"Shadow of the Beast" begins to play as an irrate Hasha Koroshiya appears from beneath the X-Tron. He gives the taunting crowd a salute with both middle fingers. The audience responds by chanting Draka's name. Hasha is followed by Carlos and the Tall Masked Man. Hasha and the rest of the Dojo Mundo make their way into the ring amid the jeering and heat. Carlos takes out a microphone and addresses the audience.

Carlos Harrazane: Ladies and gentlemen, your one and only TRUE XIWA World Heavyweight Champion, the Japanese Assassin, Hasha Koroshiya!

The crowd reponds with trash being thrown at the Dojo Mundo members. Hasha climbs the ropes and raises his fists in the air. He climbs down and addresses the crowd.

Hasha Koroshiya: Chant for your SECOND Cardboard Chumpion ALL you want! Everyone who witnessed the events that went down at the Vendetta PPV know who the real champion is! Drakula proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has no talent and cannot win a match on his own merits. Draka, do us all a favor, return the belt to me and you can have another shot at the next PPV.

Chants for "Draka" ring throughout the arena. Another chant begins below that one and grows louder. "Ha-sha SUCKS! Ha-sha SUCKS! Ha-sha SUCKS!" Hasha goes ballistic. He leans across the ropes and begins to shout at various members of the crowd.

Carlos Harrazane: This is such a disgrace! Marlow, you really did it this time. And believe you me, jefe, Hasha's one pissed off hombre!

Tall Masked Man: Drakula, you putrid little b###h. You come out here day in and day out talking about how you have the talent and can beat anyone mano y mano? Well, I'm just glad that DDP got ahold of you before Hasha, Carlos or myself did. With 3 sweet BANGS, we saw you and your little Pixie whore fall. Our hats off to you DDP, if you ever need a place to call home, there's room in the Dojo.

Hasha Koroshiya: I had you beat one, two, three Drakula. The entire audience saw that. How many times did you and that Pixie whore have to drop to your knees in order to secure Marlow's interference? Before you answer Drakula, wipe off your chin! That belt is tainted now, and will forever be until it is won by someone who has EARNED it! Someone who doesn't kiss ass in order to get a shot at it. Someone who has EARNED the right for a title shot! That person Drakula, is not you. Parade arround to the accolades of the fans while you can, because you are still number on on the Assassin's hitlist. Next time, you'll wish you had never heard the name Hasha Koroshiya, and you will DAMN well regret stepping in the ring with me!

Carlos Harrazane: The next line of business is my son, the Latin Bastard, Arriba. Hijo, que pasa a ti? You've alligned yourself with two of the biggest losers any wrestling federation has ever known, Marlow and Drakula! You and your new allies are the biggest targets the Dojo Mundo has at this time. Watch your step, mi hijo, I can forgive, but I sure as HELL don't forget.

The crowd in Carlos' amazement begins to chant his son's name. "Arriba! Arriba! Arriba!" Various signs can be seen throughout the arena in Arriba's favor. "I'm an Arribador!" "Got Latino Heat?" "Fake Arriba? Up Yours!" "Draka and Arriba, the Next Tag Team Champions."

Tall Masked Man: Taco-boy, Ricky Martin dancing, fat-assed shaking, I'm too sexy for my, back-stabbing, family forgetting, Two-faced SOB! Once we get through with you, you are going to wish you stuck to playing with Barbie dolls in the closet and touching yourself to the pages of the latest Menudo magazine! You are a waste of flesh you vile, brown-nosed chapped-lipped piece of horse crap. Your wrestling skills make the Overfaker and Rhyno-girl actually look like champions. I hope those two kick the ever living stuffing out of that disillusioned head of yours. The added frosting to the cake will be to see that sniveling Beauty and the Beast lion-look-a-like Jeri-hole get retired on the same night! And after you are standing with Jeri-hole in the unemployment line rubbing eachothers asses to stay warm, remember this; you left the best damn wrestling group and wreslting organization has ever seen. And that's the three men you see standing in this very ring, the Dojo Mundo!

Hasha Koroshiya: Drakula, the One Man Marlow Screw, your days as the XIWA champion are truly numbered. Hasha's coming back to reclaim HIS strap. And after I stand over your broken body keep telling yourself this, "I just got beat by the best wrestler EVER to step into the circled ring." You will have nothing left to prove after that. There will be no way you could EVER hope to obtain my stature in the annals of wrestling legends. Retire, and tell your buck-toothed, 3 fingered, uni-browed sloth-like children, "I wrestled, I faced Hasha, I lost, and that's why I work in the gay porn industry." Then, and truly then, you will realize you chose the WRONG profession. Should have stuck to your daddy's line of work, a dog-crap shoveler. Soon, and very soon, I'll look and scrath your useless name off of the Japanese Assassin's hitlist. The sooner, the better.

Hasha tilts his head back and sprays Gouka into the air. The three Dojo Mundo members make their way up the ramp and give one last middle finger to the crowd before leaving during the biggest heat the Dojo had ever had.