The Brooklyn Brawler and Todd "Babyface" Horton lock up. Horton throws the Brawler into the ropes and executes a back body drop. Horton to the top rope. Out of the audience Hasha Koroshiya runs up and hits Horton with a steel chair. Horton down to the mat. The crowd chants, "Shotgun..." and "Draka..." Hasha runs in and grabs The Brooklyn Brawler by the hair and lifts him up in a suplex. The referee runs out of the ring. Hasha holds the move there and walks over to the ropes. Hasha turns his back to the ropes and tosses the Brawler out of the ring. Hahsa grabs Horton in a sleeper hold.

Hasha locks it in and Horton goes out cold. Hasha positions the steel chair in the middle of the ring and places Horton on top of it. The crowd begins to boo as Hasha climbs to the top rope. Hasha moonsaults on top of Horton. A loud crunch is heard. Hasha sprays Gouka over Horton's unconscious body.

King: Did you see that Cole! Horton is out cold!

Cole: Somebody get the paramedics down here, Hasha has gone crazy!.

King: The Japanese Assassin strikes again!

Hasha grabs a mic. The crowd is in a deafening uproar. Hasha grins, showing a green, eerie smile. Hasha sticks his green tongue out and opens his eyes wide open. Hasha makes a slashing motion across his throat, then points to the still body of Horton.

Hasha: SCHOOLGIRL!!! Where are you??? You run back to the trailer park to hide under your mommy's skirt? Where's the XIWA's great cardboard chumpion? I'll tell you EXACTLY where Shawna's at. He's hiding. He knows his days as the World Heavyweight champion are numbered. He knows come Monday night, his ass is mine. He knows that he will be begging for Hasha to stop beating his ass!

The crowd once again boos and starts to chant "Shotgun... Shotgun... Shotgun..." Hasha looks at the crowd in disgust. He takes a long walk around the ring, shaking his head as he looks at the audience.

Lawler: You tell him, Hasha! The Schoolgirl is in hiding! You heard it here first, Cole!

Cole: I don't think we can take that as fact, King.

Lawler: Oh, shut up and listen to the man, ya dork!

Hasha: You are all brainwashed idiots. Your so called champion won the belt unfairly. He didn't beat every man along the way. Instead, he dodged them and let others pave his way to the gold. He can't and DOESN'T know how to fight his own battles. How can you praise a man like that? It shows us TRUE superstars that you all are just like piss in the wind, going where it takes you. Oh! You chant Shotgun, Shotgun, Shotgun... Like that makes me scared? Look! I'm shaking in my boots!

Hasha makes a fake scared face. He jumps to the middle of the ring and drops to his knees. He folds his hands together in mock pleading.

Hasha: Oh please great and mighty Shotgun, please don't make me kick your ass. I don't want to make your fans realize what a no-tallent you are. I don't want to have to show them what a wanna-be champion you are. I don't want them to see you beaten within an inch of your pathetic excuse of a life. I don't want them to see me take that XIWA strap and beat you like the bitch you are!

Cole: I can't believe we have to listen to this. Someone get this guy outta the ring.

Lawler: Why don't you get YOUR bony ass in there and do it yourself! Ha ha!

Cole: ...

The crowd chants both for Shotgun and Draka. Hasha climbs up to the top rope and lifts two birds for the audience. The crowd boos again. Trash begins to be hurled at the ring and at Hasha.

Hasha: Look at you. Slobs. Poorly dressed, don't know my head from my ass, schoolgirl-loving heathens. It's a wonder you all have enough brainpower to wake up in the morning, let alone drive to an arena to watch the magnificent Hasha Koroshiya wrestle! Now... back to business. I hear that cripple Drakula, or whatever his name is, spouting off from the mouth. I got news for you, buddy boy, you better have your head in the game Monday. The show isn't called Carnage for nothing. You better forget about that munchkin of a vallet of yours and concentrate on the match at hand. I will beat you within an inch of your life if you even GLANCE the opposite direction from me. I don't think you should even BE in this match. You're broken and battered. You became a has-been even before you became anything here in the XIWA.

Hasha: And Jarrett! You Honkey-Tonk-Man wanna-be, get a real gimmick. You're going to be singing 'Friends In Low Place' come Monday night if you try to pull any stunts on me. I'll take that guitar and play a G-chord on your B-player wanna-be ass! You may have the stroke, but when it's when you're all alone, well buddy, that's just pretty sick. You think you're the Chosen One? Well, I'll give you that. You are the Chosen One to watch me kick all three of your asses! Don't piss me off you say? Well buddy, you'll need a change of clothes when the fluid starts running down your leg when you realize you are WAY out of your league. So Double Gay, Cripple and Schoolgirl... Don't piss ME off, 'cause I'll beat you, THAT is a promise, and you can bet all your fat lard asses on that!

Hasha throws the mic down and flips himself out of the ring. He grabs the Brooklyn Brawler and picks him up. Hasha puts him up on a table. Hasha climbs up and hooks the Brawler's arms in a chicken wing. Hasha DDT's the Brawler through the table. The table breaks in two and Hasha makes his way up the ramp. Hasha raises his fists then exits under the X-Tron.

Lawler: WOW! Those three better have eyes in the back of their heads!

Cole: You heard the words of the Japanese Assassin. The paramedics are attending to the Brooklyn Brawler and Todd "Babyface" Horton. We'll keep you updated on their situation.

Lawler: Their situation? I'll tell you what it is Cole. They are OUT FOR THE COUNT! HA HA!

Cole: Stop it King. Those men are seriously injured!

Lawler: If you don't stop your whinning, you'll be joining them, jackass!