Diamond Dallas Page: I like me. You like me. And I'm going to help you, like you, to be more like me, DDP. And that's a GOOD thing!

Diamond Dallas Page: You know Draka, I don't know what was a more classic scene, seeing the look on Hasha's face after he lost the title to you, or the look on your face after I slapped the Diamond Cutter on you, slapped it on your sad excuse for a woman, slapped your face like the b###h you are, then BANG! Slapped another Diamond Cutter on you. Let's say your days as champion are numbered. You have no personality and talent, and that's a BAD thing. You decided to chose the best wrestler in history to copy. You wanna be just like me, DDP. And that's a GOOD thing! You come out here day in and day out walking, talking and even using MY patented wrestling move.

Diamond Dallas Page: And Marlow, what kind of crap are you trying to pull here? I'd expect those kind of actions from good old Vinnie, but you? Someone who claims to have the best wrestling organization going today? Everyone knows that behind every good man, there is a good woman. Hey, it's no shame to admit that Eric old boy! Without the help and support of my wife and soulmate Kimberly Page, I couldn't have gotten as far in my career as I have. So I ask you all this, who exactly is behind the XIWA's success an ratings?

The camera pans back and a gorgeous female walks from behind DDP.

Kimberly Page: BANG! The answer to that question Dallas, would be me! I've been booking matches and running the show ever since Hasha handed Marlow his ass long, long time ago. I've got more power and control of the XIWA than you will EVER have. The only reason this federation is still around is because of my marketing skills and booking ability. Combine that with my persuasive scouting, you have the total package, Kimberly Page.

Diamond Dallas Page: You see Eric, I can call you Eric, right? You see Eric, you might have the money, that's all fine and dandy, but we sure know now who has the brains around the XIWA! And come Carnage, you will see the brains combined with the talent. Draka, you've trained Vicki? Fine. You know everything that I know, but I execute it better. I've trained Kimberly in the past, and still continue to train her. Guess what? She'll know everything that Vicki knows, but will be able to execute it better.

Kimberly Page: When all is said and done Miss Vixen, I'll be the one walking out of that ring with the belt in MY hand. Chyna? Please, shouldn't HE be in the men's division? And Hunter? Stick to hanging with swamp creatures. Vicki, you frail little thing. I'll show no mercy. I'll drag you from post to pillar and for the coup de gras, BANG! You'll feel the power of the Kimberly Cutter. The a short one, two, three later, you'll see me standing over you with hands held high, the new XIWA Women's Champion.

Diamond Dallas Page: And you know what Vicki? THAT, is a GOOD thing!