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The Week of October 2 - October 8
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Interview with Hasha Koroshiya, The Japanese Assassin

King: Thank you for allowing me to interview you Hasha.

Hasha: It's my pleasure King.

King: Some people would say, not myself of course, that you win only by illegal tactics. How would you comment on this?

Hasha: You don't win 12 World Heavyweight Championships and 13 Tag Team Championships in Japan by cheating. You win with hard work and patience. I have a mental edge on every opponent. The only reason a wrestler beats me is because I let him. If I am physically and mentally fit, there is no one in ANY federation that can beat me.

King: I have watched you wrestle for many years. You seem to have incorporated MANY styles into your wrestling. Who are your influences?

Hasha: Rikidozan would be a definite influence. He was the innovator of modern Japanese wrestling, or puroresu. I would also say that Giant Baba and Antonio Inoki, his most famous students, were influences as well. They were the true pioneers of puroresu.

King: Now, I have to ask. Can you beat Shotgun Shawn Maverick, one on one, without anyone's interference.

Hasha: You make me laugh King. As I said earlier, if I lose, it's for a reason, and because I let it happen. The reason I lost to, what are they calling him now? Ah, Schoolgirl. The reason I lost to Schoolgirl will be revealed in due time.

King: That's what I've been telling everyone!

Hasha: And yes, I can beat Maverick anytime, anywhere. As you noticed, I had him exactly where I wanted him at the Battle Royal until I was knocked down.

King: What of the other wrestlers in the XIWA?

Hasha: You'ev got three has-beens in the Hitman, the Undertaker and Double Gay Jeff Ferrett. You've got a criple in Draka. You've got three freaks in Midnight Rider, Hellfire and Heltah Skeltah. Arriba is your high-flying psycho. The chicks give you your T&A factor, and then there's the other girl. Schoolgirl to be exact.

King: He has the title now. He's the first XIWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Hasha: And he'll be the Champion with the shortest reign as well. He's just kidding himself if he thinks he's going to hold onto that title.

King: I couldn't agree more! Now, what do you make of the Eric Marlow situation?

Hasha: As you've said many times King, you step into a XIWA ring, you better be prepared for the worst. Unfortunately for Marlow's flapping mouth, his leg suffered.

King: Yes, this is supposedly the federation where chair shots are mandatory! Ha ha!

Hasha: He's lucky it didn't come down to that.

King: And now Kimberly Page is the interim Commissioner. What are your thoughts on that?

Hasha: One word, King...

King: Yes? What word would that be Hasha?

Hasha: Puppies.

King: I hear ya Hasha! I love puppies!

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The King's Komments

The King has a few things to get off of his chest. So far, the XIWA has been everything it has been hyped up to be. Above average talent, great promotions, packed arenas, grueling matches and more than enough eye candy! BUT... What is up with these young up-and-coming rookies? I mean, I've seen better wrestling in a preschool sandbox! I've got two wrestlers in mind, Arriba Hardbologna and Midnight Crier. I mean, this masked freak from south of the border only seems to know how to say three words, "Velveta La Eruption," and those aren't even English, ya dork! He got his ass handed to him by Hellfire, another gruesome looking beast. Hey Kill Kill Beast, wanna ride royalty? Ha ha! PUPPIES! And Midnight Crier, do you even KNOW how to wrestle? All I've heard is talk, talk, talk, and even with all of that, you haven't said much. Actions speak louder than words.

Looks like we have a female XIWA World Heavyweight Champion, in the form of Schoolgirl Shawna Maverick. Well, I see nothing but a short reign in his/her future. If I have to step in the ring and beat Schoolgirl silly myself to get that strap off his/her waist, I will.

It never amazes me how stupid wrestlers can be at times. Take Draka for instance. He left a match for the XIWA belt to try to save Vicki the Pixie. I mean, what would you rather go for, a nagging broad or gold around the waist? Priorities Draka!

Now to the meat of the King's Korner. The October 8th Monday Night Carnage at ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California! Here are the King's predictions.

The Midnight Rider against L.J. "The Hitman" Randall in a finishers only match. Here's a tough one to call. A has been against a never-will-be. I say the has-been Hitman in under ten minutes. Midnight Crier will be too busy flappin' his gums like a dork!

Next up, Mandilyn Hunter against Trish Stratus. PUPPIES! Womens wrestling only gets better as the "Man Hunter" goes against Trish "MIA" Stradle-me. Hey Trish, if you don't wanna wrestler Mandilyn, send her to my hotel room. Ha ha! I love puppies! Mandilyn in six or nine! Ha ha!

Do dorks get any bigger than this? Hellfire against The Undertaker in singles competition. I pick Hellfire in under twenty minutes, just for the simple fact that the Underbaker is a has-been reject from the Sturgis weekend. Oh yeah, and because Hellfire kicked Arriba's ass in!

The main event! Woohoo! Get out your brews and watch REAL men wrestle! Draka and Schoolgirl Shawna Maverick against Double J, Jeff Jarrett and the Japanese Assassin, Hasha Koroyisha. Well well well... A girl and a criple against two of XIWA's best wrestlers. Although I'd like to say Double J and Hasha in less than a minute, it will be an excellant show of skill between all involved. Skills in Draka limping, Schoolgirl begging for mercy, and Double J and Hasha beating the living snot outta their opponents! Ha ha! Bring a doggie bag folks, there's gonna be a WHOLE lotta body parts flying around the ARCO Arena come Monday!

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XIWA Gossip

News around the XIWA is all a-buzz since this past Monday Night Carnage. Who is this mysterious man in black who helped Double J wisk away Vicki the Pixie? Inside sources say that a new power is forming within the ranks of the XIWA wrestlers. The King will keep you all posted in the event of more information.

From the hospital records... Looks like our good old CEO Eric Marlow has a severely broken leg and will be out for longer than anticipated. Poor Eric has to watch from the confines of his own livingroom. Hope his ass doesn't get TOO sore! Ha Ha! And next comes good old Arriba Hondadealer. Looks like Hellfire PUT him through hell! Arriba is said to have a herniated disk in his neck. He'll DEFINITELY not be in action, too bad for Cole! Ha ha!

Some new surprizes behind the scenes at XIWA are being planned for the ThunderDome PPV coming in a few weeks. The Intercontinental Title will be up for grabs. Tempers will flare as some of these matches will have more than titles, wins and loses on the line.

More and more wrestlers are hearing about the great action here in the XIWA. Keep an eye on the ever growing XIWA Roster to see who your favorite star may be wrestling next!

This is the King, Jerry Lawler signing off. Keep watching the best wrestling organization going, XIWA! See you on the other side of the ropes!

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