The scene fades into a dingy, dirty gym. All three Dojo Mundo members are seated outside the ring that occupies the middle of the gym.

Carlos Harrazane: So Hasha, you getting nervous about Vendetta?

Hasha Koroshiya: Nervous? That would imply that I don't think I can win this match. No, quite the contrary. I'm pumped up. I can't wait to finally show that never-should-have-been Drakula that he made the WRONG enemy in Hasha Koroshiya.

The Tall Man chuckles. He takes another drag from his cigar and exhales it slowly.

Tall Man: You've got nothing to worry about. I talked the plan over with the other two. They can't WAIT to stick it to Drakula. I don't know who is more pumped up about this, you or them?

Carlos Harrazane: So they are in total agreement? It'll all go down at Vendetta. They know precisely when?

Tall Man: Yeah. Won't these sorry excuses for fans be shocked when the big deal goes down. The guys in the back will come out at the sign to make their move as well.

Hasha Koroshiya: So everything is settled. Did you check out Double Gay and Scotty Whiner's comments earlier? Talk about being a farce. I haven't seen that much crap flying since my older brother fed our dog refried beans as a child.

They all laugh at that thought. Hasha gets up and begins to perform kicks and punches at a punching bag.

Carlos Harrazane: I gotta hand it to you Champ, you are in the best shape of your life. I haven't seen you THIS determined to win a match in years.

Hasha Koroshiya: It's different this time. All my other title defenses and title wins were against someone who DESERVED the shot, or someone who was a worthy opponent. Drakula is different. He hasn't proven a DAMN thing. He's a money-whore. Look at who he has backing from. That Pixie slut who made all her money on her back or on her knees. Now he's aligned himself with the biggest money whore of them all, Eric Marlow. That was his biggest mistake. Marlow says Drakula is his CHOSEN champion? You have to PROVE yourself worthy of becoming champion. You just don't get picked in a game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe. You go through all the biggest and baddest there is to offer to get there. I wouldn't doubt is was really the Pixie doing what she does best that convinced Marlow to give Drakula a title shot.

Carlos and the Tall Man laugh again. Hasha continues with an advanced array of spin kicks and back hands.

Carlos Harrazane: If you ever quit wrestling, you certainly have a career in stand-up. You're a laugh a minute jefe.

Tall Man: Not to be the sour grape in the bunch, but I've seen the look in Drakula's eyes. He means business. I've seen that look in other's eyes. Hell, I've seen that look in my OWN eyes. It's the look of hunger, the hunger for the gold.

Hasha Koroshiya: Trust me, I'm not taking Drakula lightly. LIke I said, I'm ready. It's more personal this time. He didn't earn this match, it was given to him by Marlow for the sheer fact Marlow despises me.

Carlos nods in agreement. The Tall Man exhales the last of his cigar and then steps it out with his boot.

Tall Man: Don't worry about Marlow. I have the ace in the hole for him. ONe false move and his ass will be planted in that cozy couch of his again. He'll think long and hard before trying to mess with the Champion again.

Hasha Koroshiya: That's what I like to hear. I'm also kind of shocked and appalled that the Dojo Mundo was left out of the tag team tournament. You and Carlos should be in that tournament. Marlow's running scared and unfortunately, his grudge against me has taken away your title shot.

Carlos Harrazane: Don't sweat it Hasha. As soon as a champion is crowned, we are the number one contenders. Plain and simple. He can't ignore the fact that we deserve a title shot. Try as he may, we will bring those belts to the Dojo, where they belong.

Tall Man: Look at it this way, they'll be beating the snot out of eachother while we sit back and play vultures to the carcasses of the winners. It'll be the shortest title reign in the history of wrestling for those chumps who win the belts.

The Tall Man and Carlos hi-five eachother. Hasha gives the punching bag one final spin-wheel kick. The side of the bag explodes open in a cloud of stuffing as it snaps from the chain to the floor.

Hasha Koroshiya: That will be Drakula come Vendetta. The Assassin will scratch one more off the list.

Hasha grabs a towel and dries off. He puts his things in his duffel bag and heads to the door.

Hasha Koroshiya: Time for a long shower and a good rub down. I'll catch you guys later.

Tall Man: I'm getting home to the little lady. She can work mean massage, if you catch my drift. She can make a back feel more tender than a wet pillow.

Carlos Harrazane: I'm gonna straighten up around here. See you both at the spa later?

Hasha and the Tall man nod as they both head out of the door.

Carlos Harrazane: This is going to be a day that Arriba, my son, and Marlow will never forget. Especially a day Drakula will never forget...