The lights go out in the arena. "I'm Just A Girl" by No Doubt begins to play as an image appears on the X-tron.

The crowd boos wildly as the image stays on the screen. The crowd chants "Shotgun... Shotgun... Shotgun..."

Cole: Here we go again King...

Lawler: You gonna ask for a date this time?

Cole: The 'Taker and Draka have both denied being involved.

Lawler: I wouldn't put it past either one of those mutton heads to do something like this!

Cole: It looks like we're in for another verbal treat.

Lawler: It's ALIVE!!! It's ALIVE!!!!

The Schoolgirl's lips begin to move on the X-tron. An unflattering feminine Maverick impersonation follows.

Schoolgirl Shawna: I am Schoolgirl Shawna! I'm telling you, I CAN be beat! I'm not your worst nightmare... NO! I'm your good-ship Lollypop! I'm such a pushover opponent that even Eric Marlow himself could beat me in a match! I mean, even Trish could be me, and we all know what a wuss SHE is! Get ready for Carnage 'Taker and Draka. You will be getting the surprise of a lifetime! And you can bet my bony ass on that!

Cole: Someone's drawing the lines in the sand here folks. As soon as we find out who's behind this feeble attempt at humor, we'll let you know.

Lawler: I think I saw Schoolgirl in a movie at the Cineplex-69! Ha ha!

Scene switches to a satelite truck. Jeff Jarrett is seen leaving the truck and heading straight for the camera.

Jeff Jarrett: If'n I told ya once, I told ya a 1000 times. Get that freakin' camera out of The Chosen Ones face!

A loud thud is heard as the camera hits the ground. A squeel is heard, then the crushing sound of a guitar being broken. Camera goes to static. Scene fades to black.