"Shadow of the Beast" begins to play as Carlos Harrazane and Hasha Koroshiya walk from under the X-Tron. The crowd erputs in boos and a few spatters of cheers. Carlos and Hasha make their way down the ramp and down to the ring. Carlos steps into the ring followed by Hasha. Carlos takes out a mic and addresses the crowd.

Carlos Harrazane: Everyone on your feet to pay respects to YOUR new, XIWA World Heavyweight Champion!

Hahsa climbs to the top rope and holds the XIWA strap high. Camera flashes go off and the crowd boos. Hasha sticks out a green tongue. Carlos applauds. Hasha back flips off the top rope and walks over to Carlos.

Carlos Harrazane: Now, with that being said, Dojo Mundo has a little family business to attend to. Schoolgirl, we all knew you were a coward. And at Assault, you showed the fans your TRUE colors. Coming into a match that wasn't yours to PURPOSELY end my son's wrestling career. It takes a big man to blind-side someone with a chair and repeatedly hit him after he is knocked unconscious. And you call yourself the best the XIWA has to offer? You went running out of that ring pretty quick when Hasha came out from the back. You THAT much of a coward?

The audience begins to boo, then chant "Shot-gun... Shot-gun... Shot-gun..." Carlos shakes his head. Hasha reaches for the mic.

Hasha Koroshiya: I thought you all here in the audience today would finally realize what a chump Shawna really is. I guess I was wrong. You all are just as disillusioned as the Schoolgirl. You continue to cheer a wrestler such as Shawna, who comes out here and puts Arriba, my patner, into the hospital. Arriba's future in professional wrestling is now in jeopardy. He is still unconscious. The doctors say he is out indefinitely with a neck injury worse than what he suffered at the hands of Hellfire.

King: I can't believe that!

Cole: That Arriba is out for a long time?

King: No you pinhead, the fact that Carlos is in the ring and I'm not!

Cole: Still bitter over those losses King?

King: Shut up you dork!

The crowd murmurs at the revelation of the extent of Arriba's injuries. Hasha get a serious look on his face and continues.

Hasha Koroshiya: And Shawna, your time WILL come! But not just yet. There are a couple speed bumps along the way. Those speed bumps being named Double Gay and Big Crappa Dump. Two of the four Horsewomen. You know, I thought retirement home residents weren't allowed in the ring. Jeff Ferrett, I took you out your match with Schoolgirl for one simple reason. You weren't in my master plan. You were a minor distraction along the way. My misssion was to disgrace Shawna and strip him of MY title. It just wasn't your day, and nor will it EVER be! And Scotty Whiner, don't forget who gave you a nice wad of money a few weeks back. You are STILL in my back pocket. And Drakula... Feelings will be put aside in a show of mutual respect as we take care of the business at hand. We will show these two has-beens what TRUE wrestling is all about. And if they think they can try any sneaky handed tactics, we have "El Conquistador" Carlos Harrazane in our corner.

The crowd begins to chant "Dra-ka... Dra-ka... Dra-ka..." Hasha grins. Carlos takes the mic.

Carlos Harrazane: And don't you all forget that Dojo Mundo has and WILL take care of business. Ric, we've never had the pleasure of wrestling against eachother. BUt I do know this, you are WAY past your prime, not that you ever had one. All the wrestlers you fought for your titles were has-beens and jobbers. You may have fought some good opponents for titles, but the victories were tainted in controversy. So "Whoo" all you want. Words are mere words, and actions speak louder. Bring your best game any time, anywhere, and I'll show you how a REAL wrestler and luchador wins a match!

Hasha Koroshiya: So you two Horsewomen go ahead and make all the promos you think you need to. In the end, it will be the wrestling skills that will win the match. So Ric, put in the dentures aand bleach the hair. Big Crappa Dump, flex the steroid enhanced biceps. Stiffman, but some more fake Oakleys to hand out. And Double Gay Jeff Ferrett, play some blues on that guitar, 'cause come Monday Night Carnage, you will be singing it after you see Drakula and the XIWA World Heavyweight Champion raising their arms in victory. 4 Horsewomen, be put on notice, you made the Assassin's AND Dojo Mundo's hitlist, time to cross YOUR names off.

Hasha tosses the mic down and sprays Gouka into the air. "Shadow of the Beast" begins to play once again as Carlos and Hasha depart the ring and head up the ramp. Hasha stops just under the X-Tron, makes a slashing motion across his throat and points to the ring. Dojo Mundo exits the arena.