The scene fades back in to the arena, where the fake Hasha is just getting up from his beating at the hands of Maverick. All of a sudden, the lights go out and the ring is filled with an eerie green light. All four cornerposts erupt in huge plumes of green fire. The fake Hasha cowers back into a corner.

Announcer 1: Looks like the Japanese Assassin is responding to Maverick's jest.

Lawler: There's gonna be an ass whoppin tonight!

Hasha Koroshiya's ominous music begins to play as the X-trons blaze his image across their screens.

The crowd boos loudly, but Hasha is nowhere to be seen. The fake Hasha moves to the center of the ring and looks around. All of a sudden, out of the darkness, Hasha drops from above the ring and attacks the fake Hasha. The house lights come back on. The fake Hasha briefly escapes to a corner, followed by an enraged Hasha.

Announcer 1: Wow! Two Hasha's for the price of one. I wonder who is going to win this one King?

Lawler: My money goes on Koro-something-or-other. I've seen this guy take down men TWICE his size win one arm tied behind his back!

Announcer 1: What's this? The real Hasha is making a slashing motion across his throat!

Lawler: This could be the end of the fake face-painted geisha, lord have mercy! This is getting better by the minute!

Hasha moves towards the corner and spinwheel kicks the side of the fake Hasha's head. The imposter falls down to the canvas. Hasha picks up the limp body and executes a 12 Gauge of his own. He looks down on the body and smiles with evil delight. Hasha grabs a mic.

Hasha Koroshiya: See that Maverick? That will be you this Sunday. And Arriba, wherever your slimy Latin ass is, be forewarned. You made my hitlist for that little stunt. Don't interfere with my plans, or you'll taste the Hellfire again. Maverick, I'll be there, when you least expect it. The Hellfire awaits you as well.

With that, Hasha drops the mic, reels back and shoots the Hellfire (Gouka) spray into the air.

The house lights go black. The ringposts explode once again in green flames. The house lights come back on revealing an empty ring.

Lawler: Where'd he go?

Announcer 1: I don't know King but you can bet your bottom dollar that he'll be there on Sunday for the Battle Royal.