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CEO Marlow

The Week of December 11 - December 17
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Interview with CEO Eric Marlow

King: Welcome to the King's Kourt.

CEO Marlow: It's a pleasure. Keep in line, and you just might have a job after this interview. (chuckles)

King: Yes sir, boss sir. To start off, was Draka hand picked by you to be the next champion?

CEO Marlow: Yes. Draka has ALL the qualities to be MY World Heavyweight Champion of the XIWA. In my opinion, it's no contest. No one else even comes close.

King: But do you think he earned that title?

CEO Marlow: Damn straight I do! Hasha was a waste of time and face paint. Draka on the other hand IS what XIWA stands for, Xtreme, Tenacity, Spirit, Courage and Wrestling! I can't say that abut ANY of my other so-called wrestlers.

King: Don't you think your interference in Draka's match with Hasha caused him to lose?

CEO Marlow: I didn't interfere. I never laid one finger on Hasha! Rewind that tape, you'll see the evidence.

King: But you stepped into the ring with a steel chair. Weren't your intentions to use that chair on Hasha?

CEO Marlow: I don't have to justify my actions to YOU! What I do around my OWN wrestling Alliance is my OWN business. I report to NOBODY but myself!

King: So you say that Draka won fairly?

CEO Marlow: Yes I do. I see no controversy in the title change. You will see Hasha come out here and bitch and moan all he wants about he got screwed. Well Hasha, you and Bret Michaels have something in common now. Go cry on eachother's shoulders!

King: So you are saying you purposely came out to distract Hasha?

CEO Marlow: I'm saying the XIWA finally has a REALLY champion, and will for a LONG time to come!

King: What about "The Latin Destroyer," Arriba Harrazane?

CEO Marlow: Let's just say he woke up on a cold morning and realized that his life needed a big change. That change being to leave the Dojo Mundo and finally let his talent show. Arriba was held back by Hasha, and never got out of the shadow of his grandfather and father, both great wrestlers in Mexico. But Carlos is old and out of shape now, and Hasha is a has-been and never-should-have-been.

King: So was it in fact you that paid Arriba off to jump ship?

CEO Marlow: Let's just say there are more benefits and incentives in the contracts if you are on your boss' GOOD side. Arriba has talent, and I forsee a title in his future, quite possibly the IC belt, or a Tag Team championship. We'll just have to see where the chips fall.

King: And what is going to be the fallout from the Vendetta PPV?

CEO Marlow: Stay tuned to the upcoming Carnage. Hasha won't get away with his unprovoked attack on me.

King: Really? Would you care to elaborate?

CEO Marlow: No.

King: Ok, well, I guess that's a wrap... Any final words?

CEO Marlow: Don't miss a second of the Carnage's and PPV's to come. XIWA Attitude will be storming an arena near you!

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The King's Komments

Fans, I gotta tell you, sometimes it's good to have seats at ringside, and the Vendetta PPV proved it! Those of you who missed the show, missed the biggest turning-point in the XIWA's brief history. Let's do a run-down on the King's predictions from Vendetta.

Even before the wrestling action started, the Degenerates made their presence known. They shouted and postured, but in the end, it was the Geriatrics getting in the last laugh. Double Gay, Scotty Whiner, Heather Skeleton and the Stiffman made minced-meat out of the Degenerates. The first match of the night pit the vivacious Mandalyn "Man Hunter" Hunter against the cartoon wonder, Tazz. Well, for a change the Hunter seemed to have something else on her mind than wrestling. The puppies were still there, and BOY did they bounce! But in the end, the King got this one wrong. Tazz won by pinfall and advanced to the finals of the Hardcore tournament. Da Jobber Bouncer faced Heather Skeleton in the other Hardcore tourney match-up. Well, I shouldn't say FACED, laid down is more like it. I'm afraid that in Prodi-gay's absence, Tha I-touch-myselves have lost a bit of their edge. Heather beat the stuffing out of the stiffy, once again proving that the King can miss a few predictions. Da Jobber Bouncer just bounced himself a bit closer to the unemployment line and Heather jobbed his way to the finals of the Hardcore tournement. The Degenerates squared off with the Tri-Cycle and the Crock. Well, to be honest, one-armed midgets could have beaten a broken trike and the Crock. By the way, did you smell what the Crock was cookin? Being this close to the ring, I could. If the smell was coming from the lumpy mass that formed in the back of his shorts after Chyna AND Triple Preparation H hit back to back Pedigrees, I'd hate to be his dry-cleaner! Ha ha! Trike and Crock, your pink slips are being processed! The Degenerates advanced to the finals of the Tag Team tournament. In another disappointing match, the Bell Criers sent in the Overfaker and Rhyno-boy against Big Crappa Dump and the Stiffman. Talk about a mis-match. Vicki the Pixie could have beaten the Overfaker and Rhyno-boy all by herself! Ha ha! This one was over before it started. The Horsewomen won in an impressive fashion in a record 1 minute and 25 seconds! The Women advanced to the finals of Tag Team tournement. And much to everyone's surprize, the Overfaker and Rhyno-boy DEMANDED that they be special guest referees in the IC championship and the Main Event. CEO Marlow showing some courage and pretty much laying the careers of 4 men on the line in a match next week. The Bell Criers will be forced to face Way-Too-Gay and the revamped Taco-man Harrazane in a "Pink-slip on a pole match." The loosers will leave the XIWA forever! Wow! Definitely will be a match to watch, and a match worth giving 110%! Heather Skeleton and the Spazz locked it up for the Hardcore finals. And much to my surprize, it didn't disappoint! Back and forth they went across the arena. Hasha and Braka even got into the mix! In the end, the Spazz broke Heather Skeleton's brittle bones. Welcome the XIWA's first Hardcore Champion, Tazz! BANG! That was what Flair had ringing in his ears after the next event at Vendetta went down. DDP made another promo appearance, this time, mocking and cutting down the Horsewomen! You gotta love it! Ha ha! Hemroid Flair went nuts. He called out DDP to center stage. DDP just mocked him from the X-Tron when, BANG! DDP came out from the audience and flattened Flair cold with a Diamond Cutter. DDP then put Flair's own suit jacket on and started to mock him. What a sight! Then, to add insult to injury, DDP slapped Flair's own signature move on him, the Figure 4! Ha ha! What sweet justice. The rest of the Geriatric squad came out to help their feeble boos but to no avail. The Degenerates repaid the earlier actions and laid the Horsewomen out cold! Ha ha! Then, as the Degenerates left, DDP saw the Horsewomen making their way to the ring and broke the hold and disappeared into the audience! Double Gay was left spitting at air, looking for revenge. The Latin Destoyer? Ha ha! Looks like Taco-meat to me still! Arriba Harrazane came in with a bit to prove as he took on the loud-mouthed Bullfrogg. And croak that Bullfrogg did. Bullfrogg was locked into the deadly "El Muerto Loco," or Texas Cloverleaf for us Americans, and he tapped out faster than a money shot flies! Ha ha! Arriba was working on all 4 cylinders, proving to everyone in attendance that he IS the real deal. And did you see the puppies on Kimberly! WOW! Did I mention? I LOVE PUPPIES! Ha ha! If Braka-my-leg and Taco-man can iron out their past differences, they could be a force to be reconned with in the Tag Team scene. Intercontinental Championship time, and time to see the other half of the House of Shadows strut her, um, stuff! The stuff was strutting alright. It was a tooth and nail match pitting Way-Too-Gay against Gator for the coveted IC strap. In the end, the King was half right. The Southern Snapper kept the strap, but Way-Too-Gay won the match via DQ when Double Gay came in and performed a reverse neck-breaker on Way-Too-Gay. The Ferrett and the Southern Snapper then got into a huge and heated arguement. The Ferrett then laid a big old kiss on her! The horror! And to worsen the nightmare, and to the dissatisfaction of all those in attendance, she returned the kiss! They left the ring and arena hand in hand! When will this all end? It didn't take long for the Degenerates to stomp the hell out of their Tag Team opponents the Geriatrics again. Scotty Whiner was laid out cold with a sledgehammer! Ha ha! As my good friend Zbyszko says, "Roll that beautiful bean footage!" It's just as good watching it as the first time around! Then CEO Marlow decided to make an appearance. And guess who came out right after him? His CHOSEN Chumpion, Braka, The One Man Wrecking Stooge! Looks like Marlow was out to make SURE Braka got the belt, no matter what. Hasha had Braka pinned, 1, 2, 3... But interference from Kimberly Page caused the ref to stop counting and yell at Kimberly. Marlow decided to take advantage of the moment and try to hit Hasha with a steel chair! Hasha ducked and kicked the chair right into Marlow, sending him out of the ring! Ha ha! That's the "Stacker 2 Rewind of the Week" if you ask me! Braka takes advantage of Marlow's interference and slaps a Braka Cutter on Hasha on top of the steel chair! Braka kicks the chair out and gets the pin, and becomes the new XIWA World Heavyweight Champion! What a farce! One person got the last laugh at Vendetta. DDP showed Braka just who really IS the People's Champion, and just who really OWNS the Cutter. DDP with two powerful Diamond Cutters on Braka onto the ramp. And for an added bonus, a Diamond Cutter on the Pixie! What a sight, and what a show!

With all of the excitement surrounding Vendetta, everyone is looking forward to the next Carnage! Here is a rundown of the match-ups and the King's predictions.

To start off the show, the women go at it in a Fatal Four Way for the Women's Championship. Whyna, Pixie, Hunter and Kimberly Page square off in what is sure to be the standing "O" of the night, if you know what I mean! Ha ha! I LOVE PUPPIES! In the end, I see Whyna and Hunter being the two main women left and in the end, there can be only one, let it be Mandalyn, the Man Hunter. Say hello to you the XIWA's first Women's Champion, Hunter! In a match that decides the careers of four wrestlers, the Latin Destroyer and Way-Too-Gay square off against the Overfaker and Rhyno-boy in a Pink Slip match, looser leaves the XIWA forever! It's about time to start weeding out the sub-par talent, and it looks like CEO Marlow has his sites set on the biggest jabronis in the XIWA, the Bell Criers. This one will be the biggest one-sided affair the XIWA has EVER seen! High flying action, power moves and a WHOLE lot of sass. Too bad the Bell Criers will be the recipients, not the givers of such a great show! Ha ha! The Taco-man and Way-Too-Gay in an easy win, almost a gimme match. Next comes the Bullfrogg against JC Storm. After the serious pounding the Bullfrogg took at Vendetta at the hands of The Latin Destroyer, I don't even NEED to know who the hell this JC Storm guy is. The Bullfrogg will be close to croaking his last in this match. JC Storm with a whirlwind of a win. Iceberg versus The Hustla. Please tell me that The Hustla ISN'T a part of Tha I-Touch-Myselves! These two are a few of the new-comers to come out of the XIWA Development leagues. Scouts say to watch Tha Hustla for amazing things, so I'm going with the Iceberg! Ha ha! Never trust a scout. Iceberg with a TITANIC performance in his debut. More newbies invade as LIL Ja and Rage lock it up. Rage is all the Rage, and LIL Ja will prove to be just a bit TOO lil as Rage powerslams his way to victory. Now we get to the IC Championship match, which pits the Southern Snapper, Gator against loud-mouthed Midfight Crier. The so-called leader of the Bell Criers will be partnerless after seeing his mates get canned in the Pink Slip match, so we'll see if he can shine (read: wrestle) on his own. He hasn't proved to have any talent yet, so why should he start now? But Gator seems to be biting off more than she can chew. In that, I mean siding with Double Gay? I say take his guitar away and bash him over the head! It's the least you could do for ALL of us Gator! Ha ha! In the end, I see Double Gay coming out to help his new-found Southern Belle. Gator in a hard fought match. MAIN EVENT time! The new "corporate" chumpion, THe One Man Wrecking Stooge, Braka, squares off against one half of the Tag Team Champions, Triple Preparation H. You gotta be kidding me, this is the main event? Sign up that one-armed midget for a Triple Threat match! Ha ha! This one will see less wrestling moves than an episode of Barney and Friends. Triple Prep can tell Braka to suck it all he wants, but in the end, you can bet your corporate ass that Braka will still be champion.

Stay tuned to Monday Night Carnage with myself and Michael Cole. You won't want to miss it! The Vendeta PPV will be available for encore presentations all this month. Order it now on InRequest PPV.

Think you got what it takes to survive a one-on-one interview with the King? You could be the featured superstar that gets to set the record straight! If you would like to be featured as the "Interview of the Week" here at the King's Kourt, send me an e-mail! The link is to the left!

This is the King, Jerry Lawler signing off. Keep watching the best wrestling organization going, XIWA! See you on the other side of the ropes!

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XIWA Power Poll

[ this week's rank ] - ( last week's rank ) - "wrestler"

[01] (03) "The One Man Wrecking Crew" Draka [World Heavyweight Champion] (6-3)
[02] (01) "The Japanese Assassin" Hasha Koroshiya (4-4)
[03] (02) "The Latin Destroyer" Arriba Harrazane (5-1)
[04] (04) Elizabeth "Gator" Layton [Intercontinental Champion] (4-1)
[05] (05) Mandilyn "Man Hunter" Hunter (4-1)

[06] (07) "The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett (4-2)
[07] (12) Chyna (3-0) [Tag Team Champion]
[08] (08) Hell Razah (2-1)
[09] (20) Tazz (3-1) [Hardcore Champion]
[10] (25) "Triple H" Hunter Hearst Helmsley (3-3) [Tag Team Champion]

[11] (09) "Y2J" Chris Jericho (3-3)
[12] (11) The Midnight Rider (2-3)
[13] (06) Prodigy (2-3)
[14] (10) L.J. "The Hitman" Randall (4-6)
[15] (14) "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner (2-2)

[16] (16) Tha Bouncer (1-2)
[17] (15) Helltah Skeltah (4-4)
[18] (24) Hellfire (3-5)
[19] (13) "Tha Gambino" Marc Styles (1-1)
[20] (21) Spellbinder (0-1)

[21] (XX) Bulldogg (0-1)
[22] (26) Justin "D.Cycle" Lee (1-5)
[23] (29) "The Rock" Rocky Maivia (0-3)
[24] (27) The Undertaker (1-5)
[25] (31) Rhyno (0-6)

* Note: Non-RPed matches count as a loss *

** Also: Power Poll rankings are based upon
W-L records and strength of opponents
and the quality of posting **

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