The scene fades into Carlos Harrazane sitting behind a desk. Carlos picks up the phone and dials a number.

Carlos Harrazane: Yes, everything is going just as planned.

Si, everyone agrees. Marlow won't know what hit him.

Don't worry about that sorry excuse for a son of mine, he'll be taken care of.

So who's next? Really? When do you want him taken out?

Call it a done deal.

When are you coming back?

Just asking, no big rush.

Well, with me sitting in as co-CEO, I think I can get that set up with no problems, considering Kimberly is also the Commissioner.

You said it, have you seen some of the new talent?

I agree. The Enterprise would make a nice addition to our team.

True, but it seems they have sights set on you joining THEIR team.

I have no doubts about your alliances.

I'll talk to them.

To the Wolfpac? You sure?

Just double checking. We don't want to fight a THREE sided war here.

Yeah, a few more off the hitlist. (laughs)

I'll get right on it then.

Yeah, it'll be shined and waiting for your.

Hasta luego, jefe.

Carlos hangs up the phone and lights up a cigar.

Carlos Harrazane: Oh Eric... You won't know what you had until you lose it all. Everyone is siding up against you, even those you thought were the closest to you. I need to make a note to talk to the Enterprise. I see their dislike of my bastard son. Maybe they can take him out for good. This is going to be one hell of a week for Eric...

Carlos laughs an evil laugh. He picks up the phone and dials another number.

Carlos Harrazane: Hey big man, wanna do me a favor? It'll get you one step closer to a match with our current cardboard chumpion. I have that kind of power now. Here's what I need you to do. First, gather up your men and go down to the gym...

The camera fades out.