The Barracks: A History

Welcome to The Barracks Redux 10.0. "The Commander's Barracks" had it's glorious start back in 2001. Some of my friends had websites so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and create one of my own. Most of them used Talk City a certain webhost and being the follower I am, I decided to do the same. My first efforts were crude at best. Using templates and stealing HTML coding, I created my masterpiece.

As the months and years progressed, so did my knowledge of coding. As such, The Barracks kept evolving. It soon became a collection of links to my friends' websites. If someone lost a link to a friends website, one of the first places they could check would be on The Barracks Friends' page to see if I had it. This tradition continues to this day.

It is because of my friends and family who have supported me througout the years that I will continue to grow and evolve "The Barracks." To all my visitors, I salute you!

- Cory Smith aka Cmdr Cory, Qory and Q -

Q at the Museum

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