy down. Hasha with a figure 4 leg lock. Prodigy yelling in pain. Hasha leans back further. Prodigy reaching for something to grab ahold of. Hasha lets go. Prodigy cursing and holding his knee. Hasha grabbing a chair. Hasha driving the chair into Prodigy's knee. Hasha picks Prodigy up and whips him into the lockers. Hasha grabs Prodigy and pins him against the lockers and looks him in the eye.

Hasha: Remember this face when you sleep. It will be in your nightmares. It will lurk around every corner. It will be the face that ends your XIWA and wrestling career.

Hasha sprays Gouka in Prodigy's face and falls to the ground, grabbing his face and his injured right leg. Hasha looks into the camera.

Hahsa: Hellfire, I hope you are ready. I'll show you who has the one TRUE Hellfire in the XIWA. And that is MY Hellfire, the Gouka. I'll make you wish you never left that backwoods shack you call home. You made the Assassin's hitlist. It's time to cross another name off, that being yours Hellfire.

Hasha steps back and kicks the camera. The camera fades to static. Scene goes back to Tenay and Zbyszko.

Tenay: Hasha telling it like he sees it, Legend. And Prodigy unfortunately on the receiving end.

Zbyszko: As well he should. That Hellfire looks like a reject from a bad "B" movie. And Prodigy is just getting some payback for interfering in Double J's and Shawna's Carnage match up this past Monday.

Tenay: Maybe so, but Hellfire has one of the most impressive XIWA win-loss records to date. Prodigy was making strides to be one of the XIWA's brightest stars.

Zbyszko: But look at who almost all of Hellfire's wins are against? He's beaten the Overfaker for 2 of his 3 wins. and his one LOSS is to the Overfaker. I'd call that a pretty weak schedule. Prodigy STILL hasn't proven his worth to me, Professor.

Tenay: And if everyone checked out the King's Kourt this week, you have seen that tonight's match-up pits the number 2 and number 3 Power Poll ranked wrestlers, Hasha and Hellfire respectively, against eachother.

Zbyszko: What I don't understand is how Braka-my-leg came in the top 5 at number 5. I mean, look at him! A peg legged accident waiting to be taken out like yesterday's garbage! And he thinks that Prodigy is his answer?

Tenay: We'll have to wait until ThunderDome to find out if Draka can overcome the odds and beat Big Poppa Pump in the Key On A Pole match. But first, let's get back to the action in the ring. Up next is the First Blood Hardcore match with the Hitman and Heltah Skeltah squaring off against the Hell's Riders, the Midnight Rider and the Undertaker.

Zbyszko: Anyone for chump on a stick?

"Seek and Destroy" by Metallica blast through the arena as L.J. "The Hitman" Randall makes his way from under the X-Tron. The crowd goes wild with cheers. Hitman makes his way down the ramp and to ringside, holding a large canvas bag. He takes his shades off and puts them on a little girl at ringside. Hitman hops into the ring. "Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz begins to play as Heltah Skeltah charges from under the X-Tron. He runs down the ramp holding a sack of his own and slides into the ring. Mixed cheers and boos accompany his entrance. He walks up to Hitman and gets nose to nose with him. Skeltah exchanges a few words with Hitman, then both hi-five eachother and look to the entrance.

"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor blares through the arena as the Midnight Rider and the Undertaker make their way down the ramp. The crowd boos loudly, with a few interspersed cheers. Taker is holding a 2x4 wrapped with barbed wire. Rider is carrying a large sack of his own. Rider and Taker make their way to ringside, where they scream at the ref to back Hitman and Skeltah away. Rider and Taker get into the ring. All four scream at eachother. Taker goes out to the corner and so does Hitman. The ref signal for the bell.

Heltah and Rider circle. Heltah charges and tackles Rider. Rider and Heltah exchange blows. Rider on top. Rider picks Heltah up and throws him into the corner. Rider rips the top turnbuckle cover off. Rider goes to bash Heltah's head. Heltah ducks and Rider hits his hand on it. Heltah whips Rider into the corner. Heltah with a back elbow. Heltah with a chop. Heltah with a snapmare. Heltah with a headlock. Heltah tags in the Hitman. The crowd cheers at the tag. Hitman with a boot to the head. Hitman motions to Heltah. Heltah tosses Hitman a billyclub. Hitman uses it on Rider's knee. Rider rolls away in pain. Hitman hits Rider with the club in the lower back. Rider reaches into his pants and pulls out a foreign object. Rider uses a slapjack on Hitman. Both men down. Rider rolls away and tags in Taker. Taker with a boot to the head. Hitman rolls out of the ring. Taker follows. Taker with a bodyslam on the floor. Taker whips Hitman into the steps. Hitman crawling away. Taker with a fist to the head. Hitman reeling. Taker with another fist. Hitman to his knees. Taker goes for another hit. Hitman blocks. Hitman with a low blow. Taker falls backward. Hitman up. Ref's count up to 7... 8... Hitman rolls in and breaks the count. Taker slowly gets up and into the ring. Hitman with a garbage can lid to Taker. Taker falls into his own corner and tags in Rider. Rider charges at Hitman. Both men down brawling.

Tenay: Here comes the fisticuffs!

Zbyszko: Wow, something to FINALLY watch?

Tenay: No love lost between these to competitors.

Zbyszko: They were lovers? Did I miss a show or two?

Tenay: ...

Hitman with a forearm to the head. Rider with a elbow to the ribs. Both men up. Rider with a whip into the ropes. Rider goes for a clothesline and so does Hitman. Both men clothesline eachother. Ref counts. 1... 2... 3... Hitman and Rider both edging to their corners. The crowd is in a loud roar. HItman tags in Heltah. Rider tags in Taker. Heltah runs at Taker and hits him with a crowbar in the stomach. Taker down. Heltah with the crowbar into the knee. Heltah with a suplex. Heltah with a pin. 1, 2... Taker kicks out. Heltah signals to Hitman. Hitman with the billyclub off the top rope. Taker down cold. Hitman back to the corner. Heltah with the pin. 1, 2... Rider with a boot to the head for the save. Hitman jumps in with a fist to Rider. All 4 men brawling. Heltah with the crowbar between Taker's legs. Taker down. Rider with the slapjack to Hitman's head. Hitman down. Rider with a pin. Heltah with a pin. Ref looks confused but counts. 1, 2... Hitman and Taker both kick out. Heltah with an elbow drop on Rider. Hitman rolls out of the ring. Taker still down. Rider with a fist. Heltah blocks and hits Rider in the ribs with the crowbar. Hitman grabs a chair. Rider down. Taker getting up. Hitman back into the ring with the chair. Hitman goes to hit Taker with the chair. Rider with the 2x4 to Hitman's knees. Hitman drops the chair and goes down. Heltah with a drop kick to Taker. Rider grabs the chair. Taker up. Rider with the chair on Heltah. Heltah ducks and Taker gets hit and begins to bleed. Hitman with the slapjack to Rider's head, Rider begins to bleed. Hitman covers Rider. Heltah covers Taker. The ref counts. 1, 2, 3... The ref signals for the bell.

Ring Announcer: Your winner of the Hardcore First Blood match, the team of L.J. "The Hitman" Randall and Heltah Skeltah!

Tenay: What a match folks! That was truly a display of what hardcore is all about. I see more good things coming from that duo in the future.

Zbyszko: I've seen preschoolers who have dirtier slapping fights than they had in the ring tonight.

Tenay: Still brooding on Carlos Harrazane being in attendance, Legend?

Zbyszko: I told you already Tenay...

Tenay: I know, I know. You were in a weakened condition.

Zbyszko: Shut up Professor!

"Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves."

Voice: "Live and only on PPV.... XIWA® Presents: ThunderDome, October 22nd from the Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas. Two stories of mesh steel, electrified fencing and weapons...."

The Camera begins to show the two story cage. As it pans you can see that the cage's two stories are split in half. Electricity flows through portions of the bottom cage with one steel ladder in the middle of the ring to climb to the second story of the cage. The camera pans up to the second story where we see weapons galore; cuffs, lead pipes, steel chairs, trash can lids, etc...

Voice: "Two men shall enter... but one shall prevail... but who will it be? XIWA World Heavyweight Champion, "Shotgun" Shawn Maverick puts his title on the line against "The Japanese Assassin" Hasha Koroshiya... XIWA® presents ThunderDome and you can only see it on PPV...

Tenay: You saw the footage folks. The world strap goes on the line among other matches. Be sure to order ThunderDome on PPV, coming this Monday!

Zbyszko: I must admit Tenay, taht WILL be a show to watch. The world strap will see a change of hands, and we'll see who comes out on top in the IC battle, not that any of those jobbers will hold the title that long.

Tenay: I wouldn't call ANY of the XIWA superstars jobbers, Legend.

Zbyszko: YOU wuoldn't... Enough said.

Tenay: And we go to our next match-up. Draka versus Prodigy.

Zbyszko: You mean battle of the cripples?

Tenay: ...

"Crush 'Em" by Megadeath blasts on the PA as Draka appears under the X-Tron. Draka slowly makes his way down the ramp. The crowd cheers and chants his name. Draka limps down to the ring and rolls in. "Smooth Criminal" by Alien Ant Farm comes on as the X-Tron flashes Prodigy's highlights. The crowd cheers. Nobody appears. The ref looks around, shrugs his shoulders and signals for the match to begin. The ref begins to count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10... Draka looks confused. The ref signals for the bell. The ref raises Draka's arm into the air.

Ring Announcer: And your winner, Draka!

Tenay: What an odd turn of events.

Zbyszko: What's even more odd is that Draka looks annoyed that he won. Take the win and go with it ya moron!

The X-Tron lights up again. Hasha is shown on the screen. The crowd boos.

Hasha: I hope you like the night off I gave you Drakula. You are going to need it for ThunderDome and the beating I'll give you in OUR match in the future. I want you as close to 100% as possible. I want there to be NO excuses for you to fall back on as I beat you over and over again. You think you feel pain NOW in your leg? I see a cushion next to Marlow in your future. Rest up cripple. You made the Japanese Assassin's hitlist. The time is coming to remove you from that list...

The crowd boos loudly. Draka climbs up to the top rope and raises his arms and points at the screen. The crowd begins to chant, "Draka... Draka... Draka..." The X-Tron shows a scene of Prodigy out cold on the floor before fading to black.

Tenay: An even MORE odd turn of events, Legend.

Zbyszko: At least SOMEONE around here knows HOW to get things done and takes NO prisoners.

Tenay: We'll be back after these messages.

Voice: "The Xtreme Internet Wrestling Alliance... What The World Is Watching..."

Highlights of Monday Night Carnage appear on the screen. A clip of SSM driving Jarrett into the table is shown. The crowd cheers.

Tenay: We're back here folks at the Compaq Center in Houston, Texas. We're trying to get an update on Prodigy. As soon as we find something out, we'll let you all know.

Zbyszko: Who cares about that? The biggest ass kicking the XIWA has seen is about to take place.

Tenay: I'd have to agree Legend. This is going to be one of the XIWA's biggest moments to date. The Match of Hells, Hasha versus Hellfire.

Zbyszko: Hellfire hasn't had a REAL match yet. He's had 3 matches against the Overfaker and one against the Latin Loonatic. I'd put my money on the man from the orient.

Tenay: I'd beg to differ. The big red machine is ready to go and more than able to give Hasha one of the best matches in his ENTIRE career.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, fans and fanatics, welcome to the Compaq Center in Houston, Texas! We are proud to bring to you the XIWA Assault main event!

"Danse Macabre" begins to play. Hellfire appears under the X-Tron. The crowd cheers as he slowly makes his way from the ramp to the ring, accompanied by Kill Kill Beast. Hellfire jumps up to the apron and climbs over the top rope. Hellfire walks to the center of the ring and raises his arms. He drops them quickly to his side. Pyro erupts from all 4 ringposts with a loud pop. The crowd goes wild and starts to chant, "Hell-fire... Hell-fire... Hell-fire..."

Ring Announcer: Being escorted by Kill Kill Beast. Standing 6 foot 11 and weighing in at 313 pounds. He hails from Plainsfield, Wisconsin. Welcome the big red machine, Hellfire!

The arena goes black. An eerie, green glow surrounds the ring. Hasha's theme, "Gouka," begins to play throughout the arena. A voice shouts out, "You made the Japanese Assassin's hitlist, be prepared to be taken out!" Hasha appears under the X-Tron. The crowd begins to boo. Hasha motions to the crowd and laughs. He makes his way down the ramp.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent. Standing 6 foot 1 and weighing in at 235 pounds. He hails from Tokyo, Japan. He is a former 12 time Japanese World Heavyweight champion. Give a warm welcome to the Japanese Assassin, Hasha Koroshiya!

Hasha makes his way to the ring and jumps in. He pulls a mic from his pocket and beins to speak.

Hasha: Hellfire, you may have sold your soul to the devil, but tonight, your ass is mine!

Hasha throws down the mic, points to Hellfire and makes a slashing motion across his throat. Hellfire runs towards Hasha. Hasha slides out of the ring. The ref calls for the bell to start the match.

Hasha signals the red to move Hellfire back. The ref moves Hellfire back. Hasha in the ring. Hellfire and Hahsa circle. Elbow collar tie up. Hellfire with a headlock. Hasha with a push into the ropes. Hellfire with a shoulder block. Hasha down. Hasha slingshots off the rope with a flying crossbody. Hellfire catches Hasha. Hellfire with a backbreaker. Hasha rolls out of the ring. Hellfire follows. Hasha with a chop, another, another. Hellfire reels back. Hasha with a spinning kick to the ribs. Hellfire stumbles back. 6, 7, 8... Hasha rolls back in to break the count. Hellfire climbs back in. Hasha with a flying dropkick. Hellfire down to one knee. Hasha with an elbow to the head. Hellfire grabs Hasha's trunks and throws him into the turnbuckle. Hasha hits and falls backwards. Hellfire with a scoopslam. Hellfire to the 2nd turnbuckle. Hellfire with a leg drop. The crowd cheers louder. Hellfire with the pin. 1, 2... Hasha kicks out. Hellfire picks Hasha up and whips him into the ropes. Hellfire with a clothesline. Hasha ducks. Hasha off the ropes. Hasha with a flying crossbody. Hellfire down. Hasha with the pin. 1... Hellfire kicks out. Hasha jumps on Hellfire's chest. Hasha picks Hellfire up by the hair. Hasha with a chop, another, another. Hellfire reeling back into a corner. Hasha with an Irish whip into the opposite corner. Hellfire reverses. Hasha hits hard. Hellfire charges in. Hasha moves away. Hellfire hits the corner with the missing turnbuckle cover.

Tenay: An unfortunate turn of events. Hellfire just hit the turnbuckle that had the cover removed earlier in the Hardcore First Blood match.

Zbyszko: Those are the breaks Professor. You come to a XIWA ring, be prepared to deal with the situation at hand.

Hellfire down. Hasha with a kick to the ribs. Hellfire rolls away. Hasha with an elbow drop. Another. Another. Hasha with a pin. 1, 2... Hellfire kicks out. Hasha complains about a slow count. Hellfire up to a knee. Hasha with a boot to the head. Hellfire up to both knees. Hasha with another boot to the head. Hellfire up to his feet. The crowd gets behind Hellfire. Hasha with a chop. Hellfire with a fist. Hasha reels back. Hasha with a chop. Hellfire with a fist. Hasha reels back. Hasha with a fist. Hellfire blocks. Hellfire with an elbow to the ribs. Hasha bends over in pain. Hellfire with a suplex. Hellfire with a pin. 1, 2... Hasha kicks out. Hellfire picks Hasha up and drags him over to a turnbuckle. Hellfire rams Hasha's head into the turnbuckle. The crowd counts off up to 8 before the ref breaks in. Hellfire tosses Hasha through the ropes. Hasha down to the floor. Hellfire follows. Hellfire grabs Hasha by the hair. Hasha with a low blow.

Tenay: Now THAT has got to hurt. Looks like it's a no holds barred brawl out there!

Zbyszko: I don't think Kill Kill Beast will be getting any love tonight. That'll a give a blue shade to your...

Tenay: To your face, right, Legend?

Zbyszko: Sure, Professor, among other things...

Hasha with a whip into the railing. Hellfire down to one knee. Hasha with an axe handle to the back. Kill Kill with a slap. Hasha pushes Kill Kill down. Hasha with a knee to the ribs. Hasha rolls Hellfire into the ring. Hasha pulls out a pair of handcuffs. Hasha cuffs Kill Kill to a ringpost. The crowd boos loudly at Hasha's actions. Hasha climbs to the top rope. Hasha with a frog splash. Hasha with a pin. 1, 2... Hellfire kicks out. Hasha with several kicks to the back. Hellfire makes it to the ropes. Hasha with a standing dropkick. Hellfire gets his arms tied up in the ropes. Hasha grins. Hasha with several boots to the ribs. The ref tries to free Hellfire. Hasha with a knee drop on the ankle. Hellfire trying to free himself. Hasha with a missle kick to the mid-section. The ref frees Hellfire. Hellfire down. Hasha grabs Hellfire's legs. Hasha with a leg drop between the legs. Hasha with an ankle lock. Hasha twists it hard. Hellfire reaches for the ropes. Ref asks Hellfire if he gives. Hellfire shakes head no. Hellfire reaches for the ropes again. Hasha with an elbow drop to the knee. Hasha grabs Hellfire's legs again. Hasha with a figure 4 leg lock. Hellfire yells. Hasha leans back. The ref asks if Hellfire wants to give. Hellfire says no. Hasha leans back further. Hellfire taps out. The ref calls for the bell.

Ring Announcer: And your winner, "The Japanese Assassin," Hasha Koroshiya!

Hasha keeps the hold locked in. The ref breaks the hold and then raises Hasha's arm in victory. Hasha grins. Hellfire makes it to his feet and leans against the ropes. Hasha turns around and grins. Hasha sprays Gouka into Hellfire's face. Hellfire falls out of the ring. Hasha climbs the turnbuckle and raises his arms in victory.

Tenay: What a match folks!

Zbyszko: Like I said, the easy money was on Hasha! That masked freak from the underworld got his initiation against a TRUE opponent tonight.

Tenay: You certainly DON'T want to miss ThunderDome, this Monday night. Order it today!

Zbyszko: If tonight was any indication of what Hasha has in store for the Schoolgirl, it's gonna be a HELL of a show!

Tenay: For the Living Legend, Larry Zbyszko, I'm the Professor, Mike Tenay. Join us here again next Thursday for XIWA Assault!

XIWA: Xtreme Internet Wrestling Alliance™ 2001. Dark Frontier Sims, LTD.® 2000-2001. All Rights Reserved.