The scene fades into a dingy, dirty gym. In the middle of the poorly lit gym is a ring. In that ring is Hasha Koroshiya. Hasha is practicing various martial arts katas. Carlos walks into the gym. Hasha looks up briefly, then continues his katas. Carlos sets his duffel bag down and looks to Hasha.

Carlos Harrazane: Not much for words tonight Champ?

Hasha continues various spin kicks and punches at the air. Hasha pauses a moment, picks up a pair of bamboo sticks and goes back to his katas. Hasha twirls the sticks around with expertise precision. Hasha walks over to a corner and procedes to beat at the top turnbuckle. He twirls the sticks arouns and crashes them on top of the turnbuckle. The stick snap with a loud crack. Hasha is breathing heavily, but he's not winded. He tosses the remains of the sticks down and flips himself out of the ring.

Carlos Harrazane: Something on your mind Hasha?

Hasha walks over to Carlos. Carlos tosses Hasha a towel. Hasha wipes the sweat from his hair.

Hasha Koroshiya: Yeah. You talk to that son of yours yet?

Carlos frowns and nods his head yes.

Carlos Harrazane: He didn't like what I told him, but he says it's in the Dojo's best interest. He knows you are able to carry out a plan. He said so himself as to your plan to get the title from Shotgun. Man, that was some set-up. Drakula doesn't know what'll hit him at the Vendetta PPV. It'll be one of the biggest things to hit the XIWA since you won the belt.

Hasha Koroshiya: Do you talk to our friend as well? He knows his role?

Carlos Harrazane: He knows it backwards and forewards Hash. The ball's rolling now, and right for Drakula and that hooker Pixie. He's cool about it, he just is getting pretty anxious. You know he isn't a sit back guy, so this is pretty hard for him.

Hasha Koroshiya: His time will come. He'll have to wait, the plan will unfold.

A tall man walks from the lockerroom and stands in the shadows, his face covered by the dreary shadows. Hasha and Carlos don't notice he's there until the tall man strokes a match. The yall man lights up a cigar and leans against the wall. Hasha and Carlos turn and glance in the man's direction.

Hasha Koroshiya: You all set for Vendetta? Your woman knows her role too?

Tall Man: Yeah, everything's all set. She's gonna work it this week. She's been waiting to stick it to the man. If he thinks he's the real one running the show around here, he's gonna have a RUDE awakening.

Carlos Harrazane: Marlw's going to be concentrating so much on trying to destroy you Hash, that he'll be blindsided by the Dojo's plans. Almost have to fell sorry for that bastard... almost...

Hasha Koroshiya: Just make sure Arriba stays on the same page as us this time. He screws up again, I'm laying him out cold, understood? Nothing personal, strictly business.

Carlos Harrazane: Totally understood. The Harrazane's are behind you all the way.

A door slams closed to the gym. All three men turn and look to see who is interupting them. Arriba Harrazane walks in with a cocky swagger.

Arriba Harrazane: Eh jefe, padre, gringo... Someone started the party without inviting Arriba? Que pasa hombres? Latino heat is ready to rock!

Hasha looks to Carlos and shakes his head. Hasha throws his towel at Arriba's chest. Hasha grabs his duffel bag and walks towards the exit.

Hasha Koroshiya: I have a match to prepare for. I need to get ready. That Hunter chick likes it rough, and that's just what she's going to get. Rough. I was going to have a little fun with her first, catch her off guard, then wham. Lights out. She thinks I don't know how to fight? Time for the Assassin to show her the bad side of Hasha. She's going down faster than she did on her high school football team.

Hasha looks to Arriba and again shakes his head before exiting the gym. The tall man tosses his cigar down in front of Arriba and puts it out with his boot.

Tall Man: Gringo? You'll see gringo next time when I put this cigar out up your ass! And another thing, stay away from my woman, got that? I'll catch you later Carlos...

The tall man turns to leave and comes face to face with Arriba. He looks sternly into Arriba's face. Arriba steps aside and the tall man exits the gym. Carlos picks up his things and looks at his son.

Arriba Harrazane: Was it something Arriba said?

Carlos Harrazane: Just remember what we talked about. You follow Hasha's plan and everything will work out. Just like before.

Arriba Harrazane: I told you Arriba was down with the plan. Arriba won't let down the Arribadors though, so if...

Carlos Harrazane: There ARE no if's. It's follow the plan or you'll... Well, you won't like the alternative.

Carlos packs his things up and heads for the door. Carlos looks to his son and shakes his head before exiting the gym.

Arriba Harrazane: We'll see. The Latino Heartthrob can't be caged. The Arribadors must be appeased. Arriba won't disappoint. Even if it means...

Arriba trails off as he turns and heads for the door.