Hasha Koroshiya

"The Japanese Assassin"

Hasha Koroshiya's theme, "Gouka," blasts through the arena as his logo goes up on the X-tron. The crowd boos as he makes his way to the ring. Hasha hops into the ring and addresses the crowd.

Hasha Koroshiya: Shawna, Shawna, Shawna... My how one forgets who put the first "L" in the Schoolgirl's loss column. That woiuld be in part, due to me, Schoolgirl. Yes, with the help of Double Ben Gay, we beat your ass! So, Hellfire was NOT my first win, it was AGAINST you, Shawna. Selective amnesia? You come out here to all your fans saying you don't play games? What about your nice little attempt at a joke? I've heard better jokes about your woman in the backseat than THAT little display. You come out here to all the fans saying you let your wrestling speak FOR you? You proved yourself to be a liar to the very people who CLAIM to adore you as their champion.

The crowd chants, "Shot-gun... Shot-gun... Shot-gun..." Hasha leans on a corner and grins a green grin.

Hasha Koroshiya: Yeah yeah yeah... Scream for him all you want. Soon enough, you feeble minded pagans. You will realize you have been cheering the chump, not the champ. Shawna, you want to play tapes? Sure, let's roll that footage...

The X-Tron lights up showing footage of the Hasha/Shotgun match at the Battle Royal.

Hasha grabs Maverick's legs and pulls them under the ropes, straddling a corner post. Hasha grabs both of Maverick's ankles and pulls backwards. Maverick screams out in pain.

Hasha springs himself off the top rope in a Moonsault, landing right on top of Maverick.

Hasha grabs Maverick's leg and performs a Dragon Screw Leg Whip.

Arriba leaps off the top rope towards Maverick. Maverick moves Hasha to his place. Arriba executes La Revolucion, a Top Rope Somersault Hurricanrana, on Hasha.

Hasha gets to his feet, taps Maverick on the shoulder. Maverick turns around stunned and Hasha sprays the Gouka (Hellfire) into Maverick's face. Hasha grabs Maverick around the neck and DDT's him to the canvas.

The X-Tron shows footage of the Salt Lake City Monday Night Carnage, after SSM won the XIWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Hasha walks up to SSM and picks him up by the hair. SSM, staggering as he stands is hit again as Hasha gives him a jumping spin kick, it causes SSM to fall and roll down to the ring

Hasha picks up a stunned SSM and rolls him in the ring. As SSM struggles to get to his feet, Hasha climbs and jumps off the top rope of the turnbuckle, giving SSM a bonecrushing moonsault. Hasha looks out onto the crowd as they continue to jeer the wrestler. Hasha points to his throat in a slashing motion as he picks up SSM. Hasha spits his green mists into SSM's face. Maverick falls down trying to get the mist out of his eyes.

The X-Tron shows footage of the Hasha/Jarrett/SSM/Draka tag team match at the ARCO Arena Monday Night Carnage.

Hasha with several chops to the chest. Hasha with a spinning wheel kick. SSM down to the mat. Hasha picks up SSM. Hasha delivering another sidekick to SSM's head. Hasha whips SSM into the other corner. Hasha with a cartwheel that turns into a back elbow to SSM's face. SSM leaning down on the second rope. Hasha with kicks to SSM's mid-section.

Hasha delivering a hurricanrana on SSM. ...2...3...4.. Hasha picks up SSM and shoves him into the steel ring posts. SSM falls to the floor grabbing his shoulder. ...5...6..7 Hasha rolls SSM into the ring. Hasha grabs SSM's arm and wrenchs it into an armbar. Hasha sticking his green tongue out as he gives more strength to the move.

Hasha climbs the ropes. Hasha leaping off. Hasha with a frog splash on SSM.

Hasha on the ropes. SSM getting up to Jarrett. Hasha leaping off with a missle dropkick to SSM as Jarrett moves out of the way.

The X-Tron shows footage of the Jarrett/SSM match at the American West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona, Monday Night Carnage.

Jarrett slumping down. Prodigy over to help SSM. Hasha running down to ring-side. Prodigy raising SSM to his feet. Hasha with a spinning kick on both.

Hasha scoops SSM up and tosses him into the ring. Hasha climbs the ropes.

SSM getting to his feet. Hasha with a Dragonrana off the top rope. SSM down to the mat.

Hasha picks up SSM and whips him into the corner. Jarrett into the ring. SSM getting hammered by kicks and punches via Hasha.

Hasha points to SSM then to his neck in a slashing motion.

The X-Tron fades to back as Hasha addresses the audience again.

Hasha Koroshiya: The way I see it, and the way everyone ELSE should see it, is that you don't let YOUR wrestling speak for itself. You have OTHERS who come in and win your matches for you. Arriba performed La Revolucion on me, allowing you to pin me. I was already down and out by the time you performed the 12 Gauge on me, that was just overkill. Then after you won MY title, I gave you a rude awakening. Just letting you know who was knock knock knocking on your door to come claim the title that is RIGHTFULLY his. Then came the ass kicking that resulted in your only loss in the XIWA. Then came Prodigy trying to stick his fat boy-molesting carcass in a match he had no business being in. He was helping you because you KNEW you could not beat Double Gay in a match fairly. I came down to put Prodi-gay in his place. And to also bring my plan in the XIWA to fruition. To set-up your downfall as the XIWA World Heavyweight Champion. That was done by helping you beat Double Gay to set-up our match for ThunderDome.

King: See? I told you! Hasha set ALL this up, leading to him becoming the next XIWA champion!

Cole: I don't think Hasha is THAT powerful around the XIWA to pull something like THAT off.

King: Did I give you permission to speak jackass?!

Hasha Koroshiya: Past, present, future, who gives a flying rat's ass? It all comes down to ThunderDome. In that two story steel cage, I will make you endure a pain you have not felt since your daddy used to visit your bedroom as a child. A pain so severe that if you survive, you won't want to BE a wrestler afterwards. You say I will be dealt with? The only thing you'll be dealing is a whole lot of bad wrestling and possibly for someone else to fight your fights for you again. One thing remains constant in YOUR wrestling career in the XIWA. You have fought ONE clean match, the one in which you lost. Your other matches, the ones you have won, were shrouded in contestment and controversy. None of your wins you can rightly say you've won without help. Ponder that in the hospital after our match. I'll put your ass on that comfy couch Marlow has ridden himself away on. You are one dragonscrew legwhip away from being the next victim on the Japanese Assassin's hitlist. They'll be singing a song after they raise my hand in victory at ThunderDome. "Another chump bites the dust."

Hasha Koroshiya: After my victory, I'll be sure to knock your interfering bed-buddy Prodigy back to his pus-hole home in Brooklyn where he and the Brawler and hide under their mommies skirts until the big bad Assassin chooses his next victim. It's going to take more than Prodi-gay, who is a run of the mill 7-11 jobber, to intimidate the Japanese Assassin. I handed him his ass on a silver platter twice. I'd be more than happy to do it again. Beating him up was like taking out the trash, old habit and easy to do. Drakula, don't think for a MINUTE I have forgotten about you. Enjoy the rest I gave you at Assault. You'll need it to battle Big Crappa Dump. Just remember, watch your back against him, AND your backside. The steroids may have shrunk his manlieness, but he still plays for the other team. Make sure you win Drakula, our business isn't finished. Just remember peons in attendance tonight, the XIWA takes a change for the better at ThunderDome. Hasha Koroshiya will be crowned the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. Shawna, you are next on the Assassin's hitlist. It's time to scratch you off.

Hasha throws the mic down and gives a double bird to the crowd. He sprays Gouka into the air and exits the ring and up the ramp. Hasha slaps away some fans hand who reaches towards him. The fan says something about Hasha. Hasha turns around and sprays Gouka in the fans face. He walks up the ramp, pauses under the X-Tron and raises his hand to his throat and makes a slashing motion. Hasha exits under the X-Tron.

Lawler: What a speech! Encore, encore! Come ThunderDome, Schoolgirl will be singing his ABC's while Hasha hoists that gold strap high over his head!

Cole: You may be speaking a little too soon King. Hasha STILL has to fight one-on-one with Shotgun Shawna Maverick in the two story steel cage.

Lawler: You still flapping your gums you dork? Can't you see that Hasha has spoken? Time to revel in the magnificence of a wonderful orator.!

Cole: Big words from the King, and from Hasha Koroshiya. This is definitely a PPV you DON'T want to miss.