Diamond Dallas Page: I like me. You like me. And I'm going to help you, like you, to be more like me, DDP. And that's a GOOD thing!

Diamond Dallas Page: You know Triple H, you are a whole HELL of a lot of talk, and not a whole lot of show, and that's a BAD thing. You b###h and moan about not beating wrestler A, not pinning wrestler B, but in fact, it's your own damn fault for not taking advantage of the opportunity to take Draka's title from him. He's in a weakened state, and even that ape-woman Chyna could beat him, and that's a GOOD thing!.

Diamond Dallas Page: The only gold you'll ever see is already in your possession, and that's a bad thing. You don't have the talent to beat me, or any other of the wrestlers here in the XIWA. ?

The camera pans back .

Kimberly Page: .

Diamond Dallas Page: .

Kimberly Page: .

Diamond Dallas Page: !