A Note from the Eastside Squinty...

If you want to find out about Rush bootlegs, you have come to the right page. I own bootlegs from most every tour, with a few exceptions. I only trade bootlegs with family and friends or from known/trusted traders. I do not under any circumstances sell bootlegs.

The links on the right will direct you to the various Rush bootlegs I own.

If anyone has listened to these bootlegs and would like to contribute a CD/Bootleg review, please feel free to contract me to add your review to the list.

A special thanks to Rush for making great music for over 30 years. Additional thanks go to Digital Rush Experience, Rushable Kingdom and RushTrader.com; all of whom you can find links for at the menu on the left.

Feel free to with suggestions, questions or comments!

October 13, 2004:

Grand Opening of Eastside Squinty Bootlegs to the public!
Added Exit... Bootleg

September 28, 2004:

Added 12 more bootlegs to the site.
To Terry, Chris, Scott & Ryan: Check out the last bootleg on the Vapor Trails page!
Added "Backstage Special with Neil Peart" bootleg.

September 10, 2004:

Counterparts, T4E, VT and R30 covers online.
Added 2 more bootlegs (Lerxst in Strangiato Vol 1 & 2).
Added review links to almost all bootlegs.
Added Eastside Squinty Bootlegs logo.

September 1, 2004:

Eastside Squinty Bootlegs goes online.
48 Bootlegs added to start the list.
Pictures of CD Covers added to list.
Counterparts, T4E, VT and R30 covers will follow.