"Shadow of the Beast" begins to play as Carlos Harrazane and Hasha Koroshiya walk from under the X-Tron. Hasha holds the XIWA World Heavyweight Championship belt up high for all to see. Camera flashes go off as the crowd works up to a steady boo. Carlos and Hasha make their way down the ramp to the ring. Carlos slides into the ring. Hasha grabs the top rope and flips himself into the ring. Carlos takes out a mic and addresses the crowd.

Carlos Harrazane: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, champs and chumps! I'd like to introduce to you, YOUR one and only, XIWA World Heavyweight Champion, Hasha Koroshiya!

The crowd erupts into louder boos and a few cheers. Chants for "Draka" and "Shotgun" can be heard echoing amid the jeering. Carlos continues.

Carlos Harrazane: Being the fine, well educated man I am, I wanted to enlighten you all on a few things. First, the subject of Arriba Harrazane, my son. Those of you who witnessed the attrocities of this past week at Assault, are well aware of the length to which Shawna the Schoolgirl will go to try to secure a shot at the top dog in the XIWA. Shawna, boy, you went WAY over the line. Interfering in a match is one thing. It happens all the time. But coming out to the ring with the full intent on permanently injuring someone to the point where their wrestling career is in jeopardy? Now THAT, Schoolgirl, is NOT the action of a champion. You want to come out here and do the whole silence thing, fine. We've all seen the Sting thing before. You want to come out here and do the whole spraypaint thing, fine. We've all seen Hollyjoke Hogan and the New World Losers thing before. You want to come out and use a sledgehammer on a wrestler? Now THAT is NOT fine!

The X-Tron begins to play footage of Shotgun Shawn Maverick's last tirade. THe crowd is mixed in cheers and boos. Carlos points to the X-Tron.

Carlos Harrazane: LOOK! Is THAT who you want to be your champion? Someone who has to resort to using DEADLY force to make a point? How about doing some of your talking in the ring for a change Shawna? Like this Monday at Carnage. Are you going to let your so-called skills do your talking? Or are you going to resort to the underhanded attacks for which you've become so engrossed in lately? The attack on my son was just... just...

Carlos visibly chokes up. Hasha takes the mic from Carlos and begins to speak.

Hasha Koroshiya: Shawna, your time will come. You better start wreslting instead of jobbing. We've all seen how cranky Schoolgirl can get when he doesn't have MY title belt to hold as a security blanket. Come and get it you buffoon! You've been throing your little temper tantrums here and there. Beating up wrestler A, putting wrestler B in the hospital. That will all come to an end. Come Carnage, you will feel an angel. A Fallen Angel to be exact. Chris Daniels, you may or may not want to get involved in this, but for now, Dojo Mundo is extending it's help to you, should Shawna decide to continue his corrupt ways.

King: Did I just hear Hasha correctly? Could a new member be coming into the Dojo Mundo?

Cole: You heard Hasha correctly as in he is willing to back the Fallen Angel up. But I heard no new member inducted to the ranks of the Dojo Mundo.

King: I heard him! I heard him!

Cole: I think you need to clean out your ears King.

King: How 'bout I clean your clock?

Hasha looks around the arena. He raises his hand with one finger pointed up.

Hasha Koroshiya: One thing at a time. Shawna's time is coming, but that is neither here nor there. The challenge, or rather the stepping stone at hand, is my tag match with the 4 Horsewomen this Monday Night at Carnage. An unlikely alliance of sorts with one Drakula and one Hasha Koroshiya. I can let by gones be by gones for this match, and a chance to shove Double Gay's freakin' guitar up that Steiner glazed ass of his!

The crowd breaks out in laughter and cheers for a breif period. Chants of "Dra-ka... Dra-ka... Dra-ka..." can be heard rumbling thoughout the audience.

Hasha Koroshiya: And that genetic freak? I mean, STEROID freak! Don't try any of your back door moves on me. What's good for the Ferrett, is NOT good for the Hasha! Swiner, you are going to go down faster than your momma on a drunken sailor! You have never won a square tag match without your brother's help. And he's not your partner. So you can take those four fingers, hold them up high, then shove them straight up your ass, because you don't have a rat's ass chance in HELL to beat Drakula and myself. You can even bring that geriatric ward freak you call a leader down to ringside. Ric "Watch My Hemroids" Flair ran from Carlos Harrazane for years, so if he thinks he can come to ringside without meeting him face to face... Well, like Judas Priest said, "You got another thing coming!"

Hasha hands the mic to Carlos. Carlos climbs up a corner post to the top turnbuckle.

Carlos Harrazane: Ric! Can you hear me? I heard what the little 4 Horsewoman b###h the Stiffman said earlier. I did not run from you Flair. I laid out my challenges month after month, year after year. You ignored them all and instead wrestled cardboard champs and jobbers for your titles. Not to mention all the matches you won in controversy. All of my titles have been won legitimately. I'll admit, you had talent. Key word being, HAD! I, on the other hand, HAVE talent. Your best years of stealing titles and scamming matches are FAR behind you Ric. I've beaten the likes of Hulk Hogan, Larry Zbyszko, the Von Erich's, the Great Fatu Singh, and Takamira Sinoshisan. I've beaten them all. Granted, I lost to some of the great ones as well. But there was ALWAYS that one who seemed to want to avoid me. That one, was YOU Ric Flair. Call this a challenge, call it a taunt, call it a brawl in the making, call it what you will. Your days of running from El Conquistador are OVER! Your day of reconning is at hand!

The crowd cheers Carlos' challenge. Hasha takes the mic back and points to Carlos. Carlos raise his hands in the air and yells a battle cry. Carlos flips off the top rope backward and lands on his feet.

Hasha Koroshiya: Take it from me Flair, this is one man you don't want to mess with! Come Monday night at Carnage, the 4 Horsewomen are going to feel a bitter defeat. Winning the match is secondary to the pain I want to inflict on those two flunkies of Flair. The Horsewomen crossed the wrong men. Drakula is looking for retribution for the kidnapping of his whatever she is, and for screwing him out of a shot at MY belt. (Hasha chuckles) And me... I'm looking for a bit of revenge for Double Gay interfering at ThunderDome and trying to screw me out of winning MY belt. Come to think of it, Double Gay likes screwing over guys. Always knew he was a fruitcake. And Ric, I feel sorry for YOUR brittle-boned ass. Carlos is going to rip you apart should you come anywhere NEAR the ring Monday night!

Hasha Koroshiya: So Horsewomen, your days are in the past. You don't have the great members you once did. You now have to make due with a recycled gimmick-man, the Stiffman, a steroid backdoor man, Scotty Whiner, a can't win a match with out my guitar, Double Gay Jeff Ferrett, and the biggest jobber of them all, thier so-called leader, Ric "Watch My Hemroids" Flair! Drakula, you do your part and we will win this match. Beating this band of misfits will be a walk in the park. This is payback time for everything your sorry asses have done. Horsewomen, you made the Japanese Assassin's hitlist. Time to cross your names off!

Hasha reels back his head and sprays Gouka into the air. Carlos throws out another battle cry and raises his fists into the air. Both men exit the ring and head up the ramp. The crowd is mixed in applause and boos. Hasha and Carlos stand just beneath the X-Tron. Hasha raises the XIWA World Heavyweight title above his head. Flashes go off again throughout the arena. Hasha and Carlos exit the arena.