"Shadow of the Beast" begins to play as a masked man walks down the ramp to the ring. The man has a mic in hand and begins to address the crowd.

Carlos Harrazane: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I'd like to introduce you to the newly crowned XIWA World Heavyweight Champion, "The Japanese Assassin," Hasha Koroshiya! And following him, my son, "The Latin Lover" Arriba Harrazane!

Hasha and Arriba walk from under the X-Tron to a thunderous roar of boos. Hasha holds the Championship belt high above his head. Arriba jumps up and down and taunts the crowd as they make their way to the ring. Hasha flips himself over the top rope into the ring and Arriba baseball slides into the ring. Both men meet in the center of the ring and greet the masked man.

Carlos Harrazane: I welcome you to this festive occassion! I am "El Conquistador," Carlos Harrazane. I am the new manager of the BEST team the XIWA has to offer. I present to you, DOJO MUNDO!

Hasha and Arriba walk from under the X-Tron to a thunderous roar of boos. Hasha holds the Championship belt high above his head. Arriba jumps up and down and taunts the crowd as they make their way to the ring. Hasha flips himself over the top rope into the ring and Arriba baseball slides into the ring. Both men meet in the center of the ring and greet the masked man. Hasha takes the mic and addresses the audience.

Hasha Koroshiya: Thank you, thank you, thank you. My plan in the XIWA has come full circle. Everything I said I'd do, I have done. And here I stand, YOUR World Heavyweight Champion. So Shawna, how does it feel? Feeling a little LESS of a man? You come out here saying you are going to take care of all the other wrestlers in the XIWA as a favor to me? Konigiwa! I commend you on wanting to see me persevere. But you are on a frivilous quest. YOU will have your ass dealt with by the various jobbers you will face. You are once again incomplete Shawna. I hold in MY hands what I said I would after our match at ThunderDome. And your comments have proven me correct. You will do ANYTHING to try to win this gold strap. That includes having Double Gay coming out to the ring and helping you try to keep the strap. But here I stand, a Champion, and you, a beaten schoolgirl. How did it feel to look down at me and see the gold strap in my hand, then feel it crash into your skull shortly thereafter? I told you I let you get that strap, just to have me take it away. I came through on MY promise Shawna. You just disappointed EVERYONE with your lies and false prediction that you could be me. Remeber Shawna, YOU signed the contract that said anything goes. Next time, put those nerdy glasses on and read the fine print!

King: Look! Did you hear that?

Cole: What's that King?

King: Just like our new Champion said and just like I said, the Schoolgirl went to his knees just like the chump he is! Hasha beat him like the sorry excuse for a wrestler he is! Ha ha!

Arriba Harrazane: What I'd like for you all to do now, is to shut your fat, inbred, alcoholic asses for just a minute to recognize 3 of the greatest wrestlers this business has EVER known! OH yeah, by the way, you all can kiss my tight Latino ass! Hey chica! Yeah, I'm talking to you Miss Kimmy-Kim. Why do you treat Arriba the way you do? I was MORE than cleared to wrestle the battle royal for the IC title. I was robbed! Everyone here knows it too! So, to you Way-2-Gay, consider your days numbered as the champion. Everyone here KNOWS I can beat you 1, 2, 3 anytime, anywhere. I'm guning for you, and that strap WILL be mine.

The crowd chants "You suck... you suck... you suck..." Hasha looks at the crowd and begins to shake his head. Arriba jumps up and down in a fit, then slaps his rear end and points to the crowd. Carlos motions for Arriba to settle down. Carlos points to the crowd, takes the mic and speaks.

Carlos Harrazane: You fans really have NO clue who you are in the presence of, do you? Arriba is a 7-time Heavyweight Champion. Hasha is a 13-time World Heavyweight Champion. And I, "El Conquistador" am a 10-time Heavyweight Champion. I don't see any gold straps on YOUR waists! It's time to shut up and give respect where respect is due. Hasha Koroshiya has put 2 black "L's" in the Schoolgirl's loss column. Once in tag team wrestling, and once in singles. What more does he have to prove to everyone? Shawna can and HAS been beaten, end of story.

Chants for "Shotgun" and "Draka" and "Hellfire" and "Hitman" among others can be heard circulating throughout the arena. Arriba runs over to his dad and asks for the mic.

Arriba Harrazane: Like I said before, you disrespect me, you disrespect my father, and I WON'T stand for it! Once you all have stepped into the ring and claim the same accomplishments we have, then you can judge. Until then, you can kiss ALL of our tight asses! Now, on to family business. Hitman! I hear you spouting off in the back. Too afraid to come face some Latin Heat? I see you have aligned yourself with the biggest bunch of HAS BEENS the XIWA has to offer. Ric "Watch My Hemroids" Flair, "Double Gay" Jeff Ferrett, and Big Lefta Dump, Shoddy Steiner. Some company! Sounds like the listing to a local nursing home!

Lawler: Ha ha! Finally! The Latin Jumping-bean has said something semi-intelligent!

Cole: How much longer is THIS going to go on?

Lawler: Until the Champ is finished! Now shut up before you get a Gouka sandwich, pinhead!

Arriba jumps up and down clapping his hands at his funny. He high fives Hasha and continues.

Arriba Harrazane: Come Assault, you are going to feel something you haven't felt since daddy made those late night trips to your bedroom. And that feeling you ask? PAIN! A pain that will make you SCREAM! Bring the whole damn 4 Horsefags with you! I think you'll need them because EVERYONE knows that you are a never-will-be. It'll almost be a shame wrestling you again. It's gonna be embarassing to put yet ANOTHER loss on your record. But, I will survive. It's the least I can do for my fans.

Arriba Harrazane: So Stiffman, you best be bringing everything you got, and THEN some, because frankly, Arriba's gonna kick your ass. Come Thursday at Assault, you will soon feel what everyone else in the XIWA has felt. You will hear it in your dreams, you will hear it in your nightmares. I will stand high above you and the last thing you hear before I pin your pathetic ass will be, "VIVA LA REVOLUCION!"

Arriba gives the crowd a 2 finger salute and hands the mic to Hasha. The crowd begins to chant, "Jobber... jobber... jobber..." Arriba jumps up and down in a fit. Hasha motions for Arriba to calm down. Arriba pats his rear end and points to the audience and laughs. Hasha begins to address the crowd again.

Hasha Koroshiya: This goes out to ANYONE who thinks they are going to get into Dojo Mundo's business. Think again. Ask yourselves, "Do I REALLY want to be beaten like the bitch I am?" If you answered "Yes" to that question, bring your pathetic ass to the ring. We will be MORE than ready to beat you like the jobber you are. If you answered "No," then stay home and rest yourself until your next match with the Brooklyn Brawler or that punk wrestler wannabe Drakula. Yeah, you heard me right. What makes you think you are worthy of a title shot Drakula? Just console that midget of yours and keep working at winning a match. Once you think you are ready, I'll consider letting you wrestle Arriba first. Should you beat him, THEN we'll see when you can compete against me. Until then, shut your hole! YOU are in NO position to be issuing challenges. I don't see any gold on YOUR waist!

Hasha pauses as the crowd boos loudly and begins to chant, "Dra-ka... Dra-ka... Dra-ka..." Hasha grins a green grin and sticks his tongue out at the crowd. He makes a slashing motion across his throat and points to all 4 sections of the audience. Carlos points his thumb down to each section after Hasha moves to the next section.

Hasha Koroshiya: Come one, come all! Come on down 4 Horsefags, come on down Hell Riders, come on down Ministry, come on down Untouchables. You are looking at the FUTURE of the XIWA and the future XIWA Tag Team champions! You think you are worthy of a shot, give Carlos a call. Make sure you can plead a good case. I am YOUR World Heavyweight Champion, so I will wrestle the matches YOU want to see! Mark my words, you mess with Dojo Mundo, you will be added to the Assassin's hitlist. Once you are next in line, it'll be time for Dojo Mundo and the Japanese Assassin to cross your jobber ass off the list!

"Shadow of the Beast" begins to play again. Hasha throws down the mic to the biggest booing of the night. All 3 men stand in the middle of the ring, arms raised up high. Hasha sprays Gouka high into the air then grins again. All 3 men exit the ring and head up the ramp. They pause just under the X-Tron, raise their arms up high and exit under the X-Tron.

Lawler: I can't wait for Hasha's first title defense! The TRUE champion was FINALLY crowned!

Cole: I think Hasha's days are numbered. He's already insulted enough wrestlers to make his life a living hell for weeks to come.

Lawler: But what can they do? Hasha's the champ and THEY aren't!

Cole: We'll find out in the near future, King. Stay tuned to XIWA, Monday Night Carnage and XIWA Assault for MORE great wrestling action. This is DEFINITELY a week you DON'T want to miss!