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The Week of November 6 - November 12
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Interview with Prodigy

King: Welcome to the King's Kourt.

Prodigy: Great to be in the XIWA, thanks for having me.

King: Let's start off with the question EVERYONE'S dying to know. What's your beef with The Chosen One, Jeff Jarrett?

Prodigy: Well, Jeff has finally overstepped his boundaries. I mean, to speak down on people is one thing. But to verbally and physically insult a woman is wrong! But it's Jeff Jarret, he simply doesn't know any better. That's why I have made it my personal business to see to it that Jeff be punished for his actions as of late!

King: And how did the Untouchables come about?

Prodigy: Well, after becoming a reknowned movie star and co-rap/hip hop producer I decided that it was time for a change. And after years of being locked up, I decided violence was a great way to release my anger. Therefore, me and my brother, Marc Styles, formed the most elite group since The Dynasty of the WCWF.

King: What is your goal in the XIWA?

Prodigy: Well, I am here for the same reason every superstar should be. I am here to be the best I can be. And I wont leave this federation until I have the World Title in my grasp! After all, if you're not here for the gold, there's only one word of advise I have for you... Leave!

King: Besides the obvious choice in Jarrett, who else are you gunning for and why?

Prodigy: Well, Tha Untouchables have quite a list of victims to render. But on my more personal list, there's Draka, obviously, Shawn Maverick, I'll get to him later, Hasha, the XIWA World Heavyweight champ, and Heltah, who I took care of this Monday night at Carnage!

King: Who do you see as the main contenders for the upcoming Tag Team tournament besides the Untouchables?

Prodigy: I see a few good contenders but still none top the team of Marc Styles and Tha Bouncer!

King: What do you make of Shotgun Shawn Maverick's recent change in demeanor?

Prodigy: I think its a shame when a man has to show his talent through actions causing others bodily harm. But his actions won't go unpunished, count on it!

King: What do you think about SSM putting Arriba in the hospital indefinitely?

Prodigy: I figure, Shawn must of been beaten as a child. Because no man in his right mind would dare injure such a talented superstar. Now I know Shawn lost the World Title, but thats no reason to go off slinging Sledge Hammers at people. It's just not right!

King: What would be your ultimate XIWA match?

Prodigy: Prodigy versus The Best... No doubt in a Hell in a Cell match. Standing toe to toe in the center of the ring. Thousands of fans present for a sold out Pay Per View spectacular. But what is a spectacular match without having the World Title up for grabs along with the bragging rights.

King: What would you like to see happen in the XIWA that doesn't exist now?

Prodigy: A talent jump. I mean, I see so many capable of so much. Yet so many decide not to show it. I ask, Why?

King: Any final thoughts or comments?

Prodigy: Yeah, Jarret... If you're listening, know this... I won't settle, I won't rest until I know for a fact you have been shut up for good. In fact, I challenge you to a Pink Slip match at the PPV. Just me and you nancy boy, all members of The Horsemen BARRED from ringside. Me and you, one on one in a best two out of three falls wins match. You choose the beginning two matches, I choose the last and pending match stipulation. All nonsense put aside, I am here for good. I am here to show what I am made of. That's why next Carnage, I will take out the links of The Horsemen, Scott Steiner and The Hitman. Then I'm coming for you! Like I have said before, you wont know what a TRUE hangover is until you see one, up close and personal! I will be waiting for a reply Double Gay!

King: Thank you for your time, and we look forward to more of you and Tha Untouchables in the future.

Prodigy: It's been a pleasure.

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The King's Komments

I'd first like to thank all of the fans for their kind words and messages since this past Monday Night Carnage. The attack by the 4 Horsewomen upon myself and Michael Cole was an act COWARDICE! I see it takes the whole lot of them girls to take the King down! Cole and the King are recooperating just fine. It'll take more than girls to take US out! A special thanks goes out to our friends The Professor and the Living Legend for filling in during our misfortune. The 4 Horsewomen truly PROVED they are a bunch of Jurassic Jackasses! Every last one of them. They can't rely on their own individual skills, well, because they HAVE NONE! Let's just say a BIG surprise awaits that guitar wielding freak called Double Gay. He definitely IS the Chosen One now. As your backdoor man the Hitman always says Jeff, "Beware what lies in the shadows..."

With that all said, let's get to the action! Assault was just that, an ASSAULT! The King doesn't miss too often in his predictions! I took Prodi-gay over the Crock, YES! The Crock is gonna be feeling a little lightheaded after being beaten around by an enraged Schoolgirl. I took the Fallen Angel over the Tri-Cycle. Did I just hear another wheel pop? YES! I took the Taco-man over the Stiffman. YES! But what a price Arriba paid for victory. Arriba took a beating with a steel chair at the hands of the Psycho Schoolgirl. Arriba is still recovering in the hospital and his wrestling future is in jeopardy. Shawna, what the hell is wrong with you boy? I took the Cripple over Hellfire. YES! Braka-my-leg had the night off as Hasha took care of Hellfire earlier in the night. The ending of Assault turned out to be the shocker. Hasha declaring the Cripple as his partner for the tag match for Carnage! WOW! Talk about weird alliances.

Speaking of Carnage... That is exactly what everyone witnessed. A total unabridged display of Carnage. Looks like the old man in the suit is back in the game. Welcome back CEO Eric Marlow. After your little screw job on Hasha and Dojo Mundo, I hope you last the week around here. I picked the Stiffman over Triple Preparation H. Well, a hemroid was popped as the Stiffman rolled to victory. YES! Next was Prodi-gay versus Heather Skeleton. We gotta start throwing worthy opponents at Prodi-gay. He snapped Heather's brittle bones. YES! But Prodi-gay paid the piper, in the form of Scotty Whiner and Double Gay. I guess at that moment they thought someone else's match was THEIR time, go figure. Next came all 4 Horsewomen down to the ring. All I heard was a bunch of girls crying because no one wants to play with them. Then came the insult to the fans and everyone involved in the XIWA. Michael Cole and The King were assaulted by the Horsewomen. It took ALL the Jurassic Jackasses to take us down. We're fine now. A little battered and bruised, but we'll be back for next week's show! Next up, The Gambino against the Crock. Like I said, after Prodi-gay softened the Crock up at Assault, this was gonna be the easiest match of the Gambino's career. YES! I have to admit, I wouldn't want to become a victim of the Italian Dream. Of course, Whiner and Double Gay had to jump in after this match as well. I loved watching the footage of Braka and the Pixie coming out next. Rewind. Play. Rewind. Play. I couldn't get enough of it! Ha ha! They came out with a warrant for Jarrett's and Steiner's arrest! They went running into the crowd like the scared girls they REALLY are! That's when Braka was assaulted by the Stiffman and the Nature Girl Ric Flair. The Untouchables came out for the save. Then came the shocker, AGAIN! As if we didn't have ENOUGH of them! Eric Marlow laid out the main event for the next Carnage. A Triple Threat match for Hasha's title. And the other two participants you ask? Arriba Harrazane and Carlos Harrazane, his Dojo Mundo partners! What the...? We still haven't heard from Hasha or the rest of the Dojo Mundo. I don't think we'll have to wait long either. Yawn of the night, Hell Razah versus Hurricane Helms. I think Helms FELT a hurricane, or rather a big Mac truck hit him. YES! I guess evil won out that night. Ha ha! Did I hear Shawna right? He was the one who took Braka out? Not personal? Only business? With Hasha's original tag partner out, he went to Braka. Now with Braka out, who would Hasha tag with? Kim Page had that answer, Shawna Maverick. What the...? Hasha was a one man show for most of the match. Tensions broke and Hasha and the Schoolgirl went at eachother. Carlos had the ref distracted as Double Gay and Big Crappa Dump hit Hasha and Shawna with steel chairs. They tossed the chairs out and Scotty Whiner pinned the Schoolgirl. A full blown out war between Dojo Mundo and Shawna against the 4 Horsewomen erupted! I haven't seen that many chairs flying since the "Honey, I'm a transvestite Prostitute" episode of the Springer show! Ha ha! The show ended with the Untouchables coming to the rescue. Looks like the lines are being drawn in the sand. I can't WAIT to see what happens next!

Now, let's get to the nitty gritty as we like to say back home! The match-ups for the upcoming Monday Night Carnage! First up is "Tha Gambino" Marc Styles beating the HELL out of the Chosen Loser, Double Gay Jeff Ferrett in singles competition. 'Nuff said about that match. Tha Untouchables will make certain that this is a ONE on ONE match. Jeff hasn't won in the XIWA on his own merits, and it won't change on Monday. I mean, he had his ass handed to him by the "House of Shadows" so what more can I say. Oh yeah, PUPPIES! The "House" runs wild with them. Ha ha! We move on to Hell Razah against Tazz in the first of the Hardcore tournament matches. Hell Razah is going to have an actual WRESLTER to go against this week. It will be a test to see if all the powers of hell can beat a cartoon character. If the ink doesn't burn away, I'm banking on the Tazz-mission to win. Here comes the easiest call of the week. Tha Bouncer versus Justin the Tri-Cycle in another Hardcore tourney match-up. Be prepared to watch the Tri-Cycle's final wheel pop as Tha Bouncer shows him the way out and to the unemployment line. Tha Bouncer will take the tryke and bash it over his opponent's head. Tha Bouncer in 15. Next match comes another best of the worst matches, featuring Triple Preparation H battling Heather Skeleton. Yet another Hardcore tournament match-up. Hasn't this hemroid been popped enough? Sorry to say, the Skeleton will finally come out of his closet and get a pin on the slippery-assed H. Heather with a pin and a little help from his friends. A championship match at last! Way Too Gay puts the title up against the Snapping Female from down South, the "Gator" Layton. Way Too Gay hasn't felt a snapping female like this before, and I don't know if I'd want a piece of that action either! Ha ha! Way Too Gay better be prepared because he's gonna get SNAPPED in this match. And if the rest of the Ministry think they are gonna come in for the save? Send them to ask Double Gay how it feels to be shoved through a window. Ha ha! That's a XIWA rewind moment. Let's see that again! Ha ha! Isn't that great? The "Gator" survives the swamp and will be your NEW, XIWA IC Champ! I won't say it, but... oh, why not? PUPPIES! Here comes the best mid-carder you'll see in a LONG time, a handicap match involving Prodi-gay squaring off against the Stiffman and Big Crappa Dump. I'm going with Prodi-gay in this one. And if those Horsewomen goons think they're gonna put their hands on me, I'll show them a little piece of paper called a restraining order. And maybe the ORIGINAL guitar playing wrestler friend of mine the Honky Tonk Man will come out and show you girls how to swing a REAL guitar! Ha ha! Uh oh, Mandilyn "Man Hunter" Hunter against Rhyno. Poor Rhyno-boy. He's gonna be wrestling dark matches from a coffin after this match. The Man Hunter has been on a terror as of late. She's gonna make the Rhyno extinct. Hey, Tha Bouncer? You wanna show Rhyno-boy where you directed the Tri-Cycle? Ha ha! The one saving grace for Rhyno is if he can get us a glimpse of some puppies! Did someone say PUPPIES? Oh yeah, I did! Ha ha! Finally, we have the main event. A triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Normally, that would be an awesome match! But wait, did you see what XIWA CEO Eric Marlow has done? It'll be Hasha Koroshiya against "The Latin Lover" and "El Conquistador." All the Dojo Mundo members against eachother? What is he thinking? And special guest referee, the Schoolgirl Shawna Maverick? And the special guest announcer, the Cripple, Braka-my-leg? Talk about a 3-ring circus of a match! I see all the Dojo Mundo members giving the Schoolgirl the beating of his life. Draka might even join in the fracas! He needs HIS revenge as well after Shawna's comments last Carnage. Beat him up good guys! Just watch you back Braka, Hasha still has a grudge against you! I say that Hasha will keep his title. What a night, what a night!

Stay tuned to Monday Night Carnage with myself and Michael Cole. Remember to order the next XIWA PPV, Vendetta now!

This is the King, Jerry Lawler signing off. Keep watching the best wrestling organization going, XIWA! See you on the other side of the ropes!

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XIWA Power Poll

[ this week's rank ] - ( last week's rank ) - "wrestler"

[01] (01) "The Japanese Assassin" Hasha Koroshiya [World Heavyweight Champion] (3-2)
[02] (02) "Shotgun" Shawn Maverick (3-3)
[03] (06) "The Latin Lover" Arriba Harrazane (3-1)
[04] (03) Draka (4-3)
[05] (08) "Y2J" Chris Jericho [Intercontinental Champion] (2-1)

[06] (07) "The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett (3-2)
[07] (15) Prodigy (2-0)
[08] (10) L.J. "The Hitman" Randall (3-4)
[09] (XX) Elizabeth "Gator" Layton (3-0)
[10] (XX) Mandilyn "Man Hunter" Hunter (2-0)

[11] (12) The Midnight Rider (2-3)
[12] (05) Hellfire (3-5)
[13] (21) "Tha Gambino" Marc Styles (1-0)
[14] (14) "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner (1-1)
[15] (04) Helltah Skeltah (2-2)

[16] (19) "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels (1-0)
[17] (XX) Hell Razah (1-0)
[18] (20) "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair (0-0)
[19] (XX) "El Conquistador" Carlos Harrazane (0-0)
[20] (XX) Tha Bouncer (0-0)

[21] (18) Mike Extreme (0-0)
[22] (XX) Tazz (0-0)
[23] (09) "Triple H" Hunter Hearst Helmsley (1-2)
[24] (11) Justin "D.Cycle" Lee (1-3)
[25] (13) The Undertaker (1-4)

[26] (XX) Hurricane Helms (0-2)
[27] (17) "The Rock" Rocky Maivia (0-2)
[28] (XX) Trish Stratus (0-1)
[29] (16) Rhyno (0-4)

* Note: Non-RPed matches count as a loss *

** Also: Power Poll rankings are based upon
W-L records and strength of opponents
and the quality of posting **

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