The following people I would like to thank for making Star Trek Jeopardy possible.

OptimusBorg, Shine94 and MjrWeller

Without those first few zany, impromptu sessions and "interesting" Categories, Star Trek Jeopardy would not be what it is today. Thank you guys!!! (sorry BigBot, no more Physical Daily


For never letting me forget that she REALLY likes Star Trek Jeopardy. Her constant badgering (j/k me to bring Star Trek Jeopardy back to #StarTrek-CaptainsTable made it possible for everyone to test their knowledge in an exciting way from the norm.


For being the one who FINALLY showed me it was possible to transload your WebTV scrapbookFiles jpg's and gif's to another account on-line. Thank you Patty, for without your help, this entire site would be, well, just blue... : )


For being my support for my first night back. She calmed my pregame jitters when Talk City servers went down right at Trivia time. Thanks Angel, for being there.

HypoTCC, MartokTCC and CCChance

Without the backing and support of these Talk City Hosts, none of the following Sundays and Tuesdays would be filled with Q & A from Aleq Trebeq. Thank you hosts for making Star Trek Jeopardy an on-going reality!!!

The Star Trek Jeopardy Staff

A special thanks goes out to Angelic_Dragon, Jedi-Stinger, Skybear, ComBashir and Leandar. Without their dedication and support of the game, it would have died out LONG ago.

Previous, current and future contestants, chatters, Talk City Hosts and Staff, guests, newbies, old schoolers, Table Regs and friends

Wheew... That was a mouthful!!! Thanks to all of you the most. Without you guys, I'd be tossing Answers out for myself to ponder, which is no fun because I already know the Thank you all for making Star Trek Jeopardy possible. I hope you enjoy each weekly show as much as I have producing and hosting each one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. : )