"Shadow of the Beast" begins to play as El Conquistador, Carlos Harrazane walks down the ramp to the ring. Carlos slides into the ring and begins to address the crowd.

Carlos Harrazane: Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, your XIWA World Heavyweight Champion, Hasha Koroshiya!

Hasha emerges from under the X-Tron amid an array of cheers and boos. Hasha holds the championship belt up high. The X-Tron blazes a video clip over and over again. That video clip being the footage from the ThunderDome PPV where Hasha threw Jarrett off the two-story cage.

Jarrett starts to climb the cage. Hasha beating on the legs of SSM. Hasha lets go of SSM, who rolls around clutching his legs. Hasha salutes the crowd and points up. Hasha climbing the hatch. Hasha out on top of the dome. Jarrett greeting Hasha with several closed fists. Hasha reeling from the attack. Jarrett grabs Hasha and delivers an atomic drop. The crowd going wild for the first time for Double J. Jarrett grabs Hasha to turn him around. Hasha spins and delivers a side kick to the gut. Jarrett stumbling back on the roof. Hasha sprays Jarrett's face with Gouka. Jarret grabbing his face. Hasha shoves Jarrett off the cage. Jarrett falling from the cage all the way down to the floor where he crashes through the announcer's table.

Hasha turns, looks up and smiles at the footage being played. The crowd cheers everytime Jarrett falls and crashes through the announcer's table. Hasha walks down the ramp and makes his way to the ring. He grabs the top rope and flips himself into the ring. Carlos and Hasha hi-five eachother.

Carlos Harrazane: You know Hasha, I've been wondering something. What's that tremendous stench in the back everytime we are at a XIWA event?

Hasha gins, pulls out a mic and responds.

Hasha Koroshiya: I don't know for sure Carlos, but it smells like fear. And it's always coming from the direction of the Four Horsewomen's dressing room. It was a familiar smell, now that I recall.

Carlos Harrazane: How so Hasha? Inquiring minds want to know!

Hasha Koroshiya: It was the same smell I sensed just before I threw Double Gay off the ThunderDome cage. And I think I can pin point that smell. You want me to let you all here in on a little secret?

Carlos Harrazane: Yes! I'm sure everyone here wants to know what little tidbit of info you have about this mystery smell!

Hasha Koroshiya: Well, you see fans, just before I threw Double Gay's carcass from the cage, I noticed something besides the fear he has of falling off. It was a yellow streak running down his pretty white trunks. That boy wet himself like a little schoolgirl!

The crowd erupts in uncontrobable laughter. Carlos grabs his side and laughs outloud.

Hasha Koroshiya: It's true! It's true! I smelled it again when Drakula and the Pixie brought out an arrest warrant. I'm mean, were those police officer's blind? All you had to do is follow the yellow stained trail in order to find where Double Gay and his backdoor buddy Scotty Whiner went! And once again, I smelt it during the tag match the Schoolgirl and myself had against them. They should have borrowed some of Flair's Depends before they came out. And believe it or not, I smelt it a third time! Right when the I-Touch-Myselfs came out. The Horsewomen high-tailed a yellow trail throught the audience. Everytime I pass their lockerroom, it smells like a damn bed-wetter's matress!

Carlos Harrazane: I know they all want to BE like Flair, but DAMN! They don't habe to have the same uncontrolable bladder as their faux-leader! So, now that we've cleared up the mystery smell from the back, what's next item up in the Dojo Mundo's family business?

Hasha Koroshiya: Well, I think it's time for Mr. Sorrow, excuse me, Mr. MARLOW, to have his head checked. His so-called triple threat match for MY title at Carnage was a no-go, just like I said. And furthermore, Drakula... Boy, you best be signing some big-time life insurance policies, because after I'm through with YOUR sorry ass, the Pixie is gonna have nowhere to run! You think it takes a big man to go below Marlow's desk to get a title shot? My answer to that is that the man would have to be EXACTLY your height and look EXACTLY like you! Those are some pretty chapped lips you got going there Drakula. And if I'm not mistaken, Marlow's been talking in the back that he's suffering stubble burn below the waist. I'm glad it only took my wrestling skills in the ring to secure my shot at the title. In your case, it took your intern skills. Or was it that wh*re escort of yours? I bet she could polish one off that would make former President Clinton blush.

The crowd erupts in a mix of laughter, boos and chants for Draka.

Carlos Harrazane: Drakula, if you think you can run around claiming that you laid the Dojo Mundo out, you got another thing coming. Try facing the Latin Lover one on one. Try facing El Conquistador one on one. Try facing the Japanese Assassin one on one. Oh yeah... The big shot with the gimp leg gave you a shot at the Vendetta PPV. You best be counting the days down until Vendetta. Those are the final days of your wrestling career. So Hasha, I think you have the next item on the family business list...

Hasha Koroshiya: That I do Carlos. In one named Mandilyn "Man Hunter" Hunter. Is this a joke? Marlow REALLY needs to get his head checked. Putting me against THAT broad? I mean, I don't believe in hitting a woman, but honestly, who here would give a days wages to fool around with that buxom beauty? After I beat her ass into the ground, I think I'll have her do the Dojo's laundry. If she proves herself worthy, we may even invite her to stick around. Maybe even become a member of the Dojo Mundo if she proves herself worthy. But as for our match this Carnage, it's a non-title match, so I may just as well enjoy myself. All work and no play makes the Assassin a dull man!

Carlos lets out a belly-laugh and leans over. Just then, "Maria" by Ricky Martin begins to play. Hasha and Carlos look to the entrance under the X-Tron. Arriba Harrazane appears beneath the X-Tron to the a mixture of boos and cheers from the crowd. Arriba works his way to the ring and slowly slides in. He pulls out a mic of his own and begins to speak.

Arriba Harrazane: You can all shut up and KISS MY TIGHT LATINO ASS! That's right, the Latin Heartthrob is back, and even better than before. I have a certain beef with one Drakula. You know, he shouldn't stick his nose into OUR business. The Dojo Mundo won't stand for...

Hasha walks over to Arriba and rips the mic from his hand. Carlos steps between Arriba and Hasha.

Hasha Koroshiya: Arriba! What the hell were you thinking by trying to have a match between us at Carnage?

Arriba grabs Carlos' mic and looks to Hasha.

Arriba Harrazane: Latin Heat has his fans to think about! All I wanted to do is put on a great show against my two biggest influences, you and my dad. So I thought that...

Hasha Koroshiya: That's exactly right. You thought. I am the sole leader of the Dojo Mundo. I do ALL the thinking around here. You listen to what I have to say, and there will be NO problems. I said no Carnage triple-threat match, and that's what I meant. NO MATCH!

Arriba Harrazane: But what about my fans? The the Arribadors need to see their hero and...

Hasha Koroshiya: I told you, I do the thinking around here! If you think any differently, you can kiss that Latino ass all the way out of the XIWA, understood?

Arriba Harrazane: But I... What about... Yes Hasha. I understand completely. You're the boss in the Dojo Mundo. Arriba is happy to follow!

Hasha Koroshiya: Now that's understood, don't you have a match this Carnage?

Arriba jumps up and down and claps his hands together.

Arriba Harrazane: Hell Razah, what kind of name is that? Sounds like Someone forgot a few letters in your name. I think you are really Hellen, so that's what I'll call you. Hellen, I don't beat up chicks, but in your case I'll make an exception. That exception being for the fact that you look like the ass end of a baboon during mating season!

The audience erupts in a mix of laughter and boos. Arriba jumps up and down and claps his hands together again. Arriba laughs outloud.

Arriba Harrazane: Arriba made a funny! And that's the only thing you'll have to laugh at because after Latino Heat runs wid on you, you'll be asking yourself WHY did I begin wrestling in the first place?

Hasha Koroshiya: That's right Hellen. And if you think those goons you run with are gonna be making any guest appearances, well, they better think twice. The Dojo Mundo is back, and pissed as hell. NO one, I mean NO ONE will step in our way and survive. That means you Horsewomen, you Drakula, you I-touch-myself-les, you Man Pleaser and you Hellen. You are all on the Assassin's and the Dojo's list. Time to take you ALL out!

Hasha spits Gouka into the air. "Shadow of the Beast" begins to play throughout the arena. The crowd erupts in a mixture of applause and jeers. The Dojo Mundo members make their way back up to the X-Tron entrance. Hasha stops, makes a slashing motion across his throat and points to the ring. The Dojo Mundo exits the arena.