Hasha Koroshiya

"The Japanese Assassin"

Hasha Koroshiya's theme, "Gouka," blasts through the arena as his logo goes up on the X-tron. The crowd boos as he makes his way to the ring. Hasha hops into the ring and addresses the crowd.

Hasha Koroshiya: Well, well, well Shawna. Up to your old recycled speeches again I see. Meanwhile, I'm out here taking care of business. If you didn't notice, I beat that hulk of a freak Hellfire at Assault. I even was kind enough to give Drakula the night off. I took your little bed buddy Prodigy out of the picture, so HE won't be interfering in our match at ThunderDome. Everyone here knows you needed Prodigy AND myself to help beat Double Gay up for you. Look at the tape. Prodigy got into it with Gay-Jay and I gave him a taste of the Gouka and set him up for your win. The tape doesn't lie, but YOU seem to want to overlook that fact. Yes, you got a win against me earlier this year. That doesn't mean you BEAT me Schoolgirl. I dominated that match. Once again, the footage speaks for itself. I wanted you to win so I could humiliate you by beating you, 1, 2, 3. And no, I didn't invent this or that. I did invent you, or at least your persona in the XIWA. I have made you what you are today, now it's time for the master to break you.

The crowd boos at Hasha's comments. Hasha grins a green grin. He holds the mic out to the audience, baiting them to bo louder.

Hasha Koroshiya: Boo me all you want, the truth still remains. I will forever be a thorn in Shawna's side. A black mark on his record, along with all his OTHER tainted victories. The only match where he wrestled to a clean finish was the tag match with myself and Double Ben Gay. We beat his and Drakula's ass until they were shells of the men they claimed to be. Shawna, time to put up, or shut up. What you have said time and time again is recycled footage. Look at ANY of your so called interviews from the other wrestling associations you were in. Same speech, different name, time and time again. I haven't seen something THIS recycled since Arriba tagged your woman!

King: Can you believe this?

Cole: I can't believe Hasha thinks he'll get away with this speech.

King: NO you dork! The fact that Arriba tagged Schoolgirl's woman!

Hasha Koroshiya: Watch that Assault footage over and over again Shawna. You are going to need ALL the help you can get. I beat Hellfire fair and square, even made his pansy ass tap out. I don't want you to tap out Shawna. No. That's WAY too easy. I'm going to make you scream like your momma did with the milkman. You are going to wish the doctor put you back in when you were born. Two stories of pain await you Schoolgirl, are you ready? You say I keep revisiting the past. Only to remind YOU of how you got here. NEVER forget that. That gold strap you so proudly wear has a tarnish on it. That tarnish is the fact you haven't had a single match reaching that belt that didn't end in controversy. Chew on that awhile Schoolgirl. At ThunderDome, I'll agree with you, the past IS the past. We will only live in the present at match time. After I've beaten you within an inch of your pathetic career, you will look into my eyes as I pin your has-been ass and carry that gold strap across my shoulder as I exit the arena.

Hasha Koroshiya: I'm gunning for you Shawna! Make sure you cinch your skirt tight, there's no hiding come ThunderDome. You made the Japanese Assassin's hitlist. It's time to cross YOUR name off!

Lawler: What a speech by Hasha Keeblersnowa!

Cole: Uh, yeah. A bunch of challenges laid down by the Assassin.

Lawler: I can't wait! I can't wait! Schoolgirl Shawna's going down!

Hasha sprays Gouka into the air and raises his hands in victory. Hasha exits the ring and heads up the ramp. Hasha taunts the fans as he exits under the X-Tron.