Xtreme Internet Wrestling Alliance

XIWA was a fun four months of wrestling action. Bot and I wanted to do something in the lull after the Dark Frontiers sim ended in July 2001. Both of us were wrestling fans and with WCW and ECW both folding earlier that year, Bot decided that we should start up a wrestling sim next. The going was rough and most of the participants didn't participate. Weird, huh? We had a lot of good ideas that I've seen played out in the WWE since XIWA folded. One of my favorite accomplishments in XIWA besides Hasha winning the title, was writing the King's Kourt. Hope whomever visits these old archives has as much fun reading as we did putting on Monday Night Carnage and Thursday Night Assault. Enjoy!

Hasha Koroshiya's Bio
Arriba Harrazane's Bio

Hasha Koroshiya: 09-21-2001
Arriba Harrazane: 09-24-2001
Arriba Harrazane: 09-25-2001
Schoolgirl Shawna Maverick: 09-25-2001
Arriba Harrazane: 09-26-2001
Schoolgirl Shawna Maverick: 09-28-2001

King's Kourt: 10-01-2001

Hasha Koroshiya: 10-02-2001
Hasha Koroshiya: 10-03-2001
Hasha Koroshiya: 10-07-2001

King's Kourt: 10-08-2001

Hasha Koroshiya: 10-08-2001
Arriba Harrazane: 10-09-2001

XIWA: Assault: 10-11-2001

Arriba Harrazane: 10-11-2001
Hasha Koroshiya: 10-13-2001
Arriba Harrazane: 10-14-2001

King's Kourt: 10-16-2001

Hasha Koroshiya: 10-17-2001

XIWA: Assault: 10-18-2001

Hasha Koroshiya: 10-19-2001
Hasha Koroshiya: 10-20-2001
Dojo Mundo: 10-24-2001

King's Kourt: 10-24-2001

XIWA: Assault: 10-25-2001

Dojo Mundo: 10-28-2001
Dojo Mundo: 10-31-2001

King's Kourt: 11-05-2001

Diamond Dallas Page: 11-06-2001
Dojo Mundo: 11-07-2001
Dojo Mundo: 11-14-2001
Diamond Dallas Page: 11-14-2001
Dojo Mundo: 11-17-2001

King's Kourt: 11-20-2001

Dojo Mundo: 11-28-2001
Dojo Mundo: 12-01-2001
Dojo Mundo: 12-02-2001
Arriba Harrazane: 12-02-2001

King's Kourt: 12-12-2001

Dojo Mundo: 12-12-2001
Arriba Harrazane: 12-12-2001
Diamond Dallas Page: 12-13-2001
Arriba Harrazane: 12-15-2001
Diamond Dallas Page: 12-25-2001
Arriba Harrazane: 12-25-2001
Dojo Mundo: 01-09-2002
Diamond Dallas Page: 01-10-2002

King's Kourt: 01-21-2002

The Alliance: 01-21-2002