The lights go out in the arena. "I'm Just A Girl" by No Doubt begins to play as an image appears on the X-tron.

The crowd boos wildly as the image stays on the screen. The crowd chants "Shotgun... Shotgun... Shotgun..."

Cole: I can't believe what we are seeing King!

Lawler: It looks JUST like him! Ha ha!

Cole: You can guarantee whoever did this is gonna get dealt with.

Lawler: Well, you can bet that Schoolgirl Shawna isn't gonna be able to bitchslap his way through his next match!

Cole: Lucky for the perpetraitor of this farce, that Shotgun is across the country.

Lawler: I don't think it would matter. With those scrawny arms, he couldn't even LIFT a 12 Gauge, let alone execute one!

Cole: I'm not commenting on that, King. I think this has the markings of one of our XIWA stars who didn't come out victorious at the TacomaDome.

Lawler: Wait, what's this? It looks like the Schoolgirl's lips are moving!

The Schoolgirl's lips begin to move on the X-tron. An unflattering feminine Maverick impersonation follows.

Schoolgirl Shawna: I am Schoolgirl Shawna! I WOULD be your new XIWA champion come October 1st, but I'm afraid I'm the bearer of bad news. I must admit, it seems I am no match for the Undertaker and Draka. Shawna's been a bad girl, and it looks like 'Taker and Draka are gonna beat me into submission. You can spank my ass on it!

Cole: I can't believe what we just heard folks. This is some sick and twisted joke.

Lawler: I think someone just did good old Schoolgirl Shawna Maverick justice. If it weren't for the skirt, I wouldn't have been able to tell them apart! Ha ha!

Cole: Folks, we'll get to the bottom of this.

Lawler: You think Shawna does dictation? Ha ha!

Scene fades to black.