Dark Frontiers
The Transcripts

Season 3: Undivine Trinity
written by CmdrCory (Xanatos)

Friday, 09-22-00, 11PM CDT
Episode: "Bye, Bye, Black Bird"
Friday, 09-29-00, 11PM CDT
Episode: "Break on Through to the Other Side"
Friday, 10-06-00, 11PM CDT
Episode: "Assimilated Valedictorian"
Friday, 10-13-00, 11PM CDT
Episode: "Criss-cross, Double Loss"
Friday, 10-27-00, 11PM CDT
Episode: "Asteroids and Space Invaders"
Friday, 11-17-00, 12AM CST

Friday, 11-17-00, 11PM CST
Episode: "Merrikus and the Technicolor Dream Pyramid"
Friday, 12-01-00, 11PM CST
Episode: "Madness Reigns"
Friday, 12-29-00, 12AM CST

Friday, 12-29-00, 11PM CST
Episode: "To Kill a Mocking Borg"
Friday, 01-05-01, 12AM CST
Friday, 01-05-01, 11PM CST
Episode: "I'm a Battle Droid, Not a Boom Box"
Friday, 01-12-01, 11PM CST
Episode: "Ballance of Power, Part I"
Friday, 01-19-01, 11PM CST
Episode: "Ballance of Power, Part II"