"Shadow of the Beast" begins to play as Carlos Harrazane and Hasha Koroshiya walk from under the X-Tron. They make no haste as they march straight down to the ring. Hasha throws the title belt into the ring and flips himself into the ring. Carlos baseball slides into the ring. Both men pace about amid the booing of the crowd. Hasha pulls out a microphone and begins to talk.

Hasha Koroshiya: Cut the music. You all saw what happened at Carnage, so I'll get right down to business. Marlow, I knew you were scheming but this is crossing the line. I guess money really does talk. And I guess that money is ALSO thicker than blood. Don't think I've forgotten what you did to me. Helping out that slut Hunter was one of your worst mistakes. Where's your head at? Oh yeah... Up Marlow's ass!

Carlos Harrazane: ARRIBA! Mi hijo, mi sangre, mi familia? Nada mas! You think a few bills waved in your face can make you a champion? Try to rely on your skills, not Marlow's manipulations. You think he has YOUR best interests at heart? Hardly... You are nothing but a pawn to him my son. You will be used and discarded, look what happened to the Schoolgirl. That's you Arriba if you continue down this path.

Hasha Koroshiya: You know what REALLY gets me? That he had the nerve to attack his own father. Well sonny boy, that will ALL come to an end come Vendetta. Our FRIEND is going to take care of you REALLY good. You think you can step up to the plate with the Champion? Well, here is your first trial. Get through him, and you got a shot at my belt.

Hasha bends over and picks up the title belt. He puts on the XIWA World Heavyweight Championship belt and motions for Carlos to continue.

Carlos Harrazane: Your days are numbered Arriba. I talked to Hasha, and he's willing to take you back. On the condition that you appologize publically on TV and admit you took a bribe from Marlow. All will be forgiven, all you have to do is fess up to your actions like a man. So what's it going to be Arriba, mi hijo? Are you going to appologize, or is this the end of our friendship in and outside of the ring?

The crowd begins to quiet their boos and look toward the X-Tron for an answer.

Hasha Koroshiya: Just as I thought. Too much of a coward to fess up. I guess he really IS Marlow's little b*tch! Well, on to more important things. Vendetta. Drakula, you won't know what hit you. You will be stepping in the ring with a REAL wrestler for the first time in you life. I saw the little jobber show you put on earlier. What a joke. You call THAT a Gauntlet match. I could have gotten just as much entertainment by sending in the 3 Stooges to battle you in the ring! You won't be having such an easy time with me as, what was his name, oh yeah, Rich Cool? Wow, I wish I could wrestle jobbers every night, instead, I have to wrestle the BIG stars. Why do you think you haven't been a contender? You haven't proven yourself worthy. It took Miss Kimberly to dot the One-Eyed and lick the T's in order to get you a title shot secured. Not even your Pixie whore could do that. But then again, what goes on behind CLOSED doors is none of my concern I guess.

Carlos Harrazane: Drakula, come this Monday, you are going to run into the greatest technical wrestler to ever wrestle in the USA or the Far East. You are going up against the 14 time World Heavyweight Champion. Bring whomever you want. Bring an army if you'd like, but know one thing. You aren't walking away from Vendetta with the Heavyweight title. But you'll be leaving with something far more important. A memory to tell your grandchildren, "Hey little Tommy, I lasted five minutes in the ring wth the great Hasha Koroshiya, and lived to tell about it!" Count the days down Drakula, they are your days to retirement!

Hasha Koroshiya: You hit the nail right on the head Carlos. Your days are numbered Drakula. I'm going to enjoy hurting you. I'm going to make it so you will never be able to use that crippled leg again. Figure 4's, leg locks, Sharpshooters, knee breakers, Cloverleafs, Boston Crabs, you name it, I'll use it to further injure that bum leg of yours. Better bring your A-game. Anything less and you'll be fighting for tablescraps with the Schoolgirl. Drakula, you made the Japanese Assassin's hitlist, it's time to take you out!

Hasha spits Gouka out at the crowd and throws the mic down. Hasha and Carlos make their way up the ramp and stop just beneath the X-Tron. Hasha make a slashing motion across his throat and then exits the arena.