The lights in the arena go black. A green glow surrounds the ring. A loud explosion is heard followed by green flames shooting from all four cornerposts. Everything in the arena then goes black. The X-Tron begins to play footage of Hasha's previous attacks on SSM. The crowd boos at the sight.

Voice: There comes a time in every man's life, a time when he looks back. A time for reflection. A time of rememberence. A time to figure out what step you will take next. You look back and see one black mark on your career. One man whom you have not beaten on your own. A man, who wants what you have. A man like no other you have faced. A man on a mission. And he won't stop until he has what you prize. The XIWA World Heavyweight Championship belt. That man, Hasha Koroshiya. The place, ThunderDome. American wrestling meets Puroresu. West meets east. Man versus man. Power against agility. Skill versus skill. 12 Gauge against the Gouka. Present versus future...

Hasha Koroshiya

"The Japanese Assassin"

Hasha Koroshiya's theme, "Gouka," blasts through the arena as his logo goes up on the X-tron. The crowd throws trash and debris at the X-Tron. The house light come on showing Hasha standing in the middle of the ring. He makes a slashing motion across his throat and the music ends. Hasha addresses the crowd.

Hasha Koroshiya: I see you have forgotten who got your great champ to where he is. You seem to forget who Schoolgirl owes his entire XIWA career to. That would be me, Hasha Koroshiya. My plan has come to fruition Shawna. Soon, I will strip you of the title I gave you. Who has been the one constant on your way to the gold strap? Me, Schoolgirl. I have aided you in EVERY way imaginable. Letting you beat me and getting Drakula distracted so you could win the belt. Oh, did you like the little favor I gave you? You WOULD have lost to Double Gay if it weren't for me. So yes, your earlier statement was true. I DO claim I won the match for you. Who knocked Double Gay down for you to beat? Me, Shawna, me.

The fans boo loudly. Chants of "Shot-gun... Shot-gun... Shot-gun..." are heard resounding through the stadium. Next, the crowd starts chanting "You suck... you suck... you suck..." Hasha smiles showing his green toothy grin. He walks to every corner and gives the bird to the adience at each one. Trash is once again thrown towards the ring.

Hasha Koroshiya: Yes, show everyone how much you resemble cro-magnons. I can't even be sure if you all are housebroken or not! You all stink as much as that Prodigy scum that's been shooting his mouth off. You say Big Poppa Pump is Double Gay's little love toy? Well Schoolgirl, it looks like Prodigy wants to see what's under your skirt! Made a little friend did you? I thought the almighty Shawna could handle his OWN fights? Guess we were all wrong. You can't even win a match without someone else helping you, so how could you ACTUALLY win without your prodigal suck-up? The answer is, you can't, you couldn't, and you never will.

King: Tell him Hasha! I can't wait for ThunderDome!

Cole: Yes King, we all are impatiently awaiting. With these strong words, I'm sure we'll get a response from our XIWA champion.

King: You're damn tootin! Then Hasha will come out and clean his clock, ya dork!

Hasha Koroshiya: So Shawna, you think you can go one on one with the Japanese Assassin in a locked cage? You better come prepared. You better do your little Schoolgirl homework. I had similar matches back home. I'll admit, never this severe, but nonetheless, my record speaks for itself. I'm a tough SOB. I know you are too, but you will come up short. You'll think you have me and the next moment, a dragon screw leg whip. You'll be laying on the mat begging me to put you out of your misery. You WILL feel pain like you've never felt before. I expect you to bring your A-game. Be that as it may, your A-game is minor league stuff to me. I'll bring in a game you've never faced. A mental game and physical game you can't compete with. You say that titles before the XIWA mean nothing. OK, I'll give you that. Then you are a one time chumpion. After ThunderDome, you will be a one time FORMER chumpion. You'll be a HAS-BEEN champion. I'll make sure to bring my scissors so I can carefully cut your cardboard fingers from MY title!

Hasha Koroshiya: And Kimberly. Just because you are the phoney CEO and are supporting Schoolgirl, don't think that means you can interfere with my plans. I'll put your ass on a seat cushion next to Marlow so fast you'll think a dumb jock just nailed you again! Double Gay, hope you like your seat at home for the PPV. I know I'll enjoy taking the gold strap from Shawna, something YOU could not do. And to Big Poppa Pump, you got the cash, you know what needs to be done. Schoolgirl, come ThunderDome, YOUR belt is mine, 'cause you just made the Japanese Assassin's hitlist!

Lawler: You heard the man! There will be hell to pay at ThunderDome!

Cole: That's right King. With the XIWA Heavyweight title on the line in a 2 story cage, you know both men will be giving it their all.

Lawler: Giving it their all? Shawna might as well just give UP! Ha ha!

Hasha reels his head back and sprays Gouka up into the air. Hasha "salutes" the crowd once again and exits the ring as his music plays. Hasha slaps the fans' hands away from him and exits under the X-Tron.

Lawler: Don't miss ThunderDome! It's electric!

Cole: Couldn't say it better!

KIng: That's why I'm the King, ya moron.