The camera fades in to a black and white shot of Hasha Koroshiya and Carlos Harrazane seated in a dark room. "Shadow of the Beast" begins to play quietly in the background. Scenes from Hasha's previous XIWA matches play out on a screen behind them. The final scene being the one from Carnage where Hasha is drilled between two chairs. The screen behind Hasha fades to black. Scene switches to a close-up of Hasha Koroshiya.

Hasha Koroshiya: You want to know something. Sometimes, it takes a rude awakening in order for you to see where your path is going to take you. And I was the recipiant of several such awakenings at Monday Night Carnage. You see, just because Marlow has a grudge against the Dojo Mundo and myself, doesn't change the fact that I'm the best thing this federation has eveer seen. I mean, what does he think he's trying to pull off, pitting Carlos and Arriba against myself for my World Heavyweight Championship? This match can't and won't go down for the simple fact Marlow can't force Carlos and Arriba to wrestle against me. And as for Schoolgirl Shawna Maverick being the special guest referee for that match. Shawna got so scared he ran away and retired before he took a severe ass whooping from the Dojo Mundo. And now Prodigy tucked his tail between his legs and from reports was last seen asking "Would you like fries with that?" How the so-caled superstars of the XIWA have fallen. But one still remains. Hasha Koroshiya, your XIWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Scene switches to a close-up of Carlos Harrazane.

Carlos Harrazane: I would like to address the resident cowards of the XIWA. That being four women, Horsewomen to be exact. Everyone saw their brutal display on Monday night at Carnage. Like Hasha said, it was a night of rude awakenings. How many times do the Horsewomen have to abuse their privilage of wrestling in the XIWA until Marlow and Miss Page get off their pedestals and do something about it? Is it going to take another broken leg for you Marlow? Or is it going to take another deliverance of the Stroke into a steel chair for you Miss Page? Frankly, Dojo Mundo is getting sick of the lack of management around here, so we've aquired the services of another wrestler. So Horsewomen, you won't know when, you won't know where, but just know, it is now OUR time from now on. Your day of reconning is at hand.

Scene switches back to a close-up of Hasha Koroshiya.

Hasha Koroshiya: You see, the events of Monday night not only changed the direction of Dojo Mundo, they will have a shakedown effect throughout the XIWA itself. The Dojo Mundo isn't out for justice, no. We are out for a guilty pleasure, revenge. Long, drawn out, calculated revenge. No one in the Four Horsewomen will be safe. Flair, trust no one. Not even the orderly who comes in to wipe your ass and change you bed pan. Dojo Mundo will start by getting those close to you to betray you. Who do you think you trust Flair? Who do you think I could buy allegiance from? Everyone still remembers I have Scotty Whiner in my pocket after the cash I gave him in our agreement. Flair, it could be him. Remember when Double Gay and I dismantled Drakula and Schoolgirl in tag competition. Well, Double Gay hasn't tasted a victory that sweet in a long time. Flair, it could be him. What about the youngster, the Hitman? He's being used as a sideshow, a stooley. He has to wait behind all the egos for his chance to shine. I believe he's tired of waiting. Flair, it could be him.

Scene switches back to a close-up of Carlos Harrazane.

Carlos Harrazane: What Hasha's saying Flair, is that your days in the XIWA were numbered even before they began. Do you trust the people around you enough to risk your own life for them? It just may come down to that. I know I can trust my son. I know I can trust Hasha. I know I can trust the newest member of Dojo Mundo. I don't think, in all seriousness Flair, that you can claim the same about your Horsewomen. Your actions at Carnage will seal your demise hear in the XIWA. You attacked Prodigy, Heltah, Lawler, Cole, Styles, the Ring Announcer, Triple H, Hasha, Schoolgirl, Miss Page and myself. You have just about the whole XIWA roster after your asses now. Not to mention the dissent from within your ranks as well. Not a pretty place to be in. And the biggest thing of all Flair, you had a small glimpse of the pain I can inflict on you. I saw the fear in your eyes Flair. I liked that look. I've got a blood hunger, and it will be satisfied only with your blood Flair. You thought you started the games? I'm sorry to say you are sadly mistaken. The games start NOW!

Scene switches back to a close-up of Hasha Koroshiya.

Hasha Koroshiya: One more thing for you Marlow and Horsewomen, if you think you can pull any more fast ones...

Scene switches to a close-up of a third firgure sitting in the room.

Third Figure: You can kiss my tight Latino ass!

Scene shows all three Dojo Mundo members sitting in the middle of the room before the camera fades to black.